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  1. When you put it like that...how can they not sell some HIgh Adventure lands? We were so close to 100 pages! Waiting....how much and when?
  2. I understand all of the negligence. You do a great job educating us. I was dragged into this mess. At this point, I want to know how much and when. I want to see some very large insurance settlements....billions. I’m happy to keep buying popcorn, camp cards, sending fos, and purchasing bricks and canoes in build a new camp capital campaign. There is no better youth program to expose kids to all types of careers, hobbies, and adventure than BSA. I also believe the BSA YP program can be improved but is still better than any other program I’ve seen. Follow the rules and kids will be sa
  3. I’ve watched enough Ellen Brochavich and John Grisham movies to know that insurance companies will do just about anything not to pay up. I wonder how many fraudulent claims were submitted by persons hired by the insurance companies?
  4. Wow, that is quite the read. Maybe it takes letters like it to move the case forward. Unfortunately, 90% of that letter is just opinionated and uneducated BS. It is obvious that he is unfamiliar with nonprofit budgets and he has never seen a detailed council statement....pages and pages for every little event etc is accounted for and budgeted annually. Councils could benefit from sharing their board minutes and financial statements with those who have an interest. If they did, then maybe units could better understand why councils love for thier troops to attend the council camp vs.
  5. When reviewing the list of BSA camp properties, I noticed that Grimes Canoe Base for Middle Tennessee Council was not listed. It was moved into a trust in June 2020. https://assessment.cot.tn.gov/RE_Assessment/ParcelDetailIMPACT.aspx
  6. Are there any minutes or a recorded zoom from the May 19 meeting?
  7. Makes sense....who wants to own a restricted old camp on the beach if you can sell it for a windfall and build a modern camp to meet your needs.
  8. Just glancing through the council assets, I was a bit surprised that a lot of camps were unrestricted. It would not surprise me if BSA owned more forest land than most small states. There are at least 10 councils that have 50 million in assets. There are probably 30 that have 10 million or more. The big ones were Sam Houston, Circle 10, Atlanta, and the America councils. These are over 600 million. Then, there are a bunch of councils smaller than 5 million.
  9. I would like to see the TCC plan and those local council analysis sheets. Some more musings: A global settlement is the only way that BSA will make it. With any other plan, the only long term winners will be the insurance companies and attorneys. Local councils want and need for this problem to go away. It affects moral, fundraising, and recruitment. A smart young employee would be looking for other careers...why suffer? Local councils will go higher. They don’t have a choice. And, they are prepared to do so. They need a global settlement. Some councils are already o
  10. I would say that you are in a good position....under the circumstances.
  11. I stand corrected. CS is not an attorney, but he obviously has been sleeping at Holiday Inns because he seems like a fast learner. Two more observations: 1) since we are all anonymous, it stands to reason that some of us could be operatives for insurance companies, BSA,,etc. I’ve seen enough movies to know that insurance companies do not play fair. I’ve seen enough people LIE before Congress at hearings to the point of ridiculousness. Give somebody some money and they will just about say anything. 2) assuming school access and a good fall recruitment, BSA will have income past A
  12. I’m not a lawyer either. But, I believe CynicalScouter holds title to esquire. He and other attorneys have provided some great insight into this case. Are you sure that you have read all the threads related to this case? 100 million has been wasted thus far and most of this could have been hashed out while waiting for Nov.16. With litigation looming, BSA thought they could enter bankruptcy and at worst have 20,000 victims. Well, that is no longer the case. None of us here can determine the fate of this case. Some will determine the future of their local Scouting whatever that
  13. I’ve scoured the Internet for information. This forum is it. Where else would/should one discuss it?
  14. There has been a great emphasis for healthy local councils to accumulate cash and stock investments as endowments. Why? Years ago, many councils were almost exclusively funded by community chests....aka United Way. Well, UW funding is no longer strong in many areas. In many cases, the BSA is basically defunded especially for the amount of work that is invested to hope o get those funds. Many dollars have been solicited to build a fund to replace those dollars. A lot of the people who donated the funds are below ground. They won’t be too upset. Again anther reset. Unless you a
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