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  1. Thanks. I tried to find an official BSA position on this, but quickly got confused. It seems that the BSA does not officially approve Cub Scout (at least below Weblo) camping, but our pack sent all its cubs to a council-organized campout last fall, and they're encouraging the cubs to attend a council-organized summer camp this summer. Parents are required to attend. The problem is that the dates of the camp are very inconvenient (a 3-day camp right in the middle of the work week instead of a long weekend) and the cost is high ($200 for a son/parent to register). We can do a 1-night campou
  2. My son is a Tiger Cub. A number of parents are actively involved in the Den, and we're not happy with the available council-organized summer camp options. We'd like to just organize an unofficial den-only one-night campout, parental attendance required, where we organize activities for the boys to earn a number of sport and academic belt loops. We would not utilize pack funds - the parents would each chip in for the site reservation, food, and supplies for the activities. Is there any prohibition against doing this? I can't really see how, since each boy will be required to have a parent
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