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    Forest Witcraft

    thank you
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    One last puff?

    Perhaps Love????????? C'mon!!!!!!! No actually I really like that song. I heard in an interview they were both worried that folks would get the wrong idea about the song. I secretly have a double CD with Denver and the song is on there. It is a beautiful song. The mix of folk and opera is something. Leaving on a jet plane is better with Denver than PPM.
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    W2 age boys in Scouts

    Provide them the correct program until they are 11 years old or get the AOL. IF a DE "ordered" me to do that I would be in his boss' office the next morning.
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    What would you have done...?

    I applaud your actions but I would have made my feelings known among his adults, your adults and the Ranger, maybe the Council and the district too. You had a paper that said he was dead wrong, he should have not been so high and mightly adding 30 more people to the wrong site it doesn't make him right. If I was him the first activity the next morning would have been to move to my correct site with an explanation that MR uz2bnowl got it wrong and exihibut the proper action by moving. Both Troops of boys would have learned the proper thing to do....isn't that what we are here for?????
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    Wood Badge Youngsters?

    I get a little sick of hearing the "well... you carry a rifle" argument. Less than 1% are ever going to carry a rifle. The argument doesn't hold water and I resent the fact that the other 99% are making an argument off the service of others. Having carried a rifle at 18 and 2 months I don't want my son to do it and he can darn sure wait until he is 21 for a lot of things. What billet do these people fill in a pack or Troop? I would think the person would have to be exceptional to do this at less than 25. Are they leading a den of boys, directing a part of a camp. They may have been an ASM for less than a year. I don't think there is a hard and fast number rule but I think a Wood Badger should have SOME time under his/ her belt. AT 18 they graduated from school and in October they took training the next June(or so) prior to WB they would turn 19. The years don't seem to add up. I like what wingnut said.
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    One last puff?

    Fair winds and following seas Mary. She was one in a million. My favorite was the Greenland Whale Fisheries song "then the boat capsized and I lost my darling man, No more no more Greenland For you Brave Boys" Also very partial to "take me for a ride in a Car , Car"
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    One last puff?

    Fair winds and following seas Mary. She was one in a million. My favorite was the Greenland Whale Fisheries song "then the boat capsized and I lost my darling man, No more no more Greenland For you Brave Boys" Also very partial to "take me for a ride in a Car , Car"
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    Recipe Swap

    Nick, Have you had a chance to eat more than hot dogs and Ramen? We made 6 apple pies this weekend for 47 people(joint Webelos and Troop camping trip) and had enough left over for some for breakfast.
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    Recipe Swap

    Nick, Have you had a chance to eat more than hot dogs and Ramen? We made 6 apple pies this weekend for 47 people(joint Webelos and Troop camping trip) and had enough left over for some for breakfast.
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    Recipe Swap

    Nick, Have you had a chance to eat more than hot dogs and Ramen? We made 6 apple pies this weekend for 47 people(joint Webelos and Troop camping trip) and had enough left over for some for breakfast.
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    Does the uniform drive kids away?

