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  1. I went googling. What do you think of these? http://www.allcrafts.net/crochetsewingcrafts.htm?url=www.birdsandblooms.com/Backyard-Projects/Birdhouses/Birdhouse-for-Beginners- (I thought a bird feeder might be useful for naturalist. Also, if we have the pieces cut out, the wolf could work with us.) http://home.comcast.net/~tmlevandusky/PowWow-woodworking/plans/climbing-cub-scout.pdf My kids like this traditional toy and it would be a good gift for younger siblings. All 4 active boys have a younger sibling. http://www.lowes.com/creative-ideas/woodworking-and-crafts/picture-fr
  2. No, he did start in the other since we don't do Tigers, but is continuing in both. I have not asked how long the parents intend to keep him in both packs, but I'd assume at least through cub scouts. The wolf leader in our pack has done almost nothing in the past year. (I was bear leader, created plans that involved both wolves and bears, and carried most out on my own.) The leader who was webelos and now bear has done nothing for the past 4 months. (She may get back into it, but right now it's all an unknown- and as time goes on, things might pop up, especially since she plans to have a n
  3. Cub master, who is helping me with webelos wants to finish up craftsman this month. I found a father last night at pack meeting, who has a coping saw, knows how to use it, and is willing to come to scouts and help. We need to make a plan of what to make, materials needed, and how to make it. Neither the cub master nor I do wood crafting stuff. Do you have any good resources for me?
  4. I was not aware that there was an award for earning the whittling chip. What is it? My son and the other boys his age earned it at camp last year, but we didn't recognize them- just marked it off in their books.
  5. For scientist they have to earn the belt loop, which has the "talk to a scientist about their work" requirement.
  6. Thanks! We actually had a new sanitation or something or other system just open up this summer. They had an open house, but I heard they are more than happy to let anyone come look. I will see about going there. Our wolf leader is very artistic, but honestly, the boys get bored listening to her going on and on, rambling about her projects. (She brings them in every time I let her be in charge of scouts- whether we're doing something related to art or not.) I know we have scrapbooking ladies in the neighborhood, but it's a hobby not a job. Could we still have one of them come in and talk
  7. I live in a smaller area outside of the city. It's a 45 minute drive to the city and I really don't want to go out there. We have no art museums, aquarium, zoo, etc. We do have a government complex, where they blow up ammunition and test weapons, a hospital, a medical lab, and an ocean life scuba diving place. (I hear you can go and look into the water for free, but haven't been there.) As for artists- there are the art teachers in the schools. Not sure about anyone else. For my son, I asked my husband if he could find someone from his work- an hour away that could talk to my son.
  8. Also, it would be the easiest thing to just have him do bears with us. The other bear just had his birthday, so they can start together. The other wolf just started and needs to do everything the other boy has already completed. The next wolf will join in October, so not long before there will be two.
  9. His mom makes him come to everything. If she's not around, he may choose not to participate, however.
  10. The boy started with Tigers in a community troop. LDS do not do Tigers. I haven't asked why they do two packs, but my guess is that 1. he has friends and enjoys the other pack. 2. the leaders are more organized and "with it" than ours, and 3. the parents feel that they should also support the church pack, seeing as how mom is the committee member. The boy has one book and brings it to both packs, though he tends to not bring it to ours and so we rarely know what he has and hasn't achieved before he complains that he's already done whatever it is.
  11. I have no idea how the boy is registered. He did, however only just earn his wolf last night and I know he had not completed the requirements in July- after he was promoted to bear in his community troop. (He just needed to do some stuff at home with his parents.) He started scouts as a Tiger Cub. The LDS church does not do Tigers (since the kids don't start until 8 years old.) The parents then decided to have him move up as a wolf with the community troop before he turned 8 s and then he just continues. We have had issues with the boy not wanting to repeat something he already did, even
  12. I have a son in the organization. Except I do have the information needed to have him join another pack. I am still called to do this and perhaps I add some voice of reason in there somewhere.
  13. Sorry- I meant committee member. She hasn't yet dictated anything regarding her son's rank in our pack. The wolf and new bear leader brought it up. Before I knew he was wearing the bear neckerchief, I responded to them that he could earn arrow points until his birthday. (My son earned his bear 6 months before he turned 10, but he still wasn't allowed to achieve anything for webelos, though it would have been nice to get started.)
