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  1. I didn’t choose the people for those positions, I was asked to fill the position I am in. I did not know what the other positions were or who they were until I started doing the training for my position. It was supposed to be a church chartering us but when They filled out the paperwork and sent it in, they listed their own business as charter. Council approved it all.
  2. Thank you all for the great suggestions! I’m fairly new to the Troop side of things. Them holding several District positions left me at a loss for who to go to. My son takes a lot and internalizes it. Most of the time, he doesn’t complain until long after an incident. To have him spill his guts like that over the phone worries me. He usually comes away from camp and campouts with so much excitement about what they did. He is excited about the pioneering and orienteering classes he’s doing this week and tells me all about what they did and what they are going to do the next day. It’s sad
  3. We started a new troop about a year ago. We have an SM that has no boy in troop. Our charter org is a business owned by the COR. He has labeled himself COR and ASM. CORs wife is CC. I am Adv chair. Problem is my son was elected as PL (we are young troop with no FC for SPL) and he has no idea what he is supposed to do. I bought him the book and he has read it. I found training online that the SM is supposed to do with the troop but neither the SM or ASM/COR will listen. Instead, every time something comes up and my son doesn’t do it right, they yell at him. They do not listen to him or fi
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