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    New Insignia Guide

    I love to hear that sewing is a lost art. Something that existed for eons is now too difficult. Like Dutch oven cooking starting a fire without matches finding north without a compass But Sewing that just is too darn hard.
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    I have heard and read much talk about this course. on the way back to the car yesterday right after his final closing my son remarked, "They taught us that the Patrol is way more important than the Troop and everything in based on the Patrol working together". He has not stopped talking about the week. Thank you Staff of Twin Rivers Council NYLT. You did a great job.
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    No power to right things

    Steve you have received some very good advice by all here. Just remember if you give up then chaos wins. Look at some edmund burke quotes No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little. Edmund Burke All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke Good luck Steve, nobody said it was easy.
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    What if we just completely did away with uniforms?

    I hear so much bad press about the old Scout pants. My son loves them! Had a pair of switchbacks---DID NOT LIKE THEM Grew out of his old pants and begged us to find him another pair. He just came back from NYLT and went with three styles of pants:old school, switchbacks and the new canvas switchbacks. I think he must like the new switchback best, then the old style. He wants the very light weight switchbacks to go to some other Scout. I feel that poor uniforming is indicative of our greater society today. Like people telling the Pope which rules they will obey and which ones they won't. People love to do stuff half baked and obey which rules they want. They don't allow a baseball player to wear whatever pants he wants to. When all the kids on the soccer team dye their hair Bozo the clown red for the championship game I don't see too many of the kids opt out. The movement has always had uniforms. It's about time we got back with the program. Save the basketball shorts and wind pants for the court. It is about time we taught kids that you just don't do whatever you please all the time. My wife is a teacher and she says you should see the way teachers dress lately. Want respect? Earn it. And looking the part is the first step in acting the part and gaining respect. And yes blue jeans are horrible for camping in the Northeast. Unless you miss that old soggy feeling from toddlerhood, you know that blue jeans don't dry out very quickly. I can see why they worked in the west. They could dry out.
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    Dutch Oven Cobbler Recipies

    A camping recipe from Hague Freezeout who adapted this from a recipe on www.inquiry.net. This tastes great. After 25 minutes check on it. Be sure somebody is there watching because you will be weak in the knees from the great smell. Prep Time: 40 minutes Ingredients: 5 Granny Smith apples 20 canned biscuits 2 cups water 2 sticks butter 1 cup sugar cinnamon maple syrup Preparation: Cut, peel, core and slice apples into 1/8th wedges. Line Dutch oven with foil. Melt butter and mix sugar and water all together. Cut each buscuit in half and form around each individual apple wedge. Pour half of water mixture into lined Dutch oven. Put in biscuit/apples. Pour rest of water mixture over top of buscuit/apples. Drip about a quarter cup of maple syrup on top. Sprinkle with some cinnamon. Cook in Dutch oven for about 40 minutes. For 10" Dutch oven use 10 coals on bottom and 16 on top. For 12" Dutch oven use 12 coals on bottom and 18 on top. Be sure to spin the lid and rotate the oven about every 10 minutes to prevent hot spots. Servings: 6 Preparation time: 40 minutes
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    BSA Rules for Adults

    Um, Why are you asking this? Is there a problem?
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    Bad Shooting camp experience with NRA instructors

