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  1. GSLAC has submitted a rebuttal to the One Council/One Lodge/One Charter. Now with the One Council/Three Lodges/? Charters. It will be an interesting outcome. I doubt that they will get to keep three, but that is my uneducated opinion. Wdfa89- Meetings/boards/approvals are done at the District Level and with your Service Center not on the chopping block, you can turn in any rank applications there. I don't understand that comment.
  2. http://www.scoutstuff.org/bsa/gifts-gift-cards/awards/medals/medal-north-star-award.html#.VvgBT8_mqUk This could be taken over for the purposes listed above. Not just for non-scouter large donators.
  3. Why doesn't anyone complain about the "buffet buster" waistband? I know my waist size and would not have a problem buying pants that fit. The first time I tried them on I laughed; the only other time that I have seen anything like it is on a rented tux.
  4. blw2 sorry I was not more specific. The Fieldbook cover is bigger and zips closed. item 618841 I am certain that the Scoutshop will swap you out for the Fieldbook cover.
  5. Look, I am fairly certain that the Officers are required to carry a sidearm because they are to rapidly respond to any emergency that they are dispatched. If you want them to strap on their firearms at all times; by all means open up another thread and discuss away. My point has been all along that I have two Cub Dads that go camping and by following the rules they are allowed to do just that. Back, back on track- who would play the lonely drifter that rolls in to town and takes down the crooked Scouter.
  6. In the Metropolis that I reside; they refer to the Unit as Mobile Reserve. The Gent's in question are allowed to come on Cub campouts and I have never observed any weapons. They are locked up in a gun safe in the trunk of their vehicle. Never taken out. They go by the book, I go by the book and their kids go camping. And just in case you were wondering, the Officer at the training event had no weapon. Just everything else on as he sprinted to the event from duty. Doing what it takes to get the kids out in the woods. Back on the rails... This plot hints at the movie Roadhouse. With the
  7. In our Pack, there are a couple of Mobile Reserve Officers that are really never "off duty" even when they are off duty. On campouts they keep their mandatory firearms locked in safe boxes in their trunks. The radios that they carry; even when turned down very low are a real pain. That is Cub camping and they have to go or their Cub cannot go. I will never forget the Instructors face when one of them walked in to Protecting Gods Children class rushing to make the start time still completely decked out in riot gear.
  8. After a check, it looks like the alleged felon was associated/employed with a concrete company and the Scout Hut belonged to an individual troop in Clyde Tx. I do wonder if he ever thought about the destruction that he wrought and how he was able to reconcile it in his conscience.
  9. By looking at the timestamps... I can only assume that this explosion was caused by my comment on the thread about a Scouter that had a bunch of Cub Scouting experience and for reasons that are his own, is not taking on a leadership position in his sons Troop. UC for another struggling Pack is a very logical position.
  10. Is changing Councils not as simple as editing your profile on Myscouting.org? It looks like you can change Councils with a drop down box and keep the same id. As long as that was followed up with a paper application to a position in a new Council In answer to the original question in bold, have you considered being a Unit Commissioner for a Pack that is struggling? Your training and knowledge could be put to great use. Yeah, I know, I lit the UC fuse on a thread about jumbled record keeping.
  11. My Sons spiral book is going on two years old and is still in functioning condition. I bought one of these when it was new. http://www.scoutstuff.org/cover-fieldbook-2013.html because the book gets a lot of use and goes on every campout. If you think about it, the books are subjected to some harsh conditions on a regular basis.
  12. We have our games area director handle this on the first day. Because "the way it is supposed to be is not always the way it is." Program Directors should most likely be called to duty at the registration is there is a log jam. If only to answer questions and keep the peace. I really cannot imagine a 2 hour back up though. Turtle/crab soccer is her go to gathering activity for the first day. But it is up to her! And also your responsibility as Program Director. I am also sorry to say that your camp sounds like it will not be any fun for the leadership. Try to double staff everywhere that
  13. We use the form that comes with Pack Master. It is fillable to customize for each activity. Including pick up times for the Cubs and other things that change per activity/event. In answer to your question about a Blanket form; I do not know the official BSA guideline.
  14. Family camping with the option of wearing the Cub Scout Uniform... Hmmm... Sounds like someone is trying to get around something. The fact that you asked on a site about Scouting and are looking for answers from Scouters is also interesting. You do not say if you have discussed this with your Pack's other Leaders, what might they say? Take the training and invite the entire Pack. I am sure that those boys not in your Den want to go as well. Why is everyone so against doing it the right way? If you think that the training is a joke then open up another thread to discuss or volunteer to make tha
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