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  1. There's a boy in my pack in two troops. I know why initially, but why they continue, I don't know.
  2. I have an LDS pack, where boys enter and leave on their birthdays. Due to situations, I had two boys, who had earned their webelos and two boys, who had not. We all meet together, though, so I drew up a plan to complete both webelos and arrow of light. So far, one more boy has earned webelos (the other missed some important meetings for citizenship and hasn't been doing the at home stuff) and three have almost earned their aol. After aol next month, we're just going to relax and do fun stuff for the badges that the youngest boy has not completed.
  3. The boys were also decently well behaved, despite having fun, playing a game.
  4. We visited the other ward's 11 year old scouts yesterday and they are much more what I had envisioned as scouts. They wore uniform shirts and played games. Leader said they had to talk about boring stuff, so he would let the kids run around for awhile. Maybe not the perfect vision of scouting, but at least they were having fun.
  5. I'm actually running out of boys. This is LDS scouting, where the boys age out on their birthdays. One boy turns 11 Jan 3rd, the second at the end of February and he is 2 badges away from having completed them all. The third oldest boy moves this month. The fourth has till mid-July. It's the 3rd and 4th that still need to finish those lanyards. 3rd boy needs to finish a lot of things. Now that I've got this all written up in front of me, I'm not going to worry about it. 4th boy can make the lanyard later. He has plenty of time to have all the meetings centered around him. (My son jus
  6. One our boys' fathers has been in and out of prison. (I believe he has ptsd.) We encourage him to participate, when he's not locked up. We follow a policy, where boys have 2 adults, 1 registered leader at all scout functions, including den meetings and outings. At pack meetings there are many adults around.
  7. We didn't because time had long run out. We have been very busy with visiting other troops, getting webelos earned, Arrow of Light almost earned, and then had a week off for the scouting broadcast.
  8. When we did actual whittling, the boys carved soap with plastic knives. I bought my son a $1 pocket knife from walmart for the part about owning a knife.
  9. The boys seemed fine with the prospect of doing the project- they just keep forgetting. The book says "Webelos leader", which does not equal "parent", unless the parent is the leader, but my son did all the same projects that the other boys did. I did ask them for ideas of what to make.
  10. They are supposed to make something that they and their leader agree on, so the parent should not be involved in this.
  11. Last time we worked on craftsman, I sent the boys home with the fourth, non-wood project, told them to complete it, and return. It was just a lanyard. 2 of the 4 boys brought their completed lanyards back. The other 2 have sisters, who are very expert at lanyard making and can help. It's been weeks. Should I come up with another craftsman project for them to do or tell them to do the lanyard or they won't earn craftsman? We have just one more wood project left. That will be the subject of our next den meeting. (Today we must finish Citizenship and go over the webelos requirements.)
  12. It's sadly the trend these days. Neither of my siblings want any children and they aren't having any. (The older one is getting a bit old for a first anyway.) My husband's older brother and wife thought they better acquire more money and schooling before having children. Sister in law came to visit us, when my 6th was a baby. She fell in love, begged, and so they tried and tried and tried, but she was over 40 then and babies don't come so easily the first time around at that age. They did eventually have a baby after a lot of money and failures. Maybe the couple will change their minds,
  13. They went over safe swim two weeks ago. Apparently no boys showed up last week. Last night they discussed number 10 for the merit badge, which is the health benefits, reasons that would get in the way of swimming as exercise, etc.
  14. This group has three leaders on the roster. In Lds scouting 11 year olds are their own patrol and have their weekly meetings separate from the rest of the troop.
  15. These are just 11 year old boys. no 12 year olds or older- except the "helper". I understand that boys are unruly creatures, but my 10 year old webelos have finally learned to behave. So, once they move on to boy scouts, they can become wild and unruly again?
  16. I thought the sitting in chairs for an hour in a small room to be rather boring, but maybe that's what's expected when you move up to boy scouts?
  17. What I witnessed was not boy-run, except for the opening. One boy picked which boy would say prayer, the oath, law, etc. (There was no flag, though. Is that normal? I thought saying the Pledge with a flag was normal.) The rest of it was leader-led. Now maybe prior to this meeting, the boys decided they wanted to complete the swimming merit badge? The older boy in the room sat with a few electronic devices and played on them for the entire meeting.
  18. I went with my webelos to visit a boy scout troop. This is lds scouts, so it was only the 11 year old patrol. Our group is in a unique situation for lds webelos in that we actually can shop around troops a bit. I've spent almost 2 years teaching my boys to behave, wear their uniforms, and bring their books to scouts. The behave part is big. Not one of the boy scouts had a boy scout shirt. The leader didn't have a uniform shirt and neither did his older boy scout helper. The boy scouts were ill-behaved and rude. My boys loved it. My boy with adhd and asperger's, shouted that he w
  19. What if none of the boys want to be denner?
  20. In Cub Scouts, advancement is from doing the requirements for the badge. The badge you work on is dependent on your age. Tiger cub aged boys work on the Tiger Cub badge. When they get older, they become Wolf Scouts. Wolf Scouts work on the Wolf badge. They only get the badges if they meet the requirements. If they don't finish the requirements in that year, they don't get the badge, they just start working on the next badge. So if that Tiger doesn't earn the Tiger badge, the next year he starts work on the Wolf Badge. A tiger who finishes the Tiger badge can't work on the Wolf Badge. I
  21. Do you vote on all boys or only the ones that want to be denner? I know one of my boys doesn't want to be denner. (He doesn't even want to be there.)
  22. I thought I'd also mention- I homeschool my kids. One of them does schoolwork a grade ahead of where she'd be based on age. When I have to state what grade she's in, I go by what grade she would be in in school, based on her birthday. Just because she is academically advanced, does not mean she is socially advanced. If she were a boy in traditional cub scouts, I would put her with the boys, who were in the same grade as she would be per age. I believe cub scouts is about having fun experiences and learning about a variety of topics, while having fun with other boys. It should not be like
  23. I do not know whether my younger brother in law earned eagle or not (I never heard about it, but I was in the picture for his entire teen years), but, being LDS he was volunteered into scouts and is now having a wonderful time with the boys. (Brother in law has no wife or kids- just a dog and a job.) My dad got involved when my oldest brother was a cub scout. My dad loved it, moved to boy scouts and has stayed. He has fun and has many friends in scouting. My father in law is LDS and was volunteered into scouting, but loved it and is very involved. He'd be involved even if he wasn't "volu
  24. The only things I'd re-do for one boy would be the ones that must be done as a den- and that's only if the boy is being serious about working toward his rank. I believe most of the wolf achievements can be completed at home. (Half of them have to be completed with an adult relative.)
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