    This question came from Eammon's great post about uniforms that became about 11 pages long. I don't agree with some things on that post, but that's ok if Eammon was in my District I would probably seek him out at a Camporee to get his opinion over a cup of coffee or piece of pie. This question or statement centers on the discussion on pages 7-9 about uniforms. I stated that we can't just let kid's do what they want whenever they want. I guess that needs to be clarified. We are supposed to teach them to make sound and ethical choices at certain times. One thing that bothered me once was a scout wore flip flops with his uniform to another Scout's Eagle COH. I thought that was bad form. I did not say anything. But still thought it was bad form. I live near Albany N.Y. Not Honolulu(sp?) At a semi formal dance for the 8th graders we had a boy do the same thing, flip flops and tee shirt with shorts. Girls purchased new dresses, boys in ties. Now this kid must wear a tie as part of the Basketball team and as part of the band, so let us not even go down the affordability road. I saw kids I know are "poor" who looked great. A lot of the uniform argument centers on conforming to a standard. National helps us by saying that a uniform is not required(gotta love it) and then putting out a magazine where kids wear uniforms. I would be the first to agree you can have a very good kid who owns only a Troop tshirt and nothing else. I think is incumbent upon the adults to set up uniform banks. In time that very zealous Scout would love a hand me down uniform. There was even a story about "inside the Neverland Ranch". There was a picture of a manequin (sp?) with a Boy Scout uniform, shirt pants socks and hat. Was this the king of Pop wishing to turn back time to his youth that he missed? Slumber parties with little boys are OK as long as your birth certificate says you are a little boy too. We call them camporees. The best times in life are giggling and laughing in tents just before you fall asleep and taliking about the day or whatever your Scoutmaster did to make his canoe overturn. Every kid I see wears his ball cap on backwards. Some suffer painful mutilation (sp?) to get ears pierced just to fit in. What standard are they conforming to? Kids wear tee shirts from aeropostale and other brand names and pay $35 for a tee shirt that's hip just to "conform". The folks in the boardroom must love the idiocy of conforming because it is making them filthy rich. The beltless style of wearing your pants half off your backside comes from having you belt taken away while behind bars. Again we see conformance by those who want to fit in. I see adults getting tattoos of Asian symbols that they haven't a clue what they mean. Or tribal tattoos, what tribe does some white guy from Chicago(or Peroria) want to be in? I think Eammon (it matters not who said it) also stated that a Scout quickly takes off his uniform when he is around his girlfriend. Well heck, if she likes the lad isn't she supposed to like him warts and all for who he is? Are we really talking about hiding that the boy is a Scout? Does that mean she would not want to attend his Eagle ceremony, he might wear his uniform there? I think I would like the boys in the Troop to be proud enough to say (and express through uniforming and other methods) "Yes, I'm a Boy Scout. I like it. And we got room for you too if you want to join" If we don't have that- then yes I would agree we will not survive as a movement. While the ACLU fights for acceptance for everyone's individual expressions, why are those of the BSA; uniforms , standards, and customs being critized by a vocal group both in and out of Scouting?
  12. We read a lot of posts here about WB and being ready for the course. I understand about being ready, heck WB courses are filled with people who have got their stuff together and want to do great things. I had the 20 questions filled out. I knew that it was the "mountain top" of training for adults. But I did not know anything else. I was clueless to the requirement of the ticket and that there was a practical phase. I did not know about the ticket until the middle of the first week end. I knew little about the course and came away with much. How much did you know before you went? Do you think it takes away from the course to know everything that will happen before it does?
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    Electronics, what do you think?

    If a Scout cannot part with his cell phone for one hour a week and other activities then he needs help. Exceptions like: my grammie is in the hospital etc. are of course allowed. Most of that stuff is, "Did you hear what chuckie said to brittany in school today.
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    Scouts who leave outing early.

    Gutter, Best of luck with this, I don't envy you. The boy would have a very hard time advancing at all in our Troop. We are also rude enough to tell each other when crap like this goes on that it is unacceptable. Sounds like a topic for committee discussion. When his birthday comes does he just eat the frosting or the whole cake. I abhor selfishness!!!!!!!!
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    will the "old" uniform be "allowed" at the Jambo

    Wow thanks Beav!!!!!
  16. Never went, never thought about going. I would like my son to go. What uniform parts will be allowed for the Jamboree? How does this work
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    Are You Smarter Than a Boy Scout?

    I'll have to look up the article but I wonder if it is written by the hateful little wench who spoke about her 3 yr old humping over glaciers in Alaska. Backpacker magazine has a book that talks about ditching around your tent in the 1960 version of the Scout Handbook. Backpacker does not say what the publishers of the same book were discharging into rivers in the 1960's. Must have been some other society that allowed the Cayahoga River to be polluted and catch fire. The Hudson was to be a condemned open sewer in those days. The authors diaper may have been emptied into a river but now they are so much holier than thou. The magazine is nice but they always put down the Scouts. I'm a little sick of the eco snobs that buy a bumper sticker for two bucks while I spend hundreds on licence fees and thousands on wetlands thru Ducks Unlimited. Look in the 1948 edition of the Scout handbook it has a back pack made from an old pair of pants. About the cost of camping gear, I am tired of being made to feel guilty because I can afford something and others can't. I can afford a backback. My kid has the $90 Kelty (Tioga?) that grows. He earned $60 thru the cub pack sorting thousands and thousands of returnable bottles earning $10 a whack. I supplied the other $30. Teach kids to get off their tails and find an honest way to earn a few bucks. Lots of lawns to mow in the NE with rain we have been getting. that same issue of the handbook has plans for a pack frame. The internet has plans for a packbasket using two five gallon pails. Comparing to sports have you priced a baseball glove or an aluminum bat lately? Well I guess the bat could be used to defend your home now that owning a gun carries more social stigma than most social diseases. I've said it before nothing can teach you preparedness and planning like backpacking---especially winter backpacking. Nature is a teacher that does not lower her standards on the lessons she teaches. I would be in favor of the BP merit badge. The 20 nights of car camping is good for year one and two even three but after that let's reqire a bp trip or 5 day canoe paddle.
  18. I would agree this is allowable policy Eagle 1987 --are you in the right thread? Nobody here is endorsing a YP voilation. Please re-read the original comment. YP has nothing to do with this.
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    "Made in China"

