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    I started scouting in 1985 as a Cub Scout; I made Eagle Scout in 1997. I joined the U.S. Navy in 1997, I traveled the world (42 states and 38 countries), made great friends from all over, and learned to speak 11 languages in the process. After 10-years of service and 6-tours to Afghanistan, I left the military and started my family. When my triplet boys were old enough, we joined Cub Scouts and I became their Den Leader. In February 2018, we bridged over into Boy Scouts and became members of the oldest Troop in Nebraska (est. 1913). In August 2018, I took over as Scoutmaster, and in September/October 2018, I completed Wood Badge. I love my family, I love traveling and meeting new people, and I love scouting.

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  1. Definitely sticker shock! We just lost 6 scouts because of this and, because we've already collected dues for the second part of the year, we are scrambling to cover the additional $3200+ we need for recharter (we have a large troop... 68 youth and 28 adult volunteers). Not optimal, but a couple of us are thinking about pooling our resources to just cover the cost increase this year, and then adjust our dues for next year. We don't want any scout to leave the program so our normal ICC contributions will be going to cover the membership fee increase, which stinks because that will hurt the loca
  2. @ham_solo Here is an instructional video I made on how to do that. https://youtu.be/bWdN0jjrnj8
  3. @dkurtenbach The OneNote SOP is what I created for my Troop. I created a standardized version to share online for anyone who wants to use something similar... that way they can take what I have done and create one for their troops. Since the public OneNote version is just a public template... if people want to add to it... they are more than welcome to add to it. If people add in new tabs and pages... I can snag them to incorporate into my Troop's OneNote.
  4. @dkurtenbach Thank you! We use scoutlander for our calendar, internal communications, sharing pictures, etc. We use Groups.IO for mass communications, and we use scoutbook for everything else. On Scoutlander, we have all of the information for new parents, our annual plan, and the calendar with all of that information. The goal of this digital troop book is more of a "how to"... as well as any other type of information we want to capture and pass along to future generations. But yes, I want to get everyone on-board. All of my scouts and their parents have complete access to thi
  5. @qwazse Great suggestions! Thank you. If you have some... would you be willing to add them to this book? That would be incredibly helpful. If not, I can create some. I work with the SPL and PLs at our monthly PLC, and we conduct training on OneNote. These young kids eat it up... they feel empowered and in control.
  6. Hello fellow Scouters and thank you for letting me join this forum! I wanted to share something with everyone that I recently created for a group of scoutmasters I met at a University of Scouting event here in the Omaha metro. When my boys bridged over from Webelos the former scoutmaster found out I was an Eagle Scout and military veteran, so he asked if I wanted to take the reins of troop since his sons had made Eagle scout years ago. While I have years of Scouting under my belt and years of experience utilizing my survival skills in Afghanistan, I was very nervous. Hones
  7. @fred8033 I think we are lucky in that regard. We have a senior leader that has been doing this for quite a few years and sometimes he'll step on toes, but he is aware when he does it and then corrects it very fast. Again, I think I am lucky with the amount of support I get from the committee and the other assistant scoutmasters. But, I think a lot of that has to do with confidence. I've seen a lot of parents that took leadership positions in Cub Scouts to be with their kid(s), but really didn't have outdoorsmanship skills when they bridged over. They bring energy to the troop for sure, but I
  8. Spot on sir! My triplets and I recently bridged over from Cub Scouts this year, and the former Scoutmaster was grooming me to take over the Troop shortly after he found out I was an Eagle Scout and had 10-years of teaching/applying survival and combat triage skills in the military (*BTW teaching scouts is waaaaay different than teaching soldiers... thank you Wood Badge for pointing that out!). To your point, you are absolutely correct. A lot of the parents tend to "helicopter hover" over their boys and some of the new scout dads don't really know that their sons can't learn to do f
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