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  1. Based on conversations I've had with Scouts and their parents, I don't see a "situation" or have any reason to believe it isn't being counseled (not taught) properly.
  2. As of 9/1, you are not compliant if you bring that MBC, as they are specifically excluded from the list of registrations required to accompany a unit camping.
  3. It works until the Camping MBC actually wants to see a Scout in action. Registering all your MBCs into Troop positions is kind of the antithesis of one of the stated purposes of the MB program, isn't it? Too many of our MBCs are already ASMs.
  4. Right? On what planet would you want to put your organization in bed with BSA right now without seeing that first?
  5. I think it is another useful tool in the arsenal. I support anything that helps keep Scouts, Scouters, and our assets (personal and organizational) safe but doesn't kill the program, and I think this meets my criteria.
  6. Interestingly, our new CO wants to see the policy, and we are still going through those hurdles now. It is a dark tunnel, with no light in sight. I am actually surprised it isn't asked for more by COs, especially now.
  7. So that's a "no," correct? You do believe that there is insurance coverage, but that like in every situation in life, the insurer will use means to avoid payment? But that simply not following the GSS isn't some sort of voiding of coverage?
  8. @HashTagScouts, do you believe that BSA's insurance only covers you if you are following the GSS?
  9. Ditto. It's insanely sound advice, whether insurance covers you or not. At least we can all agree that insurance only covers you if you travel in Class A.
  10. Wow, sorry about the spill, and the long recovery. I hope you're fully at it soon. Yes, there are certainly exceptions, and perhaps instead of "virtually every" I should have said something like "most" so you don't feel singled out. 🙂
  11. I don't know. I only know in the single instance in this thread where we know what happened, the plaintiff got paid despite Scouting policies being violated, and even the law. A single data point doesn't prove the case, but clearly the insurer saw liability or exposure of some kind (maybe just PR? We don't know.) and paid to make it go away. I get it. I am the only one who doesn't believe that the insurance won't cover you if you are violating the GSS. I would say that your belief is healthy and is probably a good indicator that you will follow the GSS. I am sure that was a good part of B
  12. Yep, CYA exactly. and it's good advice. But saying it doesn't absolve them of legal or fiscal responsibility, even if it could potentially mitigate it. As I said to begin with, I don't actually believe that BSA 's insurance only covers you if you are following the GSS. I still don't.
  13. Yes, and I'm sure that the decision to pay isn't binary, as language saying "they won't cover you" would imply. Note that in @HashTagScoutsexample above, though we don't know if the driver was at fault in the accident, we know he was not only violating Scout policy, but the law itself, and guess what? They got paid.
  14. That's true, but they do cover you, at least in my state. Perhaps with the array of options, auto is a bad example. Home owner's insurance pays out even if your Christmas tree started the fire. Health insurance pays for injuries you cause through negligence, once they determine it's your fault and not someone else's (e.g., a workman's comp claim). I'd wager that behind virtually every serious Scout injury is a violation of GSS.
  15. I don't actually believe that BSA 's insurance only covers you if you are following the GSS. That would be like saying your auto insurance only covers you if you are following all the traffic laws.
  16. No, adult program participants are clearly defined as members who are 18 but not yet 21 and are registered in programs like Sea Scouts, Venturing, and Exploring. So those two positions are not adult program participants, nor are they "an adult fee required position as listed," since they aren't on the list. Obviously they can hold additional registered positions, like at the unit level as mentioned above, but that shouldn't be a requirement, should it? I think those positions should be listed, for clarity if nothing else.
  17. Both Chapter and Lodge Adviser seem to be missing from the list of adult positions approved for overnight camping. Are they just considered committee members, or are they prohibited from attending overnight OA events? 🤔
  18. So the awaited change to the GSS has happened. With some few exceptions, I think, adults camping overnight outside of Cub Scouts must be registered adults in fee-paid positions or program participants. MBCs are specifically excluded. https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/gss01/?fbclid=IwAR3Va17cZl5U4Aj-HqKFXP4Havk9mtp530Mrw6GJ7ZFdBlRQX9I25GsfXNA
  19. Delaware Valley Orienteering Association? I think his question was directly to the person he quoted? It's late my time, so maybe not.
  20. 1. For us, a complete lack of OA in the Troop for many years. We didn't have elections for three years before 2019. And there was almost no interest, because: the Chapter meets on the same night as our Troop meetings. the older guys who were Arrowmen said, "All they they do is eat ice cream at the Chapter meetings." And this is blatantly not true! 2. All they do is eat pizza at the Chapter meetings. 3. Our Ordeals are completely uninspiring. They can barely drag four Scouts into the principal roles. That the parts be memorized or seemingly even read through sometimes seems
  21. I find any rule that says my status as an Arrowman is terminated when my dues aren't paid to be at odds with the permanence of the Obligation. To be clear, I wouldn't wear a flap or attend a function without paying dues, but I am fairly certain the ties of Brotherhood are everlasting, and not ended when the roll of quarters runs out.
  22. So disturbed as to why the election team had asked me about strikes after the vote, I asked about this, and after a delay brought on by Klondike, I have an answer. It turns out this is NOT how our Chapter conducts elections, and this was an error on the part of the newly-pressed-into-service election team, that will now be corrected. I thought it might be one more new thing. So my apologies for confusion g the discussion with my incorrect information, and thanks to all who helped me fix it.
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