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  1. (I am not sure where to post this) Not wishing to get political here or to critique modern day Eagle Scout coronations. My son#2 did his solicitation for congratulation letters for getting his Eagle (as that is what the practice has really evolved to) and, as many do, wrote the current President as well as all the living ex-Presidents, etc. It has been 4 months from when he sent in his for President Trump and never got anything. I checked around with the folks and scouts of other Eagle families and they all had the same experience. I was wondering if any one else on the forum knew of someone who got one? I will say that the Bushes were the most prompt and 41 was the most polite.Sessions and Perry were quick too. LOL my son gave up on some of the other cabinet members because the deck keeps getting re-shuffled.
  2. If you have enough folks then just ask the other adult to give you a hand when you need to do something. Or be visible (unless it will embarrass the child).
  3. I have a hard time giving much weight to folks who are not recent or existing members. There are always someone...from either sides of these debates...who will find enough to be offended by to not join.
  4. Life over Liability. I can live with that. I once was alone with a boy with a bone sticking out of his severed digit while the other adult leaders grabbed supplies and a truck for the hospital run. I was applying pressure and was not concerned with YPT though I did tell others what I did afterward. If I start getting THAT worried then scouts are not for me. YMMV.
  5. Once it is there it is a part of a "real" scout uniform. My boys wore there well worn uniforms with pride.
  6. I think GSUSA does a much better job on advertising, especially on the internet then BSA. Agree or disagree with their program they seem to have a much clearer picture conceptually of the direction of the program. Their problem is that it is hard to hear over the roar of "cookies".
  7. Welcome. Sigh....many of us have been there. You can not be responsible for the whole world if other children's parents not step up. If you stay or go it should be based on what will be the best experience for your child, first IMHO. A few of us have produced Scout Widows do not produce Scout Orphans. It is tough because you care for the other little ones BUT the time you have at this stage with your kids is SO short. Mine did the full ride from Tiger to Eagle. A good unit makes a big difference.
  8. From over here...I like it...better than the old one. Simple but shows the Fleur-de-Lis. Font is a good choice for multiple uses (I am no expert but I did take 3 classes in Fonts-ugg) The purple matches World Scouting, so OK. Is it a brilliant marketing move, no. Agree with Cambridge...Scouting should be the un-school way to learn.
  9. This seems too logical to happen. Yes this would be good. A reluctant unit might send away an occasional girl with a helpful suggestion. Another unit might change their mind when they start seeing more and they need the bodies.
  10. My quick calc said $5 minimum in Membership fees. If they REALLY think that they are getting a lot of new families than this would be the time to make an additional price hike. IMHO Would there not be some rational to hike some user fees at camps to pay for additional female facilities? If the Mormons are leaving can we hike up the scout shorts a little bit?
  11. I was once in a Troop 4, man they were proud of low number.
  12. Salt Lake paper article a couple years back said LDS Scouts in Utah was 95%. The membership map will look like a neutron bomb went off there. In 2015 another article claimed it would be a $10 million annual hit to BSA.
  13. Ya gotta thank Shakespeare and Lincoln for that one.
  14. I am so so sorry I brought this up. I think I threw up in my mouth a little.
  15. I expect the first complaint that makes it to the Tampa Bay Times and all parties will fold and we will go Co-Ed rules be darned. Linked Troops is clearly a short interim strategy--National will change it to a Co-Ed option very, very soon. They just have to figure out how to spin it.
  16. 'A Scout is Reverent' from the BOR (and EBOR) is a pretty low, low hurdle these days. We had an Eagle who marched in and declared that he was an atheist and somehow managed to get signed off (I think his folks came pre-loaded legally). I was not there but I heard it was quite a scene. I think you can be a Druid, Wiccan, or Buddhist and get over the BSA requirement. I do think given National's spine in the face of public opinion the future of that 'G' falling is less on moral courage and more on marketing trends. Another very divisive issue. I did note at a recent High School graduation event a Senior proudly declared herself an atheist and a growing minority at the school and about 20%-25& of the kids raised their hands. So yeah it is out there.
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