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  1. I think going after the CO's is a bad move. Public opinion is going to sour quickly when Great Aunt Martha's congregation gets sued for something that happened fifty or sixty years ago.
  2. This strikes me more as a systemic issue with the program than an issue with the Scouts who are currently earning Eagle Scout. Is the argument here that my Eagle Scout somehow means less than one earned ten, thirty, or fifty years before? If that's the case - an argument I fervently disagree with, incidentally, just knowing what sorts of hurdles I had to jump over to achieve my rank - then where does the blame lie? Is this National's fault for revising the standards? Is it the parents of Scouts for pushing their boys too hard? Is it helicopter Scout Leaders who promote Merit Badge fa
  3. I earned my Eagle Scout in 2008, and I do get the impression now that the trail has been broadened somewhat from what it once was. That's not to say it's easier, per se - it's more that I think there were more resources in place when I went through the program than there probably were in the 1970s. More adults had a better understanding of the advancement process, I think - and that made the trail a little easier to follow. It's not as though the requirements are all that different today then they were then. I still had to do nearly all of the same stuff as would have been required in
  4. Now, wait just a minute. I'm a page or two late here, but if I'm understanding this correctly, is the current estimation some $102B? And, if as the document says, that valuation is low, then is the argument being made that the approximate valuation of these claims falls around $100 - 150B? I have no right to comment on whether that's an appropriate figure, none at all. I can, however, do basic math. Isn't $102B something like twenty or twenty-five times the entire valuation of the BSA, National and Local Councils included? Let's say that all the campsites are liquidated, that e
  5. For reference, I was involved in the Scouts as a Youth member in the early and mid 2000s. I will admit, when I heard that girls and young women were to be allowed into the program, I was torn about it. On one hand, letting everyone participate in Scouting activities is exactly what Scouting is about - but on the other, my all-male troop experience was extraordinarily valuable to me as I grew up in the Scouts. I saw it mentioned here on this message board that the BSA was one of very few areas where boys could have an all-boy experience... and as we all know, boys tend to act diffe
  6. You know, that's a good point. I think I will send National a letter, regardless of whether it makes a difference. Any of us who are Eagle Scouts were charged to dedicate our skills and abilities to the common good. Maybe this is a good place to start.
  7. I had the privilege of going to both Northern Tier and Seabase as a Scout, but we never did Philmont. Seabase in particular provided an experience like no other I had in Scouting, and it would be a shame (though perhaps a necessary evil) to lose the High Adventure sites. Summit, on the other hand, I have no interest in. It didn't exist when I was in the organization, and I suspect that many Scouters with even a recent Scouting pedigree would rather see it gone than to continue to watch National play this shell game. This is the Boy Scouts. Pretending you can't surrender the exorb
  8. Good. As it should be, IMO. I saw too many Scouts react negatively to it.
  9. I'm afraid that may well be the case. I sincerely hope it won't be, but I think that's the prevailing sentiment here anyway.
  10. Thank you! It's one thing if the leaders play along, but in my case our SM didn't. Regardless, a number of the younger Scouts considered it bullying, and one or two even left the program over it... meaning it was unwelcome enough to those Scouts that they chose jettison the rest of the program merely to avoid what they saw as public humiliation. While the older Scouts quickly corrected the culture, it was one problem that didn't need to exist in the first place IMO.
  11. As an Eagle Scout, reading through this whole thread has been very disheartening. By way of introduction, I earned my Eagle Scout about fifteen years ago, and I still had enough time left to complete three Eagle Palms. I served variously as Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leader, OA Representative, and eventually Vice Chapter Chief and Chapter Chief of my OA Chapter. As Chapter Chief, I helped oversee a yearly Chapter Conclave, sort of a swan song for my Scouting career as I aged out about six weeks later. I even co-taught a course at the University of Scou
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