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  1. Every so often, we encounter a kind of complaint that goes something like this: "Spoiled rich kids... show offs, lazy, munching down fast food as mom shuttles them from activity to activity in their gucci SUV. Everything comes too easy for them. They don't appreciate scouting like poor kids do. When their uniform is spiffy it's because they're spoiled little show-offs - whereas a poor kid with a spiffy uniform is simply proud of scouting. Yep - rich kids' very existence is an affront to fairness." And it's often followed up with a belief/hope in retribution that goes something li
  2. Is advancement also like ticks, fleas, and chiggers? One can get those naturally by whilst having fun outdoors. Suntans are: unnecessary; silly things to be proud of; sometimes sought for vanity's sake; damage your skin beyond a very modest amount A wise person exercises some discipline and structures the extent to which he's exposed to the sun. Perhaps some discipline and structure might be useful in other areas too.
  3. Regarding their first point: does Scouting have a rule that excludes losers? Regarding their second: does football? And what does "losers" mean in this context anyway?(This message has been edited by Callooh! Callay!)
  4. "Hopefully you may have the chance to hire them someday and have them work for you." Thank you for hoping that my eyes are opened. If it's really a common and serious problem, I'd like to know about it. Your comments suggest that you are convinced raising dysfunctional kids is common enough among homeschoolers to be a primary concern in dealing with them. Are you sure this idea isn't a prejudice? Profiling isn't necessarily a bad aid to making private judgment and decisions. If you can observe one behavior that has a strong statistical correlation with another, y
  5. Here here! Let us especially heed the Moosetracker advice about "trusting other adults" and let us trust them to raise their children. Let us not assume that homeschoolers need us to save them from themselves by barring them from the Lone Scout program so that we can satisfy ourselves that they are "socialized." Let us recognize that no one owes us any personal explanations or assurances that their children are being "socialized" to our satisfaction, and that unless we know them and are in their social circle ourselves, their "socialization" is none of our business unless
  6. I admire the intent behind what you're saying. The reason I argue is not to be unkind and unpleasant - but because I think the truth of this matter is very unpleasant indeed. We don't live in a nice world. Not all religions have your admirable Golden Rule and Live and Let Live ethos unambiguously mandated in their supposedly sacred texts. Some have mandates that apply to non-believers and that makes it problematic for everyone to respect everyone else's right to follow their own beliefs.
  7. http://www.hslda.org/highschool/Best_Socialization.pdf
  8. And you assume that if they are Lone Scouts that they will do nothing in the community?
  9. "I am okay with anybody believing what they want." "If everybody just followed their own beliefs...." And if their beliefs include beliefs about what you should believe? If their beliefs include a belief that they should take action to subject you to the rules of their beliefs?
  10. What you saw on face book sounds nice. But many believers get their beliefs not from face book, but from supposedly sacred texts. Some of those texts tell them not just what they should believe, but what you should believe... and how they should deal with you if you don't.
  11. "Lone Scouts have to meet criteria.. You need to either be home schooled (that's the one most of us disagree with as these kids should be finding ways outside of school to socialize with kids their own age.), or traveling so much you would be pulling in & out of troops 3 or more times a year, or living in a very rural area with no local troop, where you would have to travel a long distance be part of a troop." What is quoted above is at odds with BSA publications on the program - see here http://www.directservicebsa.org/pdf/14-420.pdf and note that the categories listed that would m
  12. "...can't register the SM or ASM until we have the 5 boys." Can't register for camp because your group is too small? Or can't register for camp because your adult leaders are not registered Scouters? If it's the latter, are your boys still registered scouts, since they do not currently belong to a chartered troop? Probably a dumb question here, since you've probably already considered it... but what about joining another troop in the area? Another option may be BSA's Lone Scout program: http://www.scouting.org/About/FactSheets/LoneScout.aspx It's not inconsistent with
  13. I intend to procrastinate, but never seem to get around to it. If you don't leave something until the last minute, you might waste that minute in idleness.
  14. "is access to health care a "right" or a privilege?" Neither. It's a transaction. That transaction can be more voluntary or it can be more coerced. Politicians' and opportunists' shell games surrounding these transactions grow ever more complex but still only serve to conceal different mixes of voluntary vs. coerced intercourse.
  15. This is a good BOR question for more senior ranks.(This message has been edited by Callooh! Callay!)
  16. "Don't like rude answers?" As a matter of fact, sometimes I do. We should regularly remind ourselves to receive honors with humility. But we nevertheless can't help but be gladdened when shallow self righteousness and grandstanding moral exhibitionism lash out at us in anger. Those lashes are badges of honor. This little lash you've given me though seems due to nothing more than simple misunderstanding. You mistakenly read into my post an intent to insult or discourage that was not intended. So I guess the lash you've given me must be more like a participation award rather tha
  17. nldsscout, What part of my response was rude or unscoutlike? I didn't say - nor did I mean that there was something wrong with registering 9/3/2011 and first posting on 6/29/2012. It's simply a curious phenomenon. Anyway, since you've now declared yourself to be "the Scouter moderator to deceide which" poster gets to answer a question.... maybe you should tune the sensitivity of your rude and unscoutlikeness detector. For calibration purposes use my answer to the original question, which had no venom in it at all, and contrast it with this one, which had a little, just to answ
  18. You're right. I misinterpreted what you said to be a slide into having no standards at all for adult leaders other than what the CO determines. Once again. We are in, not violent agreement, but at least mildly emphatic near agreement.
  19. On this we disagree and the root of that disagreement is that I don't think all traits we could list under such a rubric are meaningfully analogous. Being gay or being atheist for example, is not the same as being a convicted sex offender felon. I'm not arguing that BSA should draw no lines and should leave all such choices up to the CO. I'm saying that BSA should allow COs to make their own decisions on gays and atheists. This slope is not slippery and need not devolve into having no standards at all other than what the CO wants. (This message has been edited by Callooh! Callay!)
  20. The question in the post from which this is spun was "can you do your own tribe?" to meet a study requirement for the Indian Lore MB. A more frightening question is, if it's "your own tribe" can "your own tribe" do you? This article, mostly about the Indian Child Welfare Act, discusses a concrete example of the illogic of culture being determined by race: http://www.nationalreview.com/articles/304288/legislative-dishonesty-thomas-sowell (This message has been edited by Callooh! Callay!)
  21. Then on that policy issue we are in violent agreement. I think the same should apply for policy on atheism - CO's call.
  22. half the homosexuals are lesbians, do you feel they are most apt to rape our male youth? No. I agree with your argument suggesting that the logic for excluding male homosexuals does not apply to lesbians. But that doesn't change my position that the org that charters the troop should decide this issue for its own troop.
  23. "That is like saying not to have women as adult leaders as they will be sexually attracted to our youth." -In what way is it like saying that? Are women's sexual drive and behaviors identical to men? When I say "picture in your mind, a rapist" do you picture a woman or a man? And since you pictured a man or you are extraordinarily naive, why did you picture a man? Is it because you are an evil sex-stereotyper or because you live on this planet and have a basic grasp of probability? Will you now tell us that there is a difference between homosexuals and rapists as if I had claimed there
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