    Yes John I agree, The last time we had a fun shoot I wanted to segregate the boys into two groups, who has the Rifle MB and who doesn't? I had the less experienced boys watch the RSO run the range. The "virgins" watched while the more experienced boys shot. The only other thing I might add: Both Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts are really good at correcting each other. I always ask the boys, "Who is allowed to call for a cease fire on the range when they see something unsafe?" They know that range safety is everyone's job. After getting the offender to stop offending and getting all the boys back to the line I might say,"Why did I just correct Toby for stepping up to the line?" Letting the boys say it reinforces it. I'm still convinced Charles Schulz had it right when the teacher's voice sounded like a badly played trumpet. Another thought which makes it 2 things to add not 1. The boys want to do a good job, they know what lead can do at high velocities, they know they will get booted from the range if they mess up. They are at a heighted stress level already. I am sure they breathe a sigh of relief when the range is secure and everybody leaves focusing on the fun and not the risk. Let's remember a round would not be discharged simply because the offender crossed the line to pick something up. It does not mention that this was a repeat violation or the boy was being difficult, a bullet rolled off the table and the boy thought more about it being on the deck than he thought about stepping over the line. This does not absolve him of the safety violation. Nobody cares if the RSO has been shot before. Did a rifle get pointed his way? Did a shooter load when he was not supposed to? Sounds way over the top. It's not always the volume, it is what's said. Heck, tell the boys why you are speaking loudly."Boys I'm not yelling I am insuring that everyone can hear me because we use earplugs." Threatening to kick kids off the range is BS also. State,"If you cannot obey the rules I cannot have you risking the safety of the range." Say it ONCE get nods all around from every shooter, then deliver if somebody puts safety in question. We can all learn how to better get the point across each time we run the range. Over reacting and jumping a kids tail and then the other instructor piling on is a rookie move or a sign that somebody wanted to be a Drill Instructor but never even had the courage to stand on the yellow footprints.
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    Bad Shooting camp experience with NRA instructors

    I hate to hear crap like this. We are here to teach boys lifelong skills and hobbies. The proper mix of firmness, fairness and tact must be observed at all times. Do I raise my voice at times , yes. 100 lbs ago I was an infantry platoon sergeant. I'm not anymore and these kids aren't Marines. Simply saying to the offending Scout, "Shooter step back from the line!" would have sufficed. When all the people came back to the line prior to "making ready" you could re school the Scouts and say, "No one is to go near the benched rifles while shooters are down range!". And then state, "If something falls off the table leave it there until I tell you to come back to the line" You could even add, "Lad we don't go near benched rifles when some shooters are forward of the line. Imagine how you would feel down by the targets while some one was close to handling a rifle". Simply don't ask these people back. When I took the NRA Rifle cert I must have missed the part that taught you to embarass the students. And yes Ive seen crazy stuff on a range: a WM that threw a grenade about 5 yards(the ECR is 15 meters). Ive seen a Parris Island recruit hold a loaded, hammer back, 1911 .45 in his left hand and rotate it towards a DI's chest to look at where the safety was. THAT'S WHY WE NEVER PUT OUR FINGER ON THE TRIGGER until we are ready to shoot the firearm. I happened so fast it was sureal not even time for a holy s__T These two pikers seem too forceful. If you can't run a safe range without being a jerk you won't get many 45 year old men to shoot at the range they normally run. I can be safe and follow range commands without somebody treating me like a fool.
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    Didnt take him long...

    Sure Baden can you tell us when the term "assault weapon" was made up by the gun grabbers.
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    Didnt take him long...

    Hal, The M1 does not have a detachable magazine. The M1 has an 8 round clip. A clip is not a magazine, a magazine is not a clip. To all, Why is it when somebody robs a bank or the trash in gangs does some killing for self worth do the anti gun, anti rights people want to infringe upon the gun owning rights of the 70 million people that did not commit the crime? Hilter took the firearms owning rights away from Jews. Imagine if every Jew in prewar Germany owned a gun, would Hilter have been able to do what he did? If you don't want to own a gun, don't. Don't even try to mess with my rights to own one. Every law they make infringes only upon the law abiding. Criminals don't care. How hard is that to comprehend? When will anti gunners get a clue that GOVERNMENTS kill more people than individuals could ever comprehend? Mao. Stalin. Hitler. They were all gov't guys. Upwards of 50 MILLION people dead there. I love my country, I don't trust my GOVERNMENT. The media I trust even less.
  11. As a boy I was only a Boy Scout for a year. The Troop dissolved. I did not want to go to a neighboring Troop. I guarantee I read my Boy Scout book one heck of a lot more than my soon to be Life Scout son. As the SM, I would say I read that book more than most of "my" Scouts. $10 to put a book in the hands of a young man is not alot to do. They may come back. I would not have the Cub walk the bridge and be received on the other side. My question is why do the parents want it? AsK them, I think you have a "right" to know.
  12. Can somebody please post a sample DAM reccomendation here so I can look at the format? Thank you in advance
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    District Award of Merit Write up

    Thank you all.
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    Dutch Oven Cooking

