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  1. Trevorum I agree with you on a lot of issues, but as a religious person I do not feel it is man's job to: "homosexuality is a sin and should be punished/eliminated." I know many gay men and woman, and I have zero problem with them as people, while I don't agree with their life style, I would certainly not judge it, because I haven't lived in their skin. in your later post, the only thing I would agree with you is that: "Everything else in their shtick is ... media trappings." and I'd add LAW SUITS against anyone who touches them. I think most people are very much a live
  2. I've been with a group that has done the blue and gray routes by bike. You have to leave the bikes at times, or walk them across fields. Those are the only two parts, I think would be reasonable to do. I think if you are having a lot of younger non-hiker liking scouts, bikes would make long hot days a little shorter. We did it when a number of boys were working on their Biking MB, so it did double duty for training for that. Walking does give an appreciation of the battlefield, but if you are trying to squeeze everything in. Biking is certainly an option to have up your sleeve
  3. The reason there are two offices is that it was two councils before 1996? When they merged. I've been to the Valley Forge Scout shop a lot, since it is actually closer to us then our own Council's. I know they combined functions to cut costs. Better for a Council to manage 3-4 camps, then for two councils to try and manage 2 each. there are some costs that they were able to cut, because they duplicated each other.
  4. I only microwave in glass, so doing eggs in a bag a couple times a year doesn't bother me at all. Then again, that way I don't get any shells, which when I've had scrambled eggs someone else has made, I've gotten a number of times.
  5. They also were on the Today program this morning. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032633/# then you have to look for it, but it was a similar spot to the other one, but on national news!
  6. I think it's important for a troop to have troop tents. Our current troop just bought a bunch of new ones, because we've gotten a bunch of new scouts, and there has been some loss and damage. So it was time to do it. Often the older scouts will buy or be given matching tents, so they can use their personal tent, but they will look uniform. The adults have a variety of tents, if it's going to be a crummy weekend, they will use a couple of big ones, because it is nicer to deal with.
  7. I live outside of Philly. There is a bit of talk in the press about all the good that the scouts do for the city. This at a time when the city has a climbing murder rate. I find it interesting that the scout counsel aren't the ones doing any obvious barnstorming about this issue. They maybe doing something behind the scenes. What is especially interesting is that there was a troop on national TV this morning on The Today program for helping a woman on the AT at Hawk mountain this past weekend.
  8. I've never seen anything like this in my years of scouting involvement. my sons have been in a total of six different troops. Usually, when the boys go to summer camp the MB's they take are talked about with the SM in terms of what they know about the program and were the boy is in his advancement. If you don't think the MB program at summer camp is any good, then why are they going? As a MBC, if I have a scout come to me with a partial, I will review what he has already signed off and then go forward. Since this parent just found out, I would suggest, a first step is to have
  9. My son has a lot of sensory issues. Food is one of them. We also don't eat pork or shelfish, or mix meat and milk for religious reasons. He would often volunteer to do the grocery shopping, so that he knew exactly what they were having. He'd also make sure his father would pack some cheese and tuna fish, so that he had something if what his patrol was having wasn't something he could have. Notice it wasn't junk food, it was real food, and often the cheese would be put out to share as a health snack for anyone around. Sometimes when the adults were having something his father didn't
  10. I can't think of a single troop that doesn't drive sometimes at night. One thing I've seen several times is trips that were suppose to leave Friday night were punted until Saturday early morning because of the weather. There is no value to setting you self up for a lousy weekend, and unhappy kids by setting up in the pouring rain, in the dark, in 38 degree weather. I think convoying is much less of a problem now with cellphones. I know on the way home, the kids all call their parents when they are about 1/2 hour away from the pickup point. Usually someone travels behind the tr
  11. With some meds, and some people you can't cut down quickly or go cold turkey because of withdrawl problems. Doctors believe what the drug companies say. I've seen people weaned off of Paxil in a hellish 2 weeks, and a very comfortable 2 months. Yes it's more work, but a heck of a lot less stress. Drugs also take some time to start working in your system, so stopping for a weekend really isn't helpful. One benefit of stopping meds over the summer, is if you are changing medication. That way you clean out the system, and give the body a chance with the new medication.
  12. Asperger's is also a Specrum disorder, so not every boy has the same issues, or same levels in every area. Just because you've seen one kid with AS you haven't seen them all, you've just seen one! You can also have ADHD and Asperger's just like a boy can have a broken arm and allergies to peanuts. The problem with some meds and "holidays" is that you actually have a withdrawl period with some, even though the manufactures say they aren't addictive. Addictive means your body craves it, withdrawl means your body misses it, and is having problems, but doesn't know enough to tell the bra
  13. The other common mistake is for someone to not drain the elbow noodles before adding the butter and cheese powder for mac & cheese. Usually, it is an older scout that catches that and steps in to explain the time their patrol did it.
  14. I also wonder about the buddy system. But what concerns me more is the reports that this scout stayed in camp with one adult, while the rest went hiking. Where the heck is two deep leadership? I'd be interested in knowing what more information about what really happened, before I start judging.
  15. On several shirts and jackets recently, my kids have pulled a loose thread, and off comes the button. Then I take the piece of clothing and sew on the removed button. But I don't stop there, I go through all the other buttons 8-10 times on top of the stiches that are already there, so if the original stitching is pulled out, they don't lose the button too.
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