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  1. I think our CC is mixed up... He's not taking the webs into boy scouts because they have to wear their AOL for 6 months? Is that a requirement? I thought they had to be in their den for 6 months before earning it. I never heard they had to keep it on for a while before crossing over...
  2. Too much drama to get into it. If this sitution were to be a book, there would be 10 different chapters with 10 different people, events, etc. In short we didn't see eye to eye on a couple of things. I was dual hatting a couple committee pos as well as ASM. ASM as far as I knew was my official recharter title since I can't do both on paper, but still part of the committee. Many events happened over several months, and some in reflection, I could have handled better or different, but none of them were serious in nature. Things just drug out, and took too long to reslove. Bottom line here, no one communicated anything to each other. Some people saw one one thing from someone, never bothered to talk to that person. The CC likes to communicate behind emails. A lot of times, emails or not, he beats around the bush, never saying what he means, and keeps you guessing at what he's getting at. I was never told that he didn't see me performing my duties as expected of an ASM. For the most part I thought I was. Let me put it like this. I'm military. I know scouts and military stay seperate but there are some basic principles that stand true all the way around. If I have a problem with a subordinate, I talk to him. I discuss with him what I see. If it continues, there will be progressive actions taken accordingly, and at the end of the year, he will not get a good performance rating. Regardless if scouting does disciplinary paperwork, the same basic idea should be there. Talk to the individual. That never happened. It went straight to "tender your resignation" or be kicked out. Me and the SM worked out our issues. A LOT of misunderstanding...they were never communicated. But we are good now. Now it's like I have a price on my head from the CC. He came in after our last troop meeting and laid down the law between me and the SM. I will attend re-traing for my position, I am banned from committee meetings, and a few other things. Those are stories in themselves. May I'll share next post.
  3. Can a troop CC "fire" and kick out an adult leader, and can he close the committee meetings off to only allow the committee members/chairs?
  4. Just wondering if this was common... Our Committee Chair and the SM recently asked if the troop would pay for them to attend Woodbadge training. Is this common / acceptable?
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