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  1. After many phone calls, talking and talking and talking... We are officially a troop. We got 3 more boys to fill out applications. District got back to us late last week and said all the paperwork is in, it is processed and now to move forward.
  2. Second Class We have everything but our 5 boys. So no we are not a troop yet. Someone summed it up best is that I was under the false impression that the district was in the business of supporting new troops to get going. They only want the troops when they are have the 5 boys. My frustration lies in that the district is inept at keeping us apprised as to how things work. The DE told us in May she would fast track the SM application thru the steps. Now end of June, we are told that cannot happen until we have the 5 boys. Had she told us in May, our efforts to get some boys during
  3. Moose Tracker I just found another council that does have a provisional camp. Now to see if they have space. I am amazed the district did not suggest this as an option to us. I wonder if they even knew about it. Thank you so much for the idea.
  4. Yes there were real issues. I am working hard at moving on from it, so I am not going to go into it as it just makes the anger and pain fresh again. Someday I will share but airing dirty laundry does not help anything. 5 boys to start a troop is what BSA requires. We can't be a troop until we have the 5 boys, we can't submit paperwork for a tour plan until we have 5 boys so we can't go to camp. We had already arranged to pair up with a local troop to get our 2 deep leadership. Only the SM is available to go to camp the week we selected. The ASM is in Africa for that week. Only no
  5. My family and another family are in the processes of starting a new boy scout troop. We left the other local troop under less than favorable circumstances. The council even was stunned at the series of events that transpired and agreed what they did was not ok but cannot change the past. But regardless, we are embarking on a journey to make a troop that does behave in a scout like manner. However, I am just feeling like our district and CEO are less than helpful. We have a committee of 5, we have 2 boys, a scoutmaster and an ASM, and a charter group and charter rep. The problem lies in th
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