    Kudu, Bake a 9" full blown apple pie in a D.O. Show them how easy it is. I had the same response you did, one of them said, "We gotta do this from now on!!" Google --------Hague freezeout See the maple apple dumpling recipe let me know how much you like it.
  15. We've whipped this dead horse so much it's now a rusty can of Alpo. Until we change National we aren't going to get anywhere Only in a country where the sitting President needs a definition of the word "is" could we possibly need to define the word active. Anybody want to come to an Eage ceremony in January for a boy that doesn't deserve it? I'll be there.
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    A few years ago we took the cubs on a Pack overnight to Sayre and we were treated very well by those folks. The pool was under construction at that time, schedule time for that. We then drove to the "T" station and rode into the city. We saw the Aquarium, which was great. There is a water taxi for a couple of bucks that runs fron near the aquarium to Ironsides, however it may close for winter. A trip to the Constitution is well worth the trip. I think it is closed in Monday and Tuesday. And be ready for "the search" prior to boarding her. The Museum is very good with some "tryits" for kids; sleep in a hammock and walk ropes. The Uss Cassin Young is next door. the National Park service guides were not real jazzed up. Do some research on Cassin Young first. Maybe you have a Navy or Marine vet that can explain what going to sea is like. The tour of Fenway park is great. The 2009 WS Champion Red Sox play there. The tour was $12 when last I took it. Learn all you can about the "T" and charlie passes. The "T" is your friend in Boston. Plymouth, Salem, Battleship Cove and Boston are not co located. Plan,Plan,Plan Ask the boys what they wish to see and build around that.
  17. Marbles. Silly? Not when I had one of my parents come up to me and say, Who would have thought that he could play mables with his brother for over an hour. There is a reason why they have been around since the Egyptians...they work.
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    America wins...

    Scout Mom SD "fears for the children of people that would boo a new president" Did you fear for the children of people who threw garbage at the Pres. Bush limo in Jan 2001? Or was that OK "cause he really didn't win" ???? The nation and the left did a lot more than just boo. I don't recall anybody but Al Gore saying we should support Mr. Bush Chas Schumer (a load from NY) equated conservative talk radio with pornography. That's tolerance for you. Look for the "Fairness DOCTRINE" soon. Reminds me of the German "Democratic" Republic. Two legs bad 4 legs good except for birds. HISTORIC??? why ???? because he is black. Why doesn't anybody think that is a racist thing to say? "not the color of their skin but the content of their character" MLK was killed because he uttered those words. What experience does this man have? Let's hope Biden was wrong about being tested. Both because I don't want anybody hurt and because I don't what to watch Mr. Obama do "On the job training" This guy is all hat and no cows. Look for the Dems to go hard to the left while they can. They have two years to "reconstruct" America. I will admit to being intolerant to having my 2nd ammend. rights infringed, my tax dollars paying for unborn babies to be thrown in a landfill and more of my money being taken by the gov't to be given to people who continue to make bad decisions even after having 4 kids by 3 diferent studs. I don't like that my tax dollars go to buying addicts clean needles yet I have to show ID to buy them for my diabetic dog. Simply stated Mr. Obama was elected because folks blame everything on Bush. Simply not being George Bush does not bestow the man with enough talent, gravitas(remember that word???????????) and experience to run the country.
  19. theysawyoucomin'

    America wins...

    Scouter Terry you are an idiot. If that is offensive I find your "America has not forgotten 9/11" very offensive. If I drive my jet into Hamas HQ, killing innocent people and children visiting Grandma sitting in my plane, does that mean Hamas will stop burning our flag? Will Hamas "change"? Winston Churchill did not bend to Hitler. FDR did not think the rape of Nanking was OK after Pearl Harbor. Let's see if the "I'm not George Bush " line works on the rest of the world the way it did on 50 million Americans. I'm all in favor of giving him as much of a chance as the "people" who threw food at the limo on 1/20/01. Actually I don't think I can be that stupid. "Too much time wasted on the things that divide us" I think that THEY thought that time was well spent, heck you got the ball now let's see what you do with it. If the rule of law prevails I'll be waiting for his illegal aunt to be sent to Kenya. Let's see how we like the tax on imputed income 'cause it's a comin'.
  20. theysawyoucomin'

