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  1. Haha! Son without a mother to remind him what to do, would spend the entire day on the computer. As for bugle calls, he got them all and earned the badge a year ago. He's still troop bugler, though after he earns Star they're going to have to find him some other position of responsibility. (They'll probably be happier without him bugling anyway. Apparently this troop does not appreciate music in the morning.) I just headr yesterday of someone at church, who is an electrician. (Just moved into the neighborhood.) I know sm has the idea to get a bunch of church members to become mer
  2. Son just has electricity left that he had begun at a powow in December and is finally getting around to finishing now that summer and freedom has come.
  3. Oh- and did know the previous guy left. I didn't know what he was- just his name. I had assumed he'd be replaced by now.
  4. I've asked the unit commissioner twice. Maybe sm will have better luck. SMs are prohibited here in Utah from being Merit Badge Counselors? Never knew that and I can say I don't think the SMs ans SAs know that either. They've been merit badge counselor for several of son's badges.
  5. I thought there was a specific position that dealt with this. Great Salt Lake Counsel, Deseret Peak District https://www.saltlakescouts.org/deseret-peak
  6. I can't seem to find the person, who has the district list. Which person would that be? I tried contacting the guy, who was in charge of the powow, where electricity was begun, but he hasn't responded to either of my two inquiries.
  7. Good news! Son and I went over to scoutmaster's to align our records with his. The printout from former scoutmaster was good enough, though blue cards would have been preferred. The digital technology counselor was fine with signing a new blue card, which scoutmaster signed today. All completed and partial merit badges have now been recorded with current scoutmaster. Scoutmaster also says he believe the boys should be in charge of their own blue cards, so in the future it will be son's fault, should cards go missing. One problem is that we still don't know who was the electricity counsel
  8. According to the information I have, the required badge is: Cycling, Hiking, OR Swimming Then for the other it's Emergency Prep OR Lifesaving For my son, who is on the swim team, swimming and lifesaving seemed to be the best fit for him and they make a nice pair. (Though I as mom hope that he would earn all of the other badges, too.)
  9. Really? My son's taking lifesaving at camp this year. It had a pre-req. of swimming. I wonder if it's the same camp? Or if it's a typo as well. My son has completed swimming, so it doesn't really matter, unless he actually has to have the badge. Swimming is one of the badges that the card seems to have disappeared before he finished.
  10. My kids are homeschooled, but I do child seat safety events at schools and also drive by schools. I see kids, who appear to be 5th or 6th grade, who help the little kids cross the pickup loop or the street directly across from the school. Further away are the adult crossing guards. Our local school is around the block. The one with free lunch is 2 miles away. Most parents drive their kids. I don't feel the need. We are okay with providing our kids with lunch and I don't like torturing myself. (If I go, I have to watch my kids eat and then watch them throw away whatever they can't or
  11. My kids like to go to the free school lunch. It's 2 miles away. All summer long, I get calls and knocks at the door to let me know my kids were far from home. Yes, I know. I let them go. They're fine. Sometimes these helpful neighbors are even annoyed that my kids won't get into their car. I've taught them that they are not allowed to ride in other people's vehicles without my permission- even if we know them.
  12. He is signed up for a new community troop. (Been signed up since February) I have no idea what's going on other than it hasn't taken off yet. With church scouts, he only gets scouts twice a month and the scoutiness is greatly reduced from when son was 11. The boys no longer wear scout shirts and my son is gradually moving in that direction.
  13. As far as I know, son will just have to continue asking sm for new blue cards. (None have yet been produced or signed by sm)
  14. I don't even own a cell phone. My kids sure don't. I google for the free pdfs if son actually needs a pamphlet.
  15. Thanks! I'd been looking every now and then to see if they were yet available. I know there are various devices for low vision, but so far, my son hasn't gotten any, but an ipad,which I bought secondhand for him. This fall will be his first year at public school. I know they're going to get him some thing for in classroom use. Not sure if he can get anything to use at home.
  16. That' good to know! We only sped through it because I had no clue what son had to do to earn rank until a month and a half before his birthday, which in LDS scouts is when you change rank. With younger son, I was told June 1st was the deadline, giving him 4 months. He's actually got 8 out of 12 right now. Tomorrow he'll finish another and then we just have to discuss cooperation with the family to have 10. The other two he needs to do the whole thing. (Living world and Be Safe) Living world is hard for a kid, who can't really read.
  17. Lesson for whom? When my son was 11, he was in charge of his cards. When he turned 12, he was over sm's jurisdiction. He and I both asked and begged for those cards. SM wouldn't let him have them.
  18. When I was a den leader, we had 3 den meetings a month. I thought it was too much simply because I was doing it all by myself with an adult chaperone. (This was Bears and wolves or bears, wolves, and webelos.) Now that I'm out and my little boy's in, they do den meetings twice a month and I think it's not enough. Sometimes a den leader has to work late or gets sick or something and then he ends up with only one den meeting a month. I'm also feeling great pressure to get him to earn his rank before June 1st and it is so hard for him!
  19. My son has a few problems with merit badge cards. The former scoutmaster had a policy of keeping all the blue cards himself, presumably so that the cards did not get lost. It also meant that my son has a bunch of unfinished merit badges, as he doesn't know who the counselor is. Summer has come, freeing up my son's time. There's also a court of honor scheduled in a couple weeks. There's a new scoutmaster and guess what? He has none of the incomplete merit badge cards. The former scoutmaster had put the completed requirements into some computer program (not sure which) and printed them ou
  20. As a parent, I'm overwhelmed with the new program. My son's a wolf, but an LDS wolf, so he started in February, when he turned 8. My older son earned his bobcat and wolf in a month and a half, so I got into this thinking there would be no problem getting my younger son to do the same. Well, it's hard because younger son has challenges older son doesn't have. Younger son not only has a vision impairment (found making charts was really hard for him, since brailling is not that easy. Fortunately, got his braille teacher to give him alphabet stickers. Making the phone list is twice as hard,
  21. I'm a mom of 6 (soon 7). I bought my older son's cub books at the thrift store for $2 each. They were current and unmarked. I had planned to reuse for younger son. Younger is using older brother's book for wolf. It's actually more for the leader and because here are two sets of signatures and dates, I printed out a chart, to help den leader know what younger son has done. I downloaded the free pdf for my son to read on his ipad. My little boy has a vision impairment, so it is important that he be able to blow up print to a larger size. I plan to purchase the new handbook as digital boo
  22. As update, the sm gave us a printout of which requirements my son needs to complete of his badges. Not sure how to get the blue card signed by the counselor, but we can get to that when needed.
  23. They are supposed to be trained. Things have changed recently (not sure if it's just my area or not) in that the prospective leader has to have their paperwork in and have youth protection completed before they can be officially called. In my ward, attending leadership training and monthly roundtable is strongly encouraged, but they cannot force people to attend. The current scoutmaster was cubmaster while I was a den leader. He is not interested in being trained. He is trying to have a fun program for the boys and get them earning badges, but whithout knowing how the program is supposed
  24. It is because he does not trust the boys to keep their blue cards. I was once asked to come in a do family life with the boys. I handed those cards back to the boys, but they insisted that a leader have them. The assistant leader collected them and stated it was to prevent the cards from getting lost. (None of those boys did anything else with that badge and were all sent to family life at the pow wow. Perhaps the pow wow counselor figured out a way to do the badge without having to do things at home?) From talking to other parents of scouts in different troops, it seems that the g
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