    The sticker, which is also made in Communist China, cost about 1 cent the Merit badge probably costs 20 cents. Both are made by people making $2.50 each week and they live good; In a barracks style dorm and they send money home. A company I know sub-contracts with a cast iron foundry there. The workers pour molten cast iron while wearing sandals and a regular holey shirt. The roof has a huge hole in it. No safety gear at all. I think the country of origin law has been around since the 1920's.
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    returning for eagle

    Until National comes out with more specific guidance we are all just left to arguing this situation. I have the same deal with a kid that did his Firefighter 1 certification. Would he have been a firefighter is he missed 4 months of classes? Why do we allow him to earn Eagle when his participation is bad. He earned it but only because there is no better National standard. I sat on the BOR and felt that I saved a lot of time with appeals. The kid's mother was so self righteous she would not have quit. HEY NATIONAL UP THE STANDARD AND THE BOYS WILL ADHERE TO IT!!!!!! back to the original: 25% one meeting a month. I would be happy with that.
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    Recipe Swap

    Please let us know which ones you try and how they are and what you learned. There are a million recipes in the world but very few with "camping style" feedback.
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    Does the uniform drive kids away?

    So Gern if you were the "boss" what would the uniform look like?
  23. theysawyoucomin'

    Recipe Swap

    "Trainwreck" Jumbled mass of tangled up stuff Polish Trainwreck In a Dutch oven place layers like so Top Kielbasa Cabbage(quartered) Onions Potatoes Bottom Add two cups of water and cook for 40-50 minutes. The Kielbasa drips down into the other stuff and yummm!!! We took this from a Forest Service book and renamed it. The Book was "Camp Cooking 100 years Gibbs Smith Publisher---worth every penny. It calls for Corn on the Cob but we don't have a really deep oven. they claim they got the method from seashore cookouts. I have had potatoes, lobster, shrimp and clams all from the same pot. Dutch Oven Apple pie Take yer Mama's 9" Apple Pie Recipe and put three stones in the bottom of a 12" DO. Object: get the pie off the bottom of the oven. 10 coals on bottom and 14 on top. In 45 minutes you got good eats. Longer if it is windy. We now make apple pie on every middle and heavy weight camping trip. No more dump cake!!!!! Maple Apple Dumplings--We first made this at +3 degress F A camping recipe from Hague Freezeout who adapted this from a recipe on www.inquiry.net. This tastes great. After 25 minutes check on it. Be sure somebody is there watching because you will be weak in the knees from the great smell. Prep Time: 40 minutes Ingredients: 5 Granny Smith apples 20 canned biscuits (you know the rolled up paper tube kind) 2 cups water 2 sticks butter 1 cup sugar cinnamon one quarter cup real maple syrup Preparation: Cut, peel, core and slice apples into 1/8th wedges. Line Dutch oven with foil. Melt butter and mix sugar and water all together. Cut each buscuit in half and form around each individual apple wedge. Pour half of water mixture into lined Dutch oven. Put in biscuit/apples. Pour rest of water mixture over top of buscuit/apples. Drip about a quarter cup of maple syrup on top. Sprinkle with some cinnamon. Cook in Dutch oven for about 40 minutes. For 10" Dutch oven use 10 coals on bottom and 16 on top. For 12" Dutch oven use 12 coals on bottom and 18 on top. Be sure to spin the lid and rotate the oven about every 10 minutes to prevent hot spots. Servings: 6-10 Preparation time: 40 minutes or until top is golden brown. But dont' keep peeking because you lose heat. Simple Popcorn Put oil in DO one kernel deep. put two or three kernels in and set lid ajar. When they pop yer oil is hot enough. add one heaping handfull of corn. Pop the corn with lid in place. Listen for popping to stop.Add salt and melted real butter to taste. Kids raised on Microwave popcorn think this is the greatest popcorn ever, and if you never had oil popped corn it is the best you've ever had. You can't go wrong with those four, that will get you started. When the end of the world comes I'm going to have a dutch oven in each hand. Good luck and remember to wear your gloves when you tend the coals
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    Combining a trip to DC with a Pack/Troop camp?

