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  1. He wants to do them and I happen to be the mb counselor for the badges. He doesn't care who's his counselor. We have 2 registered mb counselors in the district. I'm one of them.
  2. But, as I said, that's not possible. In our district a mb counselor can only do 8 badges and I've only got 7, so 7 is the max number my son could do with me. (And he doesn't want to do all of the other 4- only 2.) He has been doing other merit badges with other counselors, so it isn't as if he is only working on merit badges that I do.
  3. My son's scout leader told him that he could only do a limited number of merit badges with one counselor before he needed to take a break and use other counselors. Is that a real regulation? Our district says 8 merit badges total per counselor, so it's not a whole lot before you'd have to move on anyway. Reason I ask, is that my son's only done 2and close to a 3rd (He still has some bugle calls left to learn to play well enough to pass off.) of the merit badges that I'm counselor for and his leader said he had to go to other counselors.
  4. I will still go through the current ones to see what my son did. Somehow, I doubt he did all that anyway.
  5. Thanks! Apparently, the badge has been made easier since 2005.
  6. Among the merit badges my son "earned" at camp is environmental science. My dad was there. He's a counselor for environmental science, but in another state. He just came to camp to be with his grandson because he's 11 and not 12, which is too young to go to camp without an adult relative in Utah. Among other things (I didn't ask about anything else), my son (and all the other boys) did not build an ecosystem in a bottle. The blue card was signed, though. Should I advise my son to at least do the work after the fact? Or have him decline his award? He's happy going along with all the oth
  7. I don't think he looked at the requirements- just knew it was an eagle required badge. I did email him the list of things that needed to be done at home. Scoutmaster has a scout of his own.
  8. I'm thinking we discuss the discussion points. I'll give them a chore chart and have them pick their 5 or more chores. We will brainstorm project activities and have them submit their plan before they go (so that it's approved before they do anything), Then send them on their way to do their chores, projects, discussions. They would then have to report back when they get those completed and then we can discuss why they are individually important in their families
  9. That was my understanding of the program, but the boys do merit badges at camp in huge group settings and then there are the pow-wows, so IDK. There are two registered merit badge councilors in my area. I'm one of them. Apparently, there's a huge, unwritten list of guys who are non-registered merit badge councilors and they do the merit badges. I don't understand why they don't register- it's both easy and free. I would guess that there is no need for training, when there are only two of us that are registered. I will contact the council training chair.
  10. The scoutmaster won't be there that night, so he was looking for a substitute, I guess and Family Life is a required badge. The 11 year old scout leader found out about this and wants to bring the "little" boys in to get Family Life done. My son is an 11 year old and quite frankly, I don't think he's ready to be discussing sex! He's not even interested in girls yet! He's also got 7 or 8 badges he's still working on. (The home stuff- several were started at scout and he was sent home to finish, but he's a busy boy, especially in summer.)
  11. I was asked to come into the scout meeting to have the boys pass off Family Life. There's a lot of stuff the boys have to do at home. Do I just stand up there, ask the needed questions, discuss the needed stuff, then tell them to do their family meetings and projects at home, then report back? What if it doesn't take a whole meeting? Is it okay to end early and let the boys play basketball the rest of the time? Am I supposed to come in with some awesome, fun lesson plan to teach the boys how to be great fathers or have kits or something for the projects? I don't do anything cutsie.
  12. But it isn't across the board. An *almost* 11 year old scout gets to go to camp because his dad is a troop leader. This kid gets to go to everything. It just seems unfair because in the church you don't get to volunteer to be in scouts.
