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  1. This is LDS scouting. Webelos get one year total. There are 5 webelos from my pack. I have no idea how many in the other, though I'd guess a lot. I'm just glad that 1. I don't have to combine the 3 ranks together and 2. I won't be doing this alone any more.
  2. If you remember me, I was struggling with figuring out how I was going to run den meetings for all three ranks together or get parent volunteers or something. I went off on vacation and just returned home today to cub scout news. Our pack is going to join a neighboring pack. (One that is flourishing.) I'm off the hook and all the boys will get a good program. It's a great situation. Edit- Okay, heard from someone else I'm not off the hook completely, but I will be a Webelos' leader in addition to the other pack's leader and we will combined run webelos and only webelos. This is still a g
  3. Our church does not allow boys this age to go camping with the den, though we were able to make webelos camp an exception, since it was just boy and parent. The reason why I am looking for help with webelos is because the webelos leaders have family issues going on and can't do their jobs. The outdoor boy scout activity will be on fire safety for the outdoorsman badge. All, but one boy attended webelos' camp and earned a ton of stuff there. Because of the way church scouting works, 2 boys have earned webelos already, 1 has been working on it, and 2 are brand new to webelos. It's a bit tri
  4. I'm thinking about asking parents to do webelos in fall. They'd only have to do once a month or less often. (5 webelos, but I think I can only count on parents of 3 boys) If they do webelos, is it correct that a registered leader, who has completed the youth protection stuff needs to be present? If so, how present? in the next room? In the same room, but other side? Trying to figure out how to multiply myself...
  5. Good to come back to this. Home Depot finally got back to me about setting up a den meeting at the store, where the boys can come, learn about tools, and make something useful. I set it up for September. I was real happy, so I told the wolf leader. (The one who doesn't do anything other than show up with treats.) She responded with- "Can't we set it up earlier?" One wolf's birthday is this Thursday and he needs to do the tools achievement. (We are extending the deadline until the pack meeting immediately following his birthday and his mom is doing a lot. Unfortunately, the boy started
  6. I woke up this morning and realized if we keep the same evening time that we're doing for summer (because it was too hot to run around outdoors in the afternoon) that dads could help. I know my husband wants to come teach the computers and video games belt loops as well as engineer and the electrical stuff. There's another dad, who loves to help in his kids' classes at church, so I think he'd help at scouts. Even the bishop (a webelos' father) has taken a turn, teaching the webelos handyman, so perhaps he'd like to help at other times, too.
  7. We don't do Tigers. We do have 1 wolf and 2 webelos leaders. I am the bears leader. Problem is that the webelos leaders are doing nothing (family issues). Also the wolf leader may be doing the best she can, but her best is just to show up most of the time. I am running the den meetings. LDS cub scout leadership is a bit different. The bishopric and the presidency over the children's program are inspired to "call" leaders to their positions. Then we can accept or decline. Therefore, it is extremely rare for anyone to just up and volunteer to do anything. (I guess I'm weird- I voluntee
  8. We have always had den meetings every week, except the week of pack meeting. I have been in charge of den meetings for 6 months. Yes, there has been burn out- especially when things are rather involved. Right now we're doing athlete, the physical fitness belt loop, and volleyboll belt loop. After that we're all going to pick up trash, then we need to do a soccer or basketball belt loop, a hike, and fire safety combined with cooking outdoor food (foil packets). When fall comes, I want to get to working on the bear rank with my one bear. I don't know how to do that without cheating the web
  9. How about for the rest, though? What if one boy is sick or something on the day of the hike or the boy scout outdoor activity?
  10. This boy's family isn't active. His parents are divorced or separated or something and there's an extra guy and kid living at home. (Not sure what the exact situation is.)
  11. I also sent an email over the the scout master, asking if he had any scouts, who would be willing to come help. I am doubtful, but thought it was work asking about.
  12. My son crochets, which is basically what you do to make the finished edge. (He has older sisters. He crochets like a boy, though- he's got all kinds of super mario brothers figures made out of yarn.) I had already decided teaching the boys to crochet was out. You make a good point about the potholders.