    One more lie

    On this date in 1983 two guys I was in the same platoon with were killed. I lived in the same building the winter before. The guy that killed him didn't wear a uniform The people in Iraq don't wear uniforms. According to every land warfare class I ever attended they aren't playing according to "Hoyle". Therefore they don't get afforded the same rights. I am for civilian control of the military, it has worked for 200 years. I am against the armchair generals who never even had the stones to serve as a Private that watch the news and comment. Jack Nicholson played a crazy ficticious Colonel but he did have a point about the critiquing of the job they do. Some Alaskan Island was invaded by the US Army in WW2, 26 American Soldiers were hit before they realized there were no Japanese on the island. If Mr. Bush did that today he would be burnt in effigy(and as "Coach" said, "Effigy? Why don't we burn 'em in Boston?") Semper FI Cooper and Barrett our first duty is to remember
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    What happened to all the "normal" people

    Rythos, Did you just start to wonder where the normal people where? How about when the food was thrown at the Presidential limo in George Bush's inaugural? I the town of Clifton Park NY someone painted F----Bush on a very large American flag mounted on a wall. When Palin's daughter really had the infant with Downs Syndrome(and it was fathered by Palin's husband). Or so they said. As somebody here said the election is close. The nation really is divided about 50/50 with 80% of the people really angry. If Obama doesn't win people will be really angry. The polls have had him ahead for so long. If McCain wins the cartoonist will parody(sp?) the "Dewey defeats Truman" picture. No matter who wins we are in for a bumpy ride. Let us be happy that we have a right to argue and scrap over who will run the country because in many places there really is no choice and if you step out of line with your mouth you are in for a long train ride or worse. People are free to say they hate politics but the alternative isn't real great. If you hate politics that you must be voting for John "I can please all the people all the time" McCain. He has made a career trying to stay out of the fray. The right really can't stand the guy and I'm sure they wonder how we got here. The guy in the movie was a big WUSS. If I am going to bring something to a political rally, I'm not going to hide once the camera is on me, let alone give the thing to a kid.I think there are big whimps on both sides. The Normal people are out there they just aren't on camera on CBS news. They were at work that day.
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    What merit badges do you counsel?

    Fishing Fly fishing Rifle Salesmanship I am thinking about getting a dedicated cell phone for the last one as the boys are clamoring to take it and there is so much interest.
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    taking a poll-Bugling

    Do you have a Troop Bugler? When does he bugle? Camporees? Camping? I think a soldiers lullaby heard from far off would not be too objectionable to most. 'Course some eco purists want to remove fire towers that used to keep the woods from going up in flames. They might flip at a bugle. I have an old Rexcraft BSA bugle that looks as old as our 84 year old Troop. Does play get effected with dents? The solder joint is broke at the top coil. Can I resolder this without making the whole thing come loose. I would bring it to a music store but I am afraid they would laugh at me and tell me to throw the old thing in the scrap brass heap.
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    Interesting trip to the hardware store last week. They have chunk charcoal there. I know this is how charcoal is supposed to be or was before Henry Ford had to dispose of all those wood boxes that did not become floorboards so he put his relative Kingsford in charge of making pulverized remoulded stuff. (run on sentence) Interesting thing is you can put it out with water and reuse what's left. You cannot do that with briquettes we have all seen them fall apart. Do any of you D.O. maestros use this? A Scout is thrifty. I am a cheap old buzzard. You could put the stuff out right after The bag braggs about more heat too. What say you?
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    Troop-owned kayak/canoe fleets

    We have 5 aluminum Grummans and one Michicraft. The boys claim the Michicraft is cursed as they have rolled her before. My son and I took her for the last two days of a Long Lk.-Raquette-Tupper trip. Once I got some rocks under my son's seat(i'm fat)to trim us a bit the Michicraft was fine. We got our trailer from Navy morale welfare and recreation(they were about to scrap it) On buying: We had the 2 Grummans bfore we went on a 4 boat buying spree. We paid from $250 to $400 for used canoes. The Michicraft was $250 she's dented but still running. The Three Grummans were more expensive but all in great shape. We had success with Ebay and Craigslist. You don't say where you are from. Is water close? Good Luck and go for it.