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    I am so glad I found this thread! I have 3 son's in Boy Scouts. My youngest just crossed over and is profoundly dyslexic and has Dysgraphia. My other 2 have very mild dyslexia and dysgraphia. In fact the other 2 were not diagnosed until my youngest was diagnosed. We already are members of Learning Ally and its a great program however its advertised that they have about 70 merit badge books available, problem is there are about 20 duplicates which means there are only about 30 individual books available and they are missing like three eagle required. In addition they have the scout handbook. My oldest is a life scout and we have reached out to Learning Ally several times to have his Eagle project be get more merit badge pamphlets up and running and we were blocked in 2 directions. First readers must audition, and second the reader has no choice in book selection they read...so back to the drawing board. I scribe for my son's and we have listened to a few of the audio merit badge pamphlets on learning ally but we are now at a standstill. For my youngest it takes so much effort to actually read what is written he can't comprehend what is being read. He is a bright kid, has no issues with comprehension or cognition. So I recently learned if you can get a PDF file of a book on the computer you can have it read to you, still have to try this out. But I find it absolutely insane that BSA does not have audio books for those scouts with reading disabilities, or are visually impaired. So this mom is on a quest. Because obviously my kid is not the only dyslexic kid in scouting...