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  1. "As you know the "genetic theory" has been discredited, so the environment must be a genuine influence. Or so research suggests." Not so much actually. Jeff Satinover and NARTH do not a discrediting make. The genetic theory has certainly been found to be much more complex than simple Mendelian genetics, but then again, most traits affecting cognition are. Actually, the environment that the best *current* theory credits with a great deal of influence is the womb. Yep, lots of homosexual recruiting going on inside those pregnant women. Best find a way to stop that.
  2. Sorry, Mr. Boyce, I don't answer "gotcha" questions. I was 8 years old in 1973. If you want to know what really happened, ask someone who was actually there. But be prepared to get 11 different versions from 10 different people. I know what I read of current research, as well as what I have learned by empirical evidence. Policy is not science. Policy can be informed by science and well as social pressure. But the use of social pressure (included alleged violence) does not ipso facto invalidate the science. Current research indicates that homosexuality does not have the hallmarks of a men
  3. "Interesting. Quoting a homosexual, no wonder you think that they're "normal."" He was also a socialist!
  4. "I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it." --George Bernard Shaw
  5. "Unfortunately, most of what people know about homosexuality is sound bite particles coming from television. And much of what television and other popular media understand about homosexuality has been supplied to them by the homosexual propagandists." The first part is certainly true, and is particularly frustrating to those of us who have spent our professional careers, including actual scientific research, in the field of sexuality and gender. As to the second, is there anyway to be supportive of homosexuality and *not* be labeled a homosexual propagandist? Similar to the misconception
  6. "Your hogwash is hogwash. The apologists have tried to convince us for decades that it's "normal" but it isn't." And ignorant people with no training in psychology/psychiatry who have done no scientific research in the area have tried to convince us for decades that it is a "mental disorder", but it isn't. Mr. Boyce didn't call it "abnormal", he called it a "complex disorder". In the field of mental health, that has a very specific meaning. So unless he wants to pull out his bona fides and quote some peer reviewed, accredited scientific research to support that, it's hogwash. No
  7. "homosexuality is a complex disorder and something not to be promoted." And that's a load of hogwash, right there.
  8. Wow, look what happens when you change just a few words... The saddest possibility, and unfortunately the most likely, is that this country is idiotic enough to believe homosexual men to sleeping in tents with young boys would be a threat to the boys. If youre in that group, I have no respect for you. More specifically, I have no respect for your ability to think.
  9. We used ClassB.com I found their site very easy to use, and they had the best selection of styles and stock designs for the best price we could find, for a licensed BSA vendor. They also do custom patches and custom embroidery on shirts and caps.
  10. One of the cool things about being in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) is that you get to try all sorts of interesting medieval foods. I've had haggis, and I can tell you that the secret is in the seasoning and the steaming. If it's seasoned well and not overcooked (as is the tendency to do), it is actually quite good. Sorry to hear that the haggis got the better of you, OGE.
  11. Bkale, Congratulations on the launch of your program. It looks very educational and a lot of fun for the kids. And it's a great service you have provided to develop and administer this program. I was looking through the electives for the Heritage award, and this one caught my eye: "Attend a period re-enactment. Describe how your life would be different if you lived during that time." Seeing as I do *medieval* period re-creation/re-enactment (and know people who do Civil War re-enactment... the English Civil War), you might want to be more specific about what "period" you ar
  12. I read the books when they first came out. They are excellent. Well written, imaginative, with strong young characters who show that anyone of any age can make a difference if they are true to their convictions and want to help others who are being oppressed by an unjust authority. My older son read and loved them, and I'm sure the younger one will, once he finishes all the Harry Potter books. My impression of the "bias" of the author was actual more anti-Church (i.e. organized religion and religious authority) rather than anti-religion. I hate to say more about the end of the trilogy and
