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  1. Great advice, Knot Head! I am an Assistant Scoutmaster, female, and have been on two recent Philmont treks ('08 and '09). The BEST advice for any crew is to shakedown, shakedown, shakedown - at least three, ! It's here you learn what works and what doesn't. Best advice for Venture females: get comfortable p**ing in the woods. And bearbag everything that's smellable; mini-bears can be more destructable than the regular ones! You're going to have a blast!
  2. Thanks all, for reminding me that "it's not all about the requirements." I need to get back in the "fun" mode of Cub Scouting and it's difficult to do when I've got 6 Life Scouts in my troop bearing down on Eagle projects! I'm sure these Cubs can get through their books in 5 months and will suggest that. I also want to suggest a Spring recruitment which may help, although our Council historically only recruits in the Fall. I'm the Dist Training Chair, not a DE, so may need to go there for approval. Any suggestions from your collective minds about conducting recruitment in the Spring?
  3. Has anyone had experience in starting up a Pack in January? Seems like, unless they met through the summer, they'd only have 5 months to complete their requirements. The Pack is small; only have Tiger and Wolf dens.
  4. My son joined a new Explorer Post last month and the DE has told them that Explorers will be back as part of the BSA beginning in January.
  5. Our Council recently held a Camporee where the troops invited Webelos. Everyone camped out for 2 nights. Not to get off-topic here, but maybe Webelos Leaders could respond. At this recent Camporee, an Assistant Scoutmaster told me he was "having difficulty with some Webelos parents." Apparently they told this ASM that after their sons cross over, they "will not let their sons go camping with the Boy Scouts unless they (the parents)go." I told him, "great, let the parents camp and maybe you can get them to sign up as leaders." This ASM wants to try and discourage the parents from going
  6. I wear my uniform to EVERY scouting event. Last year at our District Banquet, I decided to wear, uhummm, a rather short dress. A parent came up to me and said, "Oh, you have legs!"
  7. Congratulations on your new position! All of the above posts have great suggestions! If you are not familiar with "Program Helps", use that as a guide as to how your pack meeting should be run. It will get you started and provide structure and continuity to the program. That got me started. We didn't follow the monthly themes religiously, but the book helped me organize the meeting. Pack meetings should be held once a month, regardless. If you start changing the dates, parents will forget. Same day of the month, same time. And yes, you (and the boys) should have FUN at the pack me
  8. Cell phones at camp??? Nooooowayyyyyyy! One camp we attended actually had a tv/vcr in the health lodge available to homesick scouts for a few hours. This did seem to help one of ours who feigned sickness to go home. Parents' night (Wed) has been the hardest. I actually have met parents in the parking lot and told them, "Don't take him home, no matter what he says to you." This is always hard for the parents, but we've never had a scout go home on Wednesday. Homesickness disappears when boys 1) don't call home, 2) are kept busy, clean, etc and 3) recognized, praised for their accomplis
  9. I find the words to most of these songs rude (A Scout is cheerful), crude (A Scout is kind) and impolite (A Scout is friendly). When Scouters attend meetings, training, etc., and there are always announcements at our meetings, do we start singing? No. Why should we encourage the boys to do this? I find, not only in Scouting, but in my workplace, that most announcements are valuable; leaders should just be encouraged to not let them drag on. Better yet, have someone drag them off the stage with a walking cane. -bolo
  10. I have been asked to teach a class at our next Univ of Scouting training day. The subject (and I didn't make this up!) is, "And the uniform costs how much? Seems like the answer to this would be,"ask National, or production has gone up, etc." However I thought a more in-depth approach would be to discuss the history of the uniform and the importance of wearing it. I just came across Mike Walton's 'unofficial'BSA uniform site and looks like there is a wealth of information there, and I'll review some of last month's posts. I've been off line for a while. Any ideas from you fo
  11. Props for TG presentations? Hadn't thought of that! Yeah, I'd be interested too. Bolo 'I used to be a fox...."
  12. I participated in the Wood Badge course when I was a Cubmaster (after 3 years of being a den leader), and prior to signing up, I thought maybe it was "too early" for me. Boy was I WRONG!!! Do it! You won't be sorry and down the road you might even want to be on WB staff! Ditto all the above comments -- Most fun you'll ever have! Bolo
  13. DL knot CM knot DAM knot Lodge flap WB beads (looking forward to receiving a third bead next year!) and... a Trained strip on all uniform shirts.
  14. I'm not surprised all of this "bad press" is spewing out of the liberal media. -B
  15. Interesting, (a bit lengthy) journal from LTC Mike Walton of his Day on the Hill...(Tuesday, 07/26) Hey Scouters! Today was a very busy day for me, in more ways than one. It seems that some guy named Murphy was following me around most of the day today too. I woke up this morning, thinking that I had two hours before I was to be at my post in the Media Reception tent on the Jamboree grounds; turned out that instead, I had about 20 minutes to get to the post from the "Jamboree truck stop" where I was resting (and where I am posting from this morning). I didn't make it on tim
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