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  1. I remember being part of a long discussion of this topic on another board a few years ago, not sure it it can be found. Can't recall if there was any official guidance on the subject. Generally I think the requirements of the National Outdoor Awards should be (and are meant to be) read as broadly as possible. However in this case the key to Aquatics requirement #4 is the singular "the merit badge" in the last sentence. ("...applying the skills you learned in the merit badge"). Requirement 5 is the catch-all that includes everything, while requirement 4 requires some level of concentrat
  2. I agree with everyone above regarding the general edict from the GTA that double dipping is always allowed unless explicited forbidden. Just as important, I would point out a few things regarding the National Outdoor Awards: First of all, in the case of NOA Conservation, requirement #4 explicitly states that the 25 hours are "including hours worked as part of requirements 1 through 3 above." So that means including all conservation service hours applied to Trail to First Class (req. 1) and all of the related merit badges (req. 3). There are no other limitations so it seems that the plai
  3. Thanks for posting, these are great. Are there more?
  4. I don't want to hijack the thread, and maybe this discussion about the Outdoor Code belongs in a separate thread. Our troop recites the Outdoor Code only rarely, but when they do they keep their signs up and recite it right after they say the Oath and Law. I don't know why you would lower your scout signs to say it, it's been part of Scout lore for 50+ years and was introduced into scouting by no less than Green Bar Bill himself. That said, though, they don't usually recite it unless I remind them about it, and then they have to bone up on it again because they have trouble remember
  5. Let me preface my comments by saying that as a youth, I was a Brotherhood member of the OA, and in my senior year was simultaneously SPL of my troop and editor of the Lodge newsletter, so I know from experience that it is possible to do both. And yet.... I confess that as a Scoutmaster I have never held an OA election. The primary reason, frankly, is utter and complete lack of youth interest. I tried promoting the OA in my early years, and often mentioned OA representative as a possibility to older youth seeking a POR. Even had the OA reps come and do a video presentation. Cricket
  6. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this before now, but if you go on the my.scouting training portal, there is a training unit and video, as I recall about 10 minutes long, specifically showing how a PLC is run by the SPL with the Scoutmaster to the side observing or asking questions. I happened to notice it when renewing my YPT last year and watched it, and it was actually pretty good. I just double checked it's called "Patrol Leaders Council Meeting SCO-477." There are a bunch of related videos on Patrol Method, boy-led, etc. Definitely something a new Scoutmaster crossing over f
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