  13. Yes, Wiccans (and several other types of Pagans) can be atheists, although it's rare.
  14. I haven't been following this discussion real closely, as I have had other things taking precedence lately. But I just want to say that nothing, absolutely nothing, will squash a darwinian approach to health care than having a child who would not have seen his 8th birthday without extensive, and expensive, medical intervention. And nothing will make you appreciate how little is the cost of health care for those who have insurance when you realize that there is absolutely no way you could have paid for that intervention without it. Son's roommate in the hospital was a boy a coupl
  15. Thanks, everyone. We had visits yesterday from his Scoutmaster (it was the first day of school for the SPL, so he couldn't make it), and from the CC of my younger son's pack. The recovery of kids from this kind of stuff is really amazing. One week after open-heart surgery, he was pretty much back to his old self, a little less stamina, but still. Amazing. Goldwinger, fortunately, pediatric hospitals are quite different from those that specialize in adults. Son had his choice of food delivered by room service with a phone call. Snacks were available from a room down the hall whenever
  16. For those who were thinking of us and sending prayers and good wishes.... My son is home from the hospital after successful heart surgery to repair pulmonary stenosis (narrowing of outlet that carries blood to the lungs for oxygenation). He is doing well, and should not have to have any further surgeries. His scoutmaster and SPL are coming to visit tomorrow night, the emotional support from the rest of the troop has been invaluable.
  17. Ohio_Scouter & SWScouter, thanks for the good wishes. SWScouter, I didn't mean to take away from your situation. I'm glad things turned out well for you, and as others have said, it's definitely worth being safe about such things. Missing summer camp is hard, no doubt about it. Hopefully that will make it all the sweeter for us both next year.
  18. Thanks, Lisabob. The surgery is 8/18. We will be grateful for any and all prayers and good wishes.
  19. No summer camp for us this summer either. First Class son (gee, it feels great to write that) is having heart surgery a week after the troop goes.
  20. Thanks, Gunny. Unfortunately, Mr. Savage is not alone in his opinion about autism. Several of the adult leaders in my son's first troop had the same idea, if to a lesser degree, that his behaviors were due to "willfulness" or some other character flaw, rather than autism. And that if they publically berated him enough for them, he would change, and not doing so was just more evidence of his willfulness. We are no longer with that troop. Since moving to a new troop with a greater level of acceptance and understanding, my son has learned to swim, earned First Class, and actually e
  21. Mr. Savage, you are right. You have hit it the nail on the head with your recent remarks about autism (http://tiny.cc/4LK7k). My son is really just a brat. I have been remiss in my duties as a father (since I'm obviously not around) for not telling him to stop acting like a moron and a putz. We are really just playing this racket to be parasites on the government. My kid is really just S-T-U-P-I-D. Maybe he belongs in a mental hospital. Or, you know, NOT. Instead, he could really be a bright, sweet-hearted kid struggling with being on the autism spectrum, and you, sir, could just be an ig
  22. meschen wrote: "This is further complicated by the fact that our council does not accept rank advancement after May 31" Scoutnut replied: "Why on earth not? When do they start selling rank awards again? Have you considered going to a different Council's Scout Shop? Or, purchasing the rank awards earlier, when your council is still selling them?" Scoutnut, I believe the issue here is that the Council will not accept the record of the rank advancement after May 31, because, as others have mentioned, National advances the records of registered cubs to the next rank on June 1. Even if t
  23. Mr. Boyce writes: "I'm surprised to hear the Wiccans have a central authority. You hear so many differing accounts of what Wiccanism is, coming from various Wiccans, that I wasn't sure there was any unity among it all." Again, the answer is that there is and there isn't. There isn't a central authority recognized by all Wiccans, but we are beginning to realize that in order to get recognition by certain authorities, having a central council to speak for us in one voice is a necessity. It is a difficult process, since there are different sects even within Wicca, not to mention that most of
  24. ghermanno writes: "Does not matter what religion (with the exception maybe of Satanism). So long as it doesn't promote harm to others, who am I to judge thier religion?" Actually, Satanism (real Satanism, not what's portrayed in the "movie of the week") doesn't promote harm to others. It just promotes putting oneself and self-interests in front of others. A very selfish religion, yes, but not what most people think it is. Pack212Scouter writes: "The only problem that I could see with a [W]ic[c]an or [P]agan religious award is that the beliefs within these descriptions are SO diverse
  25. Hi ghermanno, The "official" BSA policy on Pagans (including Wiccans) is that we are welcome as members. However, they have gone to some lengths to insure that the Wiccan religious emblems (developed and administered by The Covanent of the Goddess, a nationally recognized Wiccan Council) remain off the list of "BSA approved and recognized" emblems. Sadly, the way they have done this is has been, rather than to address whether the actual content of the curriculum is a problem or not, to create a bogus "25 unit rule", which says that a religion must have be a chartering partner to 25 units
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