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  1. We aren't trying to convince anyone to attend. If they don't want to that is fine. Just frustrated at the attitude of why should I have my kid do something if they aren't getting a belt loop for it.
  2. We are getting ready for our first district event without belt loops and pins. Some parents don't understand why their son should attend. I have explained that they will be able to work on some rank requirements. I'm not sure they really understand the purpose of scouting if they are only focused on what awards their kid can get. I get met with grumpy faces and comments when I explain that the boys will be doing some things for fun.
  3. Parent orientation is for introductions and cub master "briefing" Our dens all meet at the same time and place. We have opening flags and then a very short announcements by the Cubmaster if there is an upcoming event that everyone needs to know about. Breakout into dens within the first 10 minutes of our start time. We don't do a Cubmaster minute or closing flag at weekly den meetings only at the pack meeting.
  4. I think boys see their parents quit when things get tough so they don't value or see the satisfaction of sticking it out and making things better.
  5. Our school does automated calls as reminders to parents about all sorts of things ( sports sign ups, team fundraisers, etc). We have in the past had our principal read a message inviting boys to signup night. They also allow us to put up yard signs about sign up night. we have the scouts wear their class b tshirts to school all on the same day around sign up time.
  6. Ladies may choose tan and olive uniforming or blue and gold(yellow).
  7. My oldest crossed over into Boy Scouts this spring. He was my please, please, please let me join cub scouts kid. Little brother is two years younger and was drug along, joined and enjoyed the first couple of years, begged to quit as a bear. I made him stay. Brother convinced him the fun truly starts as a Webelos. I am the Cub Master so he doesn't have much choice at this point.
  8. Pins can be ordered through the scoutstuff.org website. I would not combine old and new programs. Our pack is having the 5th grade boys continue on with the old program. 4th grade boys will work the new program.
  9. Is your pack using the old program for Webelos 2 for 5th grade boys or are they using the new program for the 5th grade boys.
  10. The troop had reserved a campsite for tents. Due to construction we got put in a site with cabins so the boys who don't need camping nights were given the option of cabins. SPL and the other rowdy guys apologized to me last night. There was no sound after lights out. So even though stormed bad, one 11 year old had a screaming nightmare and one had a tummy ache. I felt more rested this morning. Still not happy with this particular troops methods. Son may not like it but I want a better experience for him.
  11. We are at summer camp. Lights out is at 11. It was 1:30 on the first night before the boys got quiet. I thought okay they are just really exited until the next night they finally got quiet about 12:30. Not just quiet talking or card games. Yelling and door slamming goofing off, foul language. Scoutmaster apparently sleeps very soundly. SPL is amongst the loud guys. Our 11 year old first year campers are about to fall apart. Homesickness, exhaustion from a day full of activities and then very little sleep are not a good combination. I don't mind and fully expect quiet talking
  12. I would expect my son to wear his uniform to an event where he was working with little kids. What better publicity and recruitment tool is there than kids and their parents seeing an older boy doing an activity with them? The only thing that would change my opinion would be if the venue was using permanent ink, paint and super glue.
  13. A neighboring pack has the system set up of DL for tiger and wolf year becomes the CM for bear and Webelos 1 year. Steps down at the end of the year to be a parent for their sons final year as a cub. They serve as ASCM during the wolf year to learn the job of CM. I am just finishing up year 2 as a CM and feel like I have just gotten things running smoothly. (I was a supportive parent observer for 2 years with son 1 and Tiger leader for son 2 before being asked to be cub master.). I get burned out by the end of every school year and need the break of summer when our activities slow to 2 a
  14. We have only had twilight camp for the past several years. The tigers attend just like all the other ranks. Their group is just as large as the others. We run Monday - Friday. In the past it was 5-8. This year is 3-8.
  15. When we visited the troop the boys had an opening flag, prepared for their next meeting which was their court of honor then went outside for one of the scouts to teach some outdoor skills. Different SPL at that time so I am hoping that things change once they switch again.
  16. Son's patrol supposedly (I wasn't there) voted to work a couple merit badges together so they could figure out what they were doing with those. They voted on ones that they all had an interested in. They have been together since Tigers so lots in common. I asked the scoutmaster about who their troop guide was trying to figure out who I should direct my son to speak to about what they should be doing for rank advancement/scouting skills. The answer is we don't work on rank advancement with the new guys since they do that at summer camp. Son is with his friends so he is happy and very re
  17. What goes on during your troop meetings? How do you welcome new members? Oldest crossed over into Boy Scouts this spring. I understand boy led. I don't understand asking my son what they did at his meeting and continually being told the older scouts played basketball while we worked on our merit badge, we completed our merit badge so we had to sit and watch the guys play basketball. Not feeling like this is the way things are meant to be.
  18. I am a proud fox patrol member also. Thanks for updating us on your experience. I am glad when we were the service patrol our most difficult task was gathering wood for the campfire. I can't imagine shoveling snow.
  19. Do they stay attentive after that one time thing?
  20. I am needing advice for a friend who is a leader in a different pack. Her cubs parents attend the den meetings but are so busy visiting one another or texting that they are a distraction to the boys, and are of no help keeping the boys on task. The parents have been told what is expected of them (at the first of the year). They were asked to be attentive for their last meeting while the boys earned their whittling chip. This den leader has not been able to get through to the parents. The advice I am finding is all for parent involvement at the pack level. I am looking for advice to share
  21. I think I was more mentally exhausted than physically. I teach preschool and the need to focus all weekend followed by being fun and perky was too much for me.
  22. If you can take the day off work the Monday after your course weekends. Unless you are an extremely energetic person or a great sleeper. I did not take any time off except days to be at camp and was exhausted after each weekend.
  23. We have had better luck with scheduling at small local radio stations than the tv stations. Our only tv station will only do tours during "normal business hours". Also known as when kids are in school and parents are at work. Radio stations have always been willing to do a Saturday tour and interview the boys on air.
  24. Once you are fully registered and closer to the date you will attend you should be contacted by some of the staff with a little more information and a list of questions to answer. They are just to help you start thinking about what makes you tick and what motivates you. Which will help you as you go through the course.
  25. To prepare for woodbadge: give the pre-course questions some serious thought. Don't worry about tickets yet. General ideas of things you want to accomplish are good. The course will help you figure out how to write a ticket. Don't write tickets that are dependent on anyone else doing something. Be open to the experience. Expect your brain to be overwhelmed after the first weekend.
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