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  1. Update....We finally received our medals & patches. It took almost 6 months. We never received a single reply from this company after numerous attempts on our part. Absolutely horrible customer service. I would strong recommend that yo avoid using them.
  2. Even though it is not an official BSA award, it is geared strongly towards scouts. Also, their website links back to several official scout sites AND this scouter forum site. They make their money off of scouts. Because they are sketchy and have stolen our $ and did not send what our boys worked hard for, I wanted to caution everyone from using them. I will have to find some other type of patch to give the boys to replace these, but now we still out money that Nations Trails took from us. Thanks for the good advise.
  3. I just wanted to give a friendly warning to all scout leaders to avoid having your scouts work on the Nations Trails Heritage Awards. Our boys worked hard to earn their award & we sent in the $ for everyone back in May. As of now, 9/10 we have never received the awards, never received a reply to our numerous e-mails, nor been able to reach them by phone (they have it set to outgoing message only.) They cashed our check and simply ripped us off. Now, they note that they are busy during July & August, bu their turn around time is still within a few weeks. It has been almost 4 months. Also during this time, their website went down due to non-payment. Shortly thereafter is when they cashed our check & their website went back up. I now have to tell our parents that we have all been ripped off and that the boys will not get their awards that they worked so hard to earn. Please do not go through the same ordeal!
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