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  1. OK folks I'd like a little input on this one. We just joined a new troop this past summer and my son went to summer camp and completed/earned a couple of merit badges,so he thought. We were given a merit badge completion sheet indicating my son fulfilled all the requirements. Well we just had a court of honor and assumed my son would be awarded his badges. Turns out he was not awarded them because the Troop does not recognize any completions from any counselors outside the Troop because they DO NOT trust anyone other than their own counselors. This goes for all BSA Summer camps ,Merit badge universities or any other counselor outside the troop. Whatever merit badge the scout works on at either camp or merit badge university they are required to prove to the troops own counselors that they completed the requirements. This seems very unfair to the Scout as it teaches them that they are not to be trusted and it is also arrogant of the Troop. Because of this policy a lot of boys don't attempt to earn merit badges. FYI at the last COH out of 25 scouts 3 merits badges were awarded. What is the best way of handling this problem? This policy was mentioned at the COH with the unit commissioner present. B.M
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