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  1. The SM complaining that the parents are interrupting his program when all he does at the meetings is seat at the computer doing the Scribe's job and then playing a round of football. No scouting skills and no troop pride...and we don't drive 12 miles, more like 25 on way
  2. how much of that influence is real? Our SM recently did the same thing and end up being kind of retaliation for the adults for not doing a fund raiser without scouts but for scouts. It;s all the scouts decision, we were told, the kids were not offered the hole story and chose to do what SM asked them to. It always cause trouble and more often than not, people to get up and leave the troop because is not really "boy led", Hope you can come to terms with the scouts and not loose any.
  3. like justme ... said try scoutlander. You can check this out www.troop461.scoutlander.com is so easy
  4. This is interesting.... What about a scribe that is hardly at the meetings, never do anything, SM is doing his job and it's credited! Or the same for a quartermaster that wasn't available for real circumstances(he's Dad was sick and die) should he get credit or what?
  5. I have with scoutlander a site for a Pack as well as the Troop and the settings are the same, they both have a public site where anyone searching a Pack can view it's content and a Private site where the parents will be send a user id and password to login and that's where you put the pictures and other sensitive information.The webmaster can send an invitation to anyone they wish(distant family, ect). The security settings have 3 settings, 1 for scouts(or open permission) 2 parents and adult leaders and 3 for site administrator or Cubmaster/Scoutmaster.Also you can set those settings separate
  6. I know of a leader in our area who serves in different positions in a few units from Cubs to Boy Scouts at the unit and district level, and what he did was set velcro on the uniform and the patches (like the military does this days), that way he peel and adhere the patch he needs acording to where he is and on what basis he's there. Check into that option because it can be less expensive.
  7. In our Pack, when the webelos worked on the scholar pin, the Principal or teachers were authorized to signed in some of advancenments done in school. For communicator, my son participated in an oratory contest and won 2nd place, his project was shown to the leaders and the picture in the local newspaper was used as proof. For the handyman that they have to do things around the house I took pictures of him doing it and signed the book myself. Just make sure you ask for the evidence needed, it's not hard to take pictures and email them to the leaders and that should be proof. We also printed the
  8. I am able to post but have to logging everytime, since i'm fairly new to the forums I thought it was a security normal thing, hmmm... guest not? It gets annoying to have to logg everytime.
  9. Sorry about what i am going to type, in no way intended to hurt or disrespect you but,...maybe you are the one putting the tag around your own neck by using the tittle "stepdad" or referring to your SS as my "stepson". After dealing with the BSA for a couple of years( maybe not that long compared to others here) and with kids in general as I am a teacher, that self tittle puts a lot of people on their toes and make it difficult to other adults to approach you because the word step creates a barrier. I have an older son and he hated when people or my husband put the "step" before the name of th
  10. Since you are talking about recruiting, you may want to also plan for a Youth protection refreshing course for the kids and parents at the beginning of the fall, that way it's discussed in front of everyone, explained and included in the Code of conduct and of course stick to the consecuences to any violation of the Code. That will keep the kids from doing it and parents informed of what can happened if their child choose to violate the Code.
  11. then if someone can answer please, who in the Unit is or should be authorized to keep or look at the forms, I'm asking because I'm secretary in a Pack and a troop and will like to know as this issue have never come up and I will like to know for future references...
  12. I'm the Pack's webmaster and found this site where I set up a site for our Pack. It's free, no ad banners or anything inappropiate and easy to build, maintain and pass to the next webmaster when times come, also it has a public and private(password protected)side, check it out... is at http://www.pack500.scoutlander.com
  13. Same here... Weekly meetings and the extra activities are an add-on to the schedule. This allow us to work on achievements, beltloops and do some wacky scout fun stuff too without rushing the kids on advancements only or leaving the fun out.
  14. They already have the approval as this is a monthly fundraiser and the online sales were tried before but the webmaster moved away and noone had the knowledge to keep it going and was allowed to expired, noone at the Unit can provide me with any references as to how he did it so I am here at point zero trying to set it up again in an easy way so anyone with the time can take care of it. Thanks in advance...
  15. I have being asked to set up a web site for one of our fundraising activities and will like to not only set up a troop website but one with fundraising capabilities. Is this possible? what webhosting site will be preferred for this kind of activity? We sell a food product at a very popular street festival monthly hosted by the city and the product is very popular so the Committee wants to take it online. Any suggestions will be appreciated it.
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