  13. So, I wonder if we could have different meeting lengths for the different ranks? I could have 15 minutes to work with the bears and then another 15 to do webelos. The issue with the wolf leader is that she is never on time to anything. She is not a dependable person, which is why I am running all cub scouts myself. (I wonder if it would work to tell the boys a later time and not tell her?) I just need her (or a substitute) to show up. I think I will try sending a letter out to the parents, letting them know I need help to run the scout program. Not sure they'd care.
  14. I think the problem with bobcat are the two requirements that must be done with a parent. Speaking of that, the fitness activity badge also requires much to be completed at home, with a parent, so webelos may not even be obtainable for this boy. (If he does get bobcat finished.) I am aware that bobcat must be earned first. The boy didn't even complete the requirements for the other ranks anyway. As an LDS pack, we all know which boy scout troop the kids will join. (Even if it is sub-par.)
  15. My problem was trying to schedule wolves, bears, and webelos in one. I think I'm stuck. Must try working this out some more. I can't get everything done, while working with all three and half the webelos having had 6 months to work on stuff before the others came in. I just can't do it all in 40 minutes. Perhaps we'll rotate and work on wolves one week, bears one week, and webelos on the other. Or maybe something will happen so I'm not responsible for all of them.
  16. I've read that you should just start crafts, but send them home for the boy to finish. That would free up a lot of time and we'd be able to get craftsman in over a few months, but only devoting a little bit of time. I'm worried, however that things wouldn't be finished. My son never finished the bear sawdust and nails achievement. We brought home the 3/4 made toolbox and never finished. We also have all the pieces to make a pinewood derby car display, but never did assemble it. (I'm not a woodworker and his father doesn't do that stuff.) I was planning to make: toolbox (so it counts
  17. I cannot start the meeting on time because church rules state we must have 2 leaders. I am usually there early with my son. The first boy may show up on time, but the second is after that, then the third and so on. The second adult usually comes 10 minutes late.
  18. We have a boy in our pack, who has not earned his bobcat, wolf, or bear ranks. He is now a webelos. He was signed up for webelos' camp, but did not attend. All the other webelos attended camp. At camp, they earned readyman and quite a bit of outdoorsman. There were many others, but these are the only two they did that are required for arrow of light. Am I obligated to do these activity badges again for the boy who missed them? Also, we have to make plans for the webelos to go on a hike, do an outdoor activity with the boy scouts and attend a boy scout meeting together as a den. What if
  19. Just wondering. We've been doing an hour, but it is so hard when people show up late (our meetings start 10 minutes after), then we have to have time for the opening ceremony, then we have little time to get stuff done, while trying to keep boys on task. Now with all three ranks together, it's difficult to get much of anything completed! I'm trying to order by importance those things that must be done as a den, but I also know most boys don't do anything at home.
  20. Thanks for all the links. I will check them out. I need to get a plan before I run out of plans! The pack is very small- 2 Wolves, 1 Bear, and 5 Webelos. That changes again in October, November, January, etc Since I have a 10 year old, myself, I am rather invested in the Webelos' program running, then I've got to do Bears, which is my responsibility, and I feel like I should not ignore the wolves while I'm at it, but half the wolf stuff needs to be done with a parent, so we don't have to work on quite as much.
  21. I went insane attempting to be the Bears and Wolves leader at the same time. Now the Webelos have been added. Oh, sure, I always get a second adult to show up to meetings, but the rest is on me. Right now we're doing the webelos' athlete, which earns a belt loop for all (physical fitness belt loop)- also slowly working on the volleyball belt loop- after that we pick up trash. Then we will probably do the ultimate belt loop (if I can figure out how to play) and if we have time before September, we'll probably do basketball. In September I've planned to start working on bear requirements,
  22. Thanks for letting me see things more calmly. I'll make my son label his rock collection and bring it to pack meeting. I also figure checking my oil and tire pressure every day for two weeks will be beneficial to both him and myself. (Me- so I know the levels are okay and him so hopefully after so much checking, he'll do it when he has a car to care for.)
  23. No, our leaders have not been trained. I did all the online training (leader specific, youth protection, fast start, and even the LDS scout training) the evening I was put into the position. I have brought up training with the rest of the leaders several times. They admit they haven't even done as much as the youth protection training. I brought it up with the bishop and he claimed he thought it was very important, but I have yet to see anything done about it. I work a lot with the wolf leader, seeing as how she's too spacey to plan anything, so we do bears and wolves together and we do t
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