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  1. There seem to be a lot of rabbit holes in this topic. As I understand now, RSA 1.0 is gone. There is a RSA 2.0 working wirh the CO’s included that can be killed if nobody’s happy. Are the grey shade state tiers still in play? Or, the sol’s are back to 1% equity? The “how much and when” part is where I want to arrive!
  2. So my takeaways from the TCC zoom meeting… BSA plans to file a RSA by midnight today if so, TCC will have another zoom meeting tomorrow night. Only 5000 claimants do not have a lawyer. SOL victims are going to get the short end of the stick with insurance settlements.
  3. Councils should keep copies of their board minutes and insurance policies. But, how many of those records are actually complete? How many scout executives just shredded those old records on their way out the door so they could leave the next guy a cleaner office?
  4. Fees are fees I suppose. However, it does seem like BSA has dragged their feet. For instance, why are so many claimants still not assigned to a state or council? It is not difficult to ascertain if a person lived in X town or attended X camp in X year, there is a high probability that person was in X council. We know membership records were not computerized unless someone typed those names into databases. We know councils can shred paper copies of membership forms after 3 years. I just wonder how good the national records are for the past. We know there are people that particip
  5. Now that I think about it, it sure would be nice if there was a platform where the claimants could speak to and amongst themselves. This forum has been the single best place to learn anything about the case, but it only serves as a place to be cordial and meet on the battlefield. I carried the torch for Scouting for many years. I do hope BSA survives and becomes more relevant for today’s families. America needs the values expressed in the movement. However, I’m a bit disappointed that national BSA is not losing a HA base. It is the policies of the national BSA that is leading to camp l
  6. Don’t know. I’m still learning. However, I believe the TCC and the appointed trustee do have a fiduciary duty to get as much settlement as possible for each legitimate claim. I could possibly think hard and add more details to my claim, but all the proof is already there. I could go back and write a couple of pages of speculation on why certain things may not have gone exactly the way I had planned for my life. I never really blamed anything in my life that happened to me on the incident. Perhaps I should if it will help the bottom line. I am very reluctant to hire a lawyer at this
  7. Some of these camps would be great additions to a county park system! People like outdoor weeding venues, family reunions, fishing ponds, hiking trails, etc. For what it costs to build a new public building and parking lot, some of the camps would be a real bargain and community asset.
  8. (deleted) I’ll just keep waiting on the TCC’s summation and pass the time eating my popcorn as we learn which camps are selling so we can get closer to....how much and when?
  9. I had hoped BSA would lose a high adventure base as a real lesson. Leader says ....let’s go to Seabase. Ugh...there is no sea base. What? When did that happen? You know...the bankruptcy molestation settlements. What???
  10. No memorials please! Just send me a large insurance check and let me move on. Thank you.
  11. When you put it like that...how can they not sell some HIgh Adventure lands? We were so close to 100 pages! Waiting....how much and when?
  12. I understand all of the negligence. You do a great job educating us. I was dragged into this mess. At this point, I want to know how much and when. I want to see some very large insurance settlements....billions. I’m happy to keep buying popcorn, camp cards, sending fos, and purchasing bricks and canoes in build a new camp capital campaign. There is no better youth program to expose kids to all types of careers, hobbies, and adventure than BSA. I also believe the BSA YP program can be improved but is still better than any other program I’ve seen. Follow the rules and kids will be sa
  13. I’ve watched enough Ellen Brochavich and John Grisham movies to know that insurance companies will do just about anything not to pay up. I wonder how many fraudulent claims were submitted by persons hired by the insurance companies?
  14. Wow, that is quite the read. Maybe it takes letters like it to move the case forward. Unfortunately, 90% of that letter is just opinionated and uneducated BS. It is obvious that he is unfamiliar with nonprofit budgets and he has never seen a detailed council statement....pages and pages for every little event etc is accounted for and budgeted annually. Councils could benefit from sharing their board minutes and financial statements with those who have an interest. If they did, then maybe units could better understand why councils love for thier troops to attend the council camp vs.
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