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  1. Well we had a conversation with our COR and the new charter. Our new COR position will be held by a former Webelo leader that I know and get along with good and basically nothing will change. The KC agrees to turn all assets ect....over to the Parish. Our DE and Council already agree to this. The Parish just wants a Pack. Supposedly there has been a 40 year old discussion as to who actually owned our Pack....word is that the Pack has jumped from Parish to KC and back and forth several times lol. The Parish Priest knows that the boys raise the money that operates our Pack and just wants us to run it as he really knows very little about scouting lol
  2. Anybody have any suggestions on how to better keep the pins secure on uniforms? The backs usually stay on when you spread the little wings...but lately this isn't working. Anyone know any tricks?
  3. The KC is a fraternal organization of Catholic men. Our current COR doesn't ask many questions and doesn't seem to wanna know much. He stays out of our way, lets us run things and just signs our leader applications. The parish they want to move us to has a priest that is known to be money hungry...always sticking his nose in athletics finances and wanting donations and to control the money. Our boys do all the work of selling popcorn so we have a good year round program. We have 2 campouts for familes that is completely paid for..plenty of other parties and activities that are paid for too. Our pack actually has better finances than most packs around and we don't need any new COR that wants to lock down our checkbook!
  4. I did all the online training for den leaders, cub masters, committee member and chair....outdoor weather hazards and others. I had no problems navigating through it. It may seem like a lot but nothing says you have to sit through it all in one setting. If you can't make it to a University of Scouting or any other live training event then this is the way to go. Usually there aren't too many people that sign up to be a leader at the first night of a recruiting event for new scouts. Although our last recruiting event we actually had two dads and a mother willing to do it. It shocked me that I had three people the first night that wanted to be Tiger leaders and none of them complained about all the online training. Guess they were more interested in the boys receiving a good program with trained leaders.
  5. Our Pack is under charter with the Knights of Columbus. Due to their new regulations after the end of the year we will loose our charter. Our Pack is wanting to move our charter to the local VFW or the MOOSE Lodge, anything other that the local Catholic parish. This is due to the fact that only one of our boys in our Pack is Catholic, and since the BSA states any civic or religious institution can be a charter we feel it shouldn't be a problem. However our District Director said that he already had plans for our Pack to move to the local Catholic Parish. He said when he received the letter from Knights of Columbus back in November that he had a talk with our COR and our then CM (I am currently CM) and also present was the former CM and former CC and pastor of the local parish. Why the former CC was in the talks is beyond me when my wife had taken over as CC the year before. Can't our Pack choose where we want to go?
  6. We have a leader in our Pack that I am concerned about. It seems to me and another leader that the person in question just wants the title of leader. It started last year whenever they approached me with concerns about another boy in the den. Granted the boy had some learing and behavioral issues, but instead of wanting to help with the troubled youth the leader went about constantly bad mouthing the boy and father(be it in private to us and other parents). Now the boy has dropped out. Now the leader is complainig about another boy from another den. Said boy is new to the pack this year. Apparently this boy also has some issues....he seems uniterested at times and sometimes acts up. Recently the leader I'm concerned about stated that they had a bad experience during popcorn sales with this boy.....he didn't want to participate and the other boys had to do all the work. Said leader stated they refused to do any future popcorn sales with this boy. I told the leader that as a leader you shouldn't give up on the boy you should work with him and encourage him.....to which they responded "I'm not his den leader he is in such and such den". I said that they are a leader in our Pack and should still offer help and encouragement. I was given a quick BS as a response. I have also had similar attitudes from this person in regards to leader training. When we recently had a new parent volunteer to be a committee member we told the new parent about all the online training they had to do. The troubled leader told the new leader that they didn't have to pay attention to the online training...to just keep clicking the mouse button. I spoke up and voiced my objection. I said to pay attention to the training and further said to them that if you just click the mouse away that your not hurting yourself that you are hurting our boys by not being a good leader that is properly trained. We have also had planned fund raising plans for the boys to sell in front of stores and for boys and parents to schedule times that they could sell...and this leader flat refuses to spend two hour shift. To me and two other leaders it seems like this troubled leader isn't supporting our decisions and as a leader they should support the Pack. Anyone have any input on dealing with this leader?
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