  14. I thought I'd start a new thread for this topic. We are an lds pack. Lds boys change rank on their birthdays. 8 is wolf, 9 bear, 10 webelos, and 11 is 11 year old scouts (boy scouts just for 11 year olds). We have a boy, who is in a non lds pack, so they advance at the end of the school year. His birthday is in November. He's already wearing his bear neckerchief and slide. Do we say he needs to stay in wolves until his birthday? Or make an exception, allowing him to advance to bears in our pack as well? What if another kid questions this? Just say he's an exception? We can make the
  15. Pack meeting was tonight. We're not joining up with any pack (unless that changes). I'm webelos leader along with the cub master. Former webelos leader is now bears. Wolf leader stays the same. Bears leader wants nothing to do with wolf leader. Wolf leader has been doing nothing, tends to get sick, and refuses to plan. Perhaps this will get her to step up and do something- or the wolves may play a lot of candy crush this year. I don't know what new bear leader plans to do since she's supposedly been too sick to do scouts for the past 3 months. I asked a dad about helping with wooden projects a
  16. And I need someone! She wants to do craftsman- the wood part. Bears and wolves will do their version. I know how to do everything for wolf, but not how to make a tool box. My son never finished his. I'm going to ask around to see if some guys would come help. Fortunately, we're going to keep the evening time, which will allow for all those parents, who work normal hours to come and help. (Even though we are encouraged to hold scouts during the day.)
  17. Apparently scouts is back on. Cub master lady came over to tell me that we're having pack meeting tomorrow night- basically because she's the bishop's wife and could over-rule him in this matter. She says we're doing den meetings again- starting next week and we're not joining up with the other pack because they were rude and don't like us. That's her version anyway. She says she's going to do webelos and I'll just have to do wolves and bears. I don't have any plans, but I'll start making some.
  18. In the LDS church a man and women that are not married to each other are not to be paired together. It would be different if there were 2 women and a man, but this would be one man and one woman.
  19. All this decision making stuff is done quite secretly. I know a little because my husbands in on this- but only a little because he's a secretary. They've been debating joining the pack with another for 3 months and I only heard about it when they finally made the decision to actually do it- then they decided it couldn't work right away.
  20. I'm currently looking into temporarily joining another troop. We were originally supposed to start up scouts again this week, but now they want to look around and see if there's another small pack we could join up with, but that may be difficult if the small pack is not nearby. (With Utah church scouts we all want to be within walking distance of the meetings.) The pack we were supposed to join up with has all men leaders and we have all women leaders and that doesn't work. Hopefully this will be ironed out fairly soon, but maybe not. In the meantime, My kids and I have learned to play ul
  21. I have one list of things that can be done and how many beans are earned. There is another list of rewards and how much they cost. I leave the beans up to the child to award himself. I have not found any cause to believe that anyone is abusing the system. I am not hounded about beans.
  22. I was acting den leader for the last 2 months of meetings.
  23. 8 beans buys 30 minutes of video game time. There are many rewards, that cost differing amounts. Other kids prefer to spend their beans right away- 2 for a piece of candy or 5 for a bowl of ice cream. As for awarding beans for weeds, it depends. When the weeds are tiny, they don't amount to much weight, but are easier to pull. The big ones are real heavy, but are more difficult to pull. Last time he pulled weeds I awarded 1 bean per pound. He ears a bean by cleaning a room in the house, 10 for reading the Old Testament, 8 for the New Testament, 1 for helping cook, 1 for each additional
  24. I wrote a few weeks ago about our cub pack merging with another. That's on hold, while decision makers debate on how to do this the best way. We've been told we are not allowed to hold scout meetings at all until this gets sorted out. My son is a Webelos, moving on to boy scouts in February (this is LDS scouts, where boys change cub rank on the birthday). My son's been working hard on his cub achievements and learning the boy scout stuff (for Arrow of Light). (Okay, so I pay him a bean per achievement and beans can be traded in for video game time. I pay beans for cooking, cleaning, and
  25. My group has earned belt loops together, mainly because the webelos have to earn it and we're doing den meeting together. The wolves and bears did earn a bunch of belt loops at camp, though I was there and they didn't actually complete all requirements, but commissioner decided to award the belt loops anyway. (Did the same with webelos' camp and activity pins.) I do LDS scouts, where boys are automatically signed up for scouts on the 8th birthday. This isn't a family decision to put the boys in scouts. Many of the boys come to scouts because that's what they're supposed to do and then the
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