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  1. "but the whole posting comes across as a bit sexist." OakTree: Are you also female? When guys have a problem, they eventually work it out amongst themselves, even if it means getting in each others face a time again. I've noticed at work that women, on the other hand, seem to want to complain to the Boss. It's not sexist to say that male and female brains are wired differently. The suggestion for Toastmaasters was serious, and Toastmasters is not sexist. There are easier ways to change a campfire conversation than the PC approach. If you hear a conversation you don't like, and you try t
  2. "this would be one of the relatively few issues I'd take to the CO, if the SM and committee chair were unresponsive. And if the CO took a hands-off approach" this is the soccer-mom approach, and rarely works with adult men. running to your "Daddy" is apt to get you blamed as well, if not more so, for making even more trouble, stirring up things that had died down, etc. the time to speak up is the instant it happens. if you feel a need to put the happy-face onto your rebuke you might consider a few classes at Toastmasters. The art of deflecting conversations to subjects more in lin
  3. Of course you can be involved! As for the campout--remember the good parts: the scenery, the hiking with your son...As for the adults' campfire--20 yds was not far enough away--voices carry. I am wondering why not one of the four new guys said anything. To keep silent gives tacit approval. We can pass all the PC laws we want to silence people. That does not mean we've changed their hearts and minds. Lasting cultural change may need to be somewhat gradual. Many who were so set in their ways as to be ossified are still in shock from the last election. "Why is it that it always ends up
  4. "moxie, I find it interesting an 11 year old, a 4th or 5th grader, would be on JV basketball. How does the Troop serve the Tenderfeet in this time? " A lot of his Scouts must be in Junior High--which would be JV. I was 12 when I finished seventh grade
  5. I'm glad the Y does not discriminate. However, from their own website: " 2009 YMCA of the USA. The YMCA is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all." "Provide a safe, positive, Christian environment "
  6. I am wondering if people who find fault with the BSA also find fault with the YMCA? The "Y" runs similar programs in some cases, and can even apply for Federal funds for community based programs for their boys. For swimming instruction we sometimes use the Y and its aquatics programs
  7. I can see a boy wanting to be part of two different troops if he spends school year with one divorced parent and summer with the other
  8. All boys need Scouting -- without exception. Just my opinion.
  9. "I can't be held accountable for what goes on in other peoples' minds." Sorry, but you are responsible if you're trying to proseletize them "If one isn't going to pay, they ain't gonna play. If you can't afford it, don't buy it." This white, middle-class attitude tells us that if you're too poor to have a uniform, then don't even think of joining the Scouts. "One doesn't need the best stuff right from the git go." agreed, which is why we suggest foregoing the uniform at first until the kid decides if Scouting is really for him. This decision is generally made half-way to Se
  10. "I bet a Board made up of senior youth scouts would have also kicked this scout back. " I'm sure they would have too. They just wouldn't have waited six months to tell the kid he was messing up. In re-reading the original post, the problem seems to be that the boy received no interim feedback or evaluation. He was on the wrong trail, and no-one said a word.
  11. I realize the police and fire departments operate with tax money. My question was whether tax money was paid to the LFL as fee for services, or not. If this was just something that off-duty police & fire did in their own time, then I don't see it as significant government backing. broadening our child base by allowing the children of atheists seems OK as we already have Sunday only Christians in Scouting. Of course, we will have to rewrite the Scout Law. We may also see churches no longer wishing to be the CO
  12. "Tossing school uniform activities and non-school uniform activities in together is apples and oranges." maybe not so, in the kid's & parents' minds. Both are after school/extra school activities. Who cares who the provider is as long as the kid has a worthwhile time? in beginning karate classes, you can get by with a tee shirt and sweat pants. "If a kid wants to get involved in activities outside of school, they are expected often to make purchases for participation" Yes they definitely need camping gear. Not too much left in the household account after buying the pack, the sleepin
  13. rank should always be earned. but, if this boy had not shown enough leadership the past six months, do you really believe the board fulfilled their responsibility by telling him so at the last minute?
  14. How did this thread become about atheism? The linked news clipping was about L.A.'s gay community not wanting Learning for Life/Exploring to be the contractor-provider for the police & fire departments' youth programs. If the BSA was taking tax dollars to provide this service, then the gays probably have a valid point. I've been in contact with friends & acquaintances who are either in Scouting or were. None of us are aware of any public school being the CO. Scouts may have met at a public school, but the CO was always a separate, independent group such as Parents of Children Att
  15. Yes, we understand. The organization provides the uniform, and then it is paid for or reimbursed by the kid. So, the troop provides a full uniform upon joining, and the kid pays it off as he earns the moola.
  16. we have our SPL, ASPL do the reporting to the committee on PLC decisions and plans. It gets them used to dealing with authority figures, with public speaking during formal presentations, and with thinking on their feet when it's question time.
  17. I believe you are asking what is the correct ethical response?? If this list was developed as a troop activity, I feel the list belongs to the old troop. However, if this list is something your son developed on his own, without instruction or encouragement from the old troop, then the list is your son's property
  18. "Before, public schools were the single biggest charterer of BSA units. They owned them. Illegally" This would have to be a very long, long before. When I was a boy -- in Boy Scouts -- we were known as 's troop, even though CO was really Mothers' Club -- an independent organization.
  19. I agree with Apache Bob. Where were his mentors (SM, ASM, other adults) for the six months? What kind of initial training was he given? What was his POR? What previous evaluations and feedback was he given?
  20. "Regardless of whether the school provides it and expects a boy to raise the money to recover costs or cover replacement, he is required to wear it" SR540: Sure, if you want to do it this way. Upon joining, the troop furnishes the boy a full uniform and a full gear kit for camping (sleeping bag, ezrest, mess gear, compass, boots, etc).Then, the lad would reimburse the troop a bit each year, depending on family finances, until the full kit is paid off. Most troops would have to scramble to handle it this way, but it is doable, and probably the only way the truly poor can be "proper Sco
  21. "The argument is about personal equipment, not collective equipment. Not only does the band provide the collective, it provides the personal" Nowadays many schools provide nothing until you "pay to play". In some deep rural areas this may be $120 & up per activity each season. In our own youth, minimum wage could provide a greater percentage of life's necessities than it now can. In a true miles wide poverty area parents may understand the need for some camp gear, but say "no way" when they see the price of a uniform--followed by, "if you've got that much money for a set of cloth
  22. Just because Scout meetings are held at a public school does not mean the school itself is the CO. The CO may be "school name Mothers' Club" or "Parents of school name", etc. Many schools open their facilities to organizations after hours.
  23. I believe #2, participation in horse treks, does not come under age appropriate guidelines, but rather comes under minimum inseam & max. weight guidelines
  24. I apologize for trying to bait Merlyn. I do wonder how his campaign is proceeding to remove a Scout is Reverent from the Scout Laws.
  25. "that discriminates against and denigrates atheists" Well, what's wrong with that?
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