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  1. I became aware of something today that really bothered me. A couple of previous cub scouts who quit after first year webelo year, have been telling a current BS who recently crossed over that "Scouts are for losers, and He should be playing football." I was hurt and then angry when I thought about it. Seriously, not cool.
  2. If you don't have luck with straight pins, an easy way to hold the badges/patches until you get them sewn on is to use Clear scotch tape. When your done sewing, if sewing by hand, just peel off tape, if using a machine & go over the tape it is then perforated and peels off. :0) Also, the clear thread tip is priceless!
  3. I had no idea that was a "Suggestion". It is amusing, but would cut down on the arguments of who gets to pull the wagon during food drives. Does that mean the bike stuff is frowned on?
  4. Ok, I get it. :0) I'll stick to the rules we were given, I'm pretty sure we'd be busted real quick. lol
  5. I know this is an old thread, but after reading this and a couple of other threads, I have a BIG questions.... How do you get away with having sponsors listed on anything along with your BSA Troop logo, etc etc.? I was told by our DE that we can't have that in any way shape or form! Examples..We had a family who has a show on the outdoor channel, they did lots of great things for our pack. One year they purchased our pack t's for all the boys. When I asked if we could put their name or logo on our shirts that they purchased for the boys , I was told no! It would imply that BSA was
  6. Ok, I am going to try to answer everyone in one... I can honestly say that since taking over the pack we have amped up the program. It's not perfect, and there is so much more I'd like to do, but no one will help. For instance, we do recruiting in the Spring and Fall at our school district. I should clarify that...We are a pack that consist of two small towns and rural in between them. Basically we service all of our school district. Our CO is the local Lions club and we use a local church for our meetings ( we have the congregations kids in our pack already) . The schools are pretty
  7. Hi there! I guess I should start with background info.... We are in NW Illinois in a VERY rural area with a small school district, therefore we have small #'s for scouts. We (my husband and myself) just recently took on the duties/job of trying to restart the local Troop. It was once upon a time a great Troop and it makes me very sad to say that is not now. I am at a loss for where to start at this point. We have 3 Webelos who crossed over into this troop. So, we are signed up for Summer Camp and all 3 boys are going. We have a SM, ASM and CC that are active and involved, but, all
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