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dyslexic scout

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@goldnloks, welcome to the forum. There's a lot to say for home grown. But watch out for pitfalls. I'll give you a case study ...

Because a bunch of folks at church thought it cool if everyone could keep pace with the same devotional last year, a couple of Sunday School teachers of the classes for adults started daily podcasts of a bible reading, commentary, and devotionals. It first it was just two guys, then their kids, then a bunch of us, producing 15 minutes of recording a day covering a public-domain translation of Genesis to Revelation. It wound up with 10,000 subscribers. Small, by internet standards, but fifty-fold more than our membership. Folks just like hearing someone like them, rough edges and all, reading something they care about to them. (Those interested can look up the YouCanReadTheBible website.)

But Spanish is the second most popular language in our congregation. We have some great folks who would gladly read for us. Problem is, the most popular translation of the Bible is privately owned, and they won't readily give a license to reproduce it on any media, including voice recordings! And most Spanish speakers -- at least among our members -- would only want to listen to recordings in that version. What was simple became impossible.

I wouldn't be surprised if BSA has a similar lock on their license. So although I bet your troop would be honored to read and record pamphlets for your sons, and they would do a bang-up job making a digital audio library. Broadcasting them widely so they'd be available for any scout who actually needs them will bump up against license restrictions.

If it were me, all BSA materials would be strictly black-and-white covers with minimal typesetting until they were recorded in audio by the nearest available scout.

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