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  1. That's why I said "scouting"... and I agree with the latter part WRT BSA.
  2. IMHO, Scouting shouldn't be thought of as a business... and therein lies the problem. I'm going to rephrase a section of a book I am writing and make it more apropos to this topic... but it hits on a much bigger issue. This particular section was illustrating a point about why we are caught in this perpetual funk of "unhappiness". I wanted to share this because it helps set a better playing field for everyone to start questioning everything. For me, I'd like to know why the Forbes 100 CEOs would be a better pick than... let's say a successful small business owner in middle America tha
  3. I got my wife involved and WB trained, so yes. But... I volunteer my time with two other non-profits as well. To me, it's about serving youth and helping the rising generation in this country eventually become the controlling generation. Sort of ... "if not me, then who?". It certainly made me rethink about my continuance in BSA, because you're right... no volunteer should have to take out an umbrella insurance policy to serve in the community. But, if you look around... it seems like everyone has a lawyer on retainer in the off chance they are offended or simply just don't like another p
  4. I've been in five councils over 35 years, associated with a dozen or so others, and this was status quo. In our current LC, we are told the 30% is to pay for the use of the BSA logo and to cover standard "OH / G&A costs". Sounds like you have been in three great councils, unfortunately... I have never heard of a council not charging a fee for fundraising. Maybe I keep finding the councils with bad SE's? In fact, when I was told, as a district commissioner, to shut down one cub scout pack's drink fundraiser because they wouldn't pay the 30% fee, I told the SE to push it over to his le
  5. Therein lies my frustration... the ever ambiguous "Program". LCs/LDs tell donors and parents, during their "Investment in Character Campaigns" (ICC) or other Friends of Scouting fundraisers, that the money goes to pay for “the program”. When talking to BSA professionals, they always use ambiguous terms like "program" or "youth activities" so they can illustrate something grand they are delivering to youth. The last time I checked my personal and unit bank accounts... Scouts and Scouter pay for everything they do. They pay for national membership fees, event fees, training fees, camping fees, a
  6. That is my general fear... and why I called it, "salting the earth".
  7. Understandably... it was/is a difficult job. But, with the level of visceral anger from scouters and the general public... one could agree to a modest "white collar salary" with the agreement of an exit bonus after completing the task. That may have improved public opinion. I think we needed someone that understood the full spectrum of scouting... from the den meeting to the board meeting. I've met some pretty astute SE's that we're also Eagle Scouts and had the business acumen to man the helm of their LC.
  8. @CynicalScouter I'm really not trying to nitpick here... but, during ILST sessions, I try to help scouts understand the anthropological and internal biochemical aspects of "leadership" because I think it is important for them to know how chemicals produce the emotions that make us do and say things in our own self-interests. This is an excerpt from one of the leadership training guides I wrote for my ASMs: I am bringing this up because Dopamine produces the feeling when you've found something or achieved something. It affects your emotions, movements and your sensations of pleasure and
  9. That was precisely the point I was trying get across the bow.
  10. I took out a hefty, personal umbrella policy when I agreed to take on the role as SM. Why? Because the sad fact is... we live in a litigious society.
  11. I am simply applying discourse analysis. Generally speaking, language is processed through the respective left (logical) and right (emotional) hemispheres of our brains. Psychologically speaking, the left hemispheres of our brains are more verbal, analytical, and orderly with greater propensity towards logic, sequencing, linear thinking, mathematics, facts, and thinking in words. Whereas the right hemispheres of our brains are more visual and intuitive with greater propensity towards imagination, holistic thinking, intuition, arts, rhythm, nonverbal cues, feelings, visualization, and daydreami
  12. Negative, kind sir. You keep peppering your statements with "hyperbole". (e.g., "what, should they work for free?", or "so, should they only make $1?", et cetera). You can't keep mixing sensationalist language into your analytical comments and not have me call it out as moral equivalency.
  13. Holy moral equivalency Batman! 🙃 Did those other organizations amass a fortune by pulling on people's heartstrings by saying, "look how your money is helping these sweet little kids"... while simultaneously covering up the carnage of predators that were preying on those same little kids? And since you keep harping on "should they only make $1" ... fine, I'll take the bait... here is what would get me signing a different tune. If the "current" BSA folks wanted to win me over with their "new and approved sainthood"... I would say the CEO should be compensated at about $350K per year, p
  14. Compadre... I am definitely INVOLVED. At one point I was a SM, district commissioner, and did other council and district stuff. On a given week, I was about 40+ hours for my volunteer time with scouting (and that was just 1 of 3 organizations where I volunteer my time). On campout weekends with my unit... obviously more time (but who can count camping time... I mean... it's camping). During the summer, I would drive 90+ minutes to camp a few times a week to teach adult training. All of this.... while holding a full time job as a corporate executive in my company. The balancing act was crazy
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