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  1. Technically the Webelos/rank diamond can still be worn on the tan uniform as it was official from 1984-2018 therefore once its official it's always official in the BSA just like the blue uniform with the Webelos neckerchief is still officiall if not "current". Just like the 1980-2008 tan shirts are still official... even the pre 1980 khaki green shirts can still be worn if in serviceable condition and with patches of the correct era are worn with it.
  2. I took over as Cubmaster last year and I have gotten away from the semi circle and have arranged the seating in a more rectangular pattern, a row of 6-8 chairs stage left and stage right and them two rows of chairs about 15 feet out from where we present. The Cubs are seated by Den, the siblings and parents sit directly behind. We meet in the school's gym/cafeteria and the parents last year liked to sit at the four tables that are left out from the after school kids net, the problem got to be that the parents would socialize even when the sign went up. Tables are off limits this year. They no
  3. I haven't heard of the girl Troops being required to start with a four or have to have four digits, though we have a new Troop 1885 for girls in my city. I have heard that if a boy Troop and a girl Troop have tbr same CO then they can have the same number but to differentiate at council level it would be (example Troop 492-B and Troop 492-G) Not sure if its hyphenated or not but just from what I have read.
  4. Scouts BSA sounds cool but I would have switched it to “BSA Scouts”. It rolls off the tongue better. Guess we’ll see how National responds to this. Saddest part is that there are people out there that actually think that the two organizations are interchangeable/the same. BTW, what’s wrong with red loops? As long as it’s on the correct uniform (de la Renta shirt) it’s still official.
  5. Where do I start..... I’ll break it down by era.. Currently all Cubmaster shirts. Oscar de la Renta 1980-2008 style: 1. Short Sleeve with 90s era knots, OA flap old style embroidered red numerals, old larger red Trained strip, silver mylar Cubmaster POR. World Crest with NO centennial border ring. 70s-90s era council camp temporary insignia. 2. Long Sleeve ODL with similar style as short sleeve above except for a pre 1983 khaki green background Eagle knot and a custom Cub Scout blue & silver Trained Strip. The OA flap on this one is my Lodge 25th anniversary/75th OA annive
  6. Love this! We need more news stories like this!
  7. Thank you! I am proud to be in this role and am looking forward to the next few years. After I made Eagle Scout, I aged out and took a twenty year hiatus. I came back with my son when he joined last fall. I missed Scouting so it is a joy to be back again.
  8. We are $65 this year. It was $60 for the past few years. Our Pack pays for new Leader’s registration. Compared to some of the other activities/sports out there, $65 is a pretty good deal IMO.
  9. This is great news! I am interested in what the increases are for new boys as well. We just became a Family Pack this year and so far we’ve recruited two 2nd grade girls.
  10. Thanks! Yes it’s been a tough couple of years to be a Husker fan, but I believe in our team and our new coach. 😃
  11. Hello all! Love the forum and have taken in lots of info and ideas and am glad to be here. I am an Eagle Scout (class of 1997) and am currently the Cubmaster for my sons Pack, which was the Pack of my youth. I took over earlier this past spring. I am excited about my role as Cubmaster and the opportunity to give back what I have learned through the values of Scouting. As you can see by my user name (my last name is Hill) that I am a BIG believer in and supporter of traditional Scouting methods especially the patrol method (which I know isn’t as much of a focus at the Cub level however our Web
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