    Campground A Loop is a Scout Loop. All Scout Troops are required to call 301-344-3948 and reserve space in the Scout Loop portion of the campground throughout the year. The Scout rate is $ 16.00 per site. Scouts must have a tour permit and proof of insurance. Please have the United States of America listed as the co-insurer of the time they are here at the campground. Reservations are taken over the phone by calling 301-344-3948. Reservations cannot be made by email or the website. All campground rules are in effect for the A Loop as well. Please pick up a copy of the campground rules and regulations and share them with your troop. Here are some of the guidelines for the campground: 3 tents, 6 people and 2 vehiclesare the maximum for each site. No attachments to the trees including clotheslines. Please contain all fires in the grills and completely put them out before leaving the site. Keep the bathroom clean and report any damage to the ranger or host. Apply the Leave No Trace principles to the campground. Please help us preserve the campground for future generations. The park also has service projects if your troop wants to contribute to the park. An hour or two can help preserve this park for this and future generations. Here is the Scout Loop Bathroom that includes showers Schedule of Events at Greenbelt Park Park programs more... NOAA Weather Check the latest weather forecast for Greenbelt more... Tick Alert The park is dealing with a serious tick issue. Please use precautions such as repellant and check yourself. Discover the Urban Oasis in suburban Maryland just twelve miles from Washington, D.C. Camp or hike and discover the solitude and tranquility of Greenbelt Park within twelve miles of Washington, D.C. Visit Washington D.C. and camp nearby for only $16 per campsite. The Greenbelt campground is known for its safety, affordability, peaceful surroundings, National Park Service hospitality and is open all year round. Camping Camp in an urban oasis for just $16 per night. The park accepts only cash or checks. We do not accept credit cards. The Greenbelt Park campground offers 174 campground sites with hot showers and bathroom facilities. Park rangers and campground hosts are available to maximize your camping experience. Check out time is 12 Noon. The campground is open all year round. Click here to see pictures of the campground. Before the Memorial Day weekend and after the Labor Day weekend, the campground is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please call us at the Ranger Station at 301-344-3944 or Greenbelt Park headquarters at 301-344-3948 with any questions. Click here for Summer campground reservations We ask for your cooperation in not bringing firewood into the park so that we can reduce the risk of Emerald Ash Borer infestation. We are trying to keep any Emerald Ash borer out of Greenbelt Park. Thank you for your help in preserving Greenbelt Park for this and future generations. Click this for more information on Emerald Ash borer. (This is a pdf file) We look forward to helping you enjoy your camping experience in the urban oasis of Greenbelt Park. Hiking There are four trails in the park. -The Azalea Trail is 1.1 miles and is marked by white blazes. It begins and ends at the Sweetgum Picnic area located near the entrance of the park. -The Perimeter Trail is 5.3 miles and is marked by yellow blazes. -The Dogwood Trail is 1.4 miles and is marked by red blazes. -The Blueberry Trail is 1 mile and is located near the campground area and is marked by blue blazes. Picnicing There are three picnic areas in Greenbelt Park. Sweetgum Picnic Area is a unreserved area on a first- come first serve basis. This area is for groups of 25 people or less. Click on this link for more information on Sweetgum Picnic Area. Holly and Laurel Picnic Areas are for large groups. Advance reservations are required and a fee is charged depending on the size of the group. Click on this link for more information on Holly and Laurel Picnic areas. Centennial Intiative 2016 Your National Parks are living examples of the best this Nation has to offer - our magnificent natural landscapes and our varied yet interrelated heritage. Parks can provide recreational experiences, opportunities to learn and grow, and places of quiet refuge. Click here to learn about the 2009 Centennial Challenge and the Centennial intiative 2016 for the National Park Service. Learn More About National Parks! There are over 398 parks in the National Park System. The National Park Service cares for these special places saved by the American people so that all may experience our heritage. Click here to learn more . . . . Write to 6565 Greenbelt Road Greenbelt, Maryland 20770 E-mail Us Phone Park Headquarters (301) 344-3948 Ranger Station (301) 344-3944 Fax (301) 344-3736 Climate Spring and fall are generally comfortable with precipitation possible. Summers can be hot and humid (Average temperature in the summer is 86 degrees Fahrenheit) with sudden thunderstorms possible; July and August are the hottest months. Winters can be cold (Average temperature in the winter is 41 degrees Fahrenheit) with variable precipitation, with snow possible. Winter visitors must prepare for a variety of conditions. For current Greenbelt weather, please use the Plan Your Visit link on the left hand side
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    Do you wear Class A when traveling to and from campouts?

    To Summer camp, and camporees. Full uniform. To Merit Badge events full uniform. To camping trips no. Class B or whatever for that.