  13. A 10 year old boy, who is moving to boy scouts early because his dad is in "regular" (12+) boy scouts and goes to everything is going to the week long scout camp, so I asked if my son could go too. Scoutmaster came on Wednesday, said he could go- just needed a male relative to come with him, so my dad's made plans to come and then on Sunday, scoutmaster says to hold on. I guess the bishop isn't approving this plan now. The bishop also is not liking the frequent camping. He isn't on board with the 11 year old leader's plan to move the boys through the ranks. Perhaps this is why the boys sh
  14. The only relatives in the state of Utah are my husband's parents and they moved here after visiting us and finding out how cheap a big, beautiful house would be, compared to the worth of their little, old house in California. (Sold for more than twice the price of their Utah home). The uncles are in California and don't have the time to take quick road trips out to Utah for scout overnighters. We did reach a solution for next weekend. Leader's family is going to be camping nearby, so my son and I will go camp near them. Then there's a scout camp for 11 year olds a few weeks la
  15. My son is 11, so he's in the 11 year old patrol, which has different rules in LDS scouting. He needs to go on campouts with his father, except his father can't go this month. I need to find some alternative. Scouting rules for webelos (which seem to be similar to church rules for 11 year olds) allows me to designate one of the other boys' fathers to be his guardian. Can I do that in lds scouting as well? I see LDS scouting doesn't allow a woman (even leader) to participate in an overnighter. I was able to easily talk my dad into coming out for scout camp for my son, but since he's
  16. My son is no longer a cub scout. He's got a bunch of patches that he never even got to wear and he's got a ton of belt loops. The shirt and neckers go to his younger brother, so I can't use those in whatever I make for display. I am not crafty. I refuse to use pintrest. I've seen the animal skin display. That looks cool and since it's in one of the cub books, it can't be too hard to make. What about the belt loops? My son has a whole lot of them, and the belts will go to his younger brother. (My son had so many loops that he had to put half on his father's belt and rotate which one he
  17. Looking at the badges for which I am a counselor, there is no way the badges could be earned in just a few hours. The boys could start them, though.
  18. From reading on this board, I gather merit badge pow wows, classes, and "colleges" are frowned upon. Why? What would you do if you were a merit badge counselor and your services were requested for one of these events?
  19. We had a blue and gold issue a few years ago. We're an lds pack and the local grocery store allows church members to bill their congregation, rather than paying for what they purchase. These purchases are supposed to be pre-approved, but they sometimes aren't. We get a $1000 budget each year and don't get any more. Someone ran up a $600 bill at the grocery store!!! We think some of that was for personal groceries rather than blue and gold, but we don't know. We do know that one person required super high quality ground beef in the spaghetti sauce and bought it. Fortunately, the person,
  20. Unfortunately, working for alpha lady, I presented games, she chose, and chose how to carry it all out. We played the game where you have one chair less than everyone, call out an attribute (such as "blue eyes"), then all those people have to get up and change chairs, while the person who is "it" tries to get a chair. That was pretty fun. Then we played "Minute to win it", which would have been fun, if it hadn't been drawn out by making each mother-son team do every challenge. At any rate, that was my last event. I was "un-voluntold" from scouts. I just have to go along to den meetings u
  21. Our boys typically wear the blue shirt for all of cubs. (3 years- buy it big to make it last and then buy the tan shirt big so it'll last a few years.) My son does not have the webelos things that go with the tan shirt because he's been wearing the blue. I was told that the boys here don't wear neckers in boy scouts. I did get him the proper loops. I will need to talk to the leader about this ceremony. For the last, he was the guy on the one side and I don't know who the guy was on the other side. Our current 11 year old leader was recently in webelos, so maybe that's why. I think that
  22. My pack never did crossover ceremonies, but we're now teamed up with another one that does. (Or does now that they have an involved 11 year old boy scout leader.) We had one last month for a boy, who had turned 11 in December. He wore his boy scout uniform. My son will be crossing over the end of the month. Should he wear his cub uniform or his boy scout uniform?
  23. I didn't know what was needed for Eagle, but Family Life was one I chose. I figure as mother of a large family, I should know quite a bit about family meetings and responsibilities. (I also picked Genealogy, Music, Reading, and Safety. The others are Bugling and Traffic Safety, both badges I've decided are "unofficial requirements" for both of my sons.)
  24. Also, I did become a merit badge counselor for two unpopular badges. I've just begun the process of applying for 5 more and was wondering what the use was. I think several of them would be more popular. (I have the form filled out- just need to scan and send to the district guy.)
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