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  1. TuckahoeJoe

    New troop, big problems

    From the OP, the IH is the business owner who is also the COR and ASM. This is disconcerting. I echo what Chris1 posted above--make those calls.
  2. Yeah, score one for marketing. It is clever.
  3. So, it is essentially going to be called "Scouts" much like Venturing BSA is called, well, "Venturing."
  4. TuckahoeJoe

    Parents as MBCs

    Thanks! I am an MBC for some MBs. I am actually tougher with my own son and have him fill out the workbooks (which are not required) for those non-Eagle MBs where I am his MBC and for all others regardless of who is the MBC. In part, it is to improve his handwriting and to see whether I need to tell him to revisit the MB pamphlet (this happens less as he improves on his research and writing skills). It's not just the scout that has this concern. I hear it from other parent MBCs who are hesitant to sign off on Eagle MBs even with the workbook filled out.
  5. TuckahoeJoe

    Parents as MBCs

    Once the MBC signs off, the MB is earned. There is a narrow exception in the Guide to Advancement for impossibility. See GTA So long as you know you completed the MB as written, you shouldn’t have to worry about the predisposition of some parents.