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  1. Let me preface my comments by saying that as a youth, I was a Brotherhood member of the OA, and in my senior year was simultaneously SPL of my troop and editor of the Lodge newsletter, so I know from experience that it is possible to do both. And yet.... I confess that as a Scoutmaster I have never held an OA election. The primary reason, frankly, is utter and complete lack of youth interest. I tried promoting the OA in my early years, and often mentioned OA representative as a possibility to older youth seeking a POR. Even had the OA reps come and do a video presentation. Cricket
  2. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this before now, but if you go on the my.scouting training portal, there is a training unit and video, as I recall about 10 minutes long, specifically showing how a PLC is run by the SPL with the Scoutmaster to the side observing or asking questions. I happened to notice it when renewing my YPT last year and watched it, and it was actually pretty good. I just double checked it's called "Patrol Leaders Council Meeting SCO-477." There are a bunch of related videos on Patrol Method, boy-led, etc. Definitely something a new Scoutmaster crossing over f
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