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  1. "It is back online." Maybe in your neck of the woods but mine is still unaccessable.(This message has been edited by Pack2)
  2. .....and my Pack's site is still down, just like it has been for the past week. Real nice seeing my Pack's Blue & Gold is this Sunday and I need as much advertising as possible. Thanks Scouter for the free web space over the last couple of years, but I'm getting tired of not being able to upload my files every year in January and February. Add into the equation having the site down for a week (or more) and I'm not a happy camper (Scout or otherwise). I am looking into moving my Pack's website to TAPO - Troops and Packs Online (www.cubpacks.org). I've looked into the hosting sit
  3. I want to make firestarters using sawdust, paraffin, and egg cartons. The last two items I have but getting a sizeable amount of sawdust is proving to be a problem. Okay you Scouters out there, give me some ideas where to get sawdust (about a 1 gallon bag full) or if there are other suggestions / substitutions. THANKS!
  4. I'm looking for some help and/or opinions here. I'm the Den Leader for a den of 2nd Year Webelos. We had our Roundup last night and it looks like we have a new Scout to join us. He is totally new, not a transfer or previously in Scouting. Here's my problem, how do I gracefully inform him and his parents that he is not likely to get his AOL badge and possibly not his Webelos badge. We are well past doing those activities required for the Webelos badge. I suppose he could work with his parents but that's not totally inline with Webelos ideology. I d
  5. Here are the "requirements" that my Packs derby has to fit into. 1) We hold our derby on a Saturday night starting at 7 P.M. Parents "just can't make it during the day or afternoon". If we had Dan's pack, the race would finish at 11 P.M. 2) We have a two lane track and approximately 30 kids running every year. I would love to have it round robin style. However I found a spread sheet that layed out a round robin for 2 lanes and 16 racers. The average race time was 2 hours. I would guess if the number of racers was doubled, the time would be close to doubled also. Again, we would be lo
  6. Please disregard the previous request. I dug it out at several other places. If anybody is interested, they include: http://www.housatonicbsa.org/Cub%20Scouts/Selecting%20A%20Cub%20Scout%20Leader.pdf http://www.nfcbsa.org/pdfs/SelectingCubScoutLeadership.pdf http://www.crossroadsbsa.org/scouting/info/Selecting_Cub_Scout_Leadership.pdf
  7. Hey Eamonn, Can you supply a more direct link to the "Selecting Cub Scout Leadership" worksheet? I checked in the commissioner's section of the BSA site (scouting.org?) but I couldn't find it anywhere. Maybe it has been moved or removed??
  8. Does anybody have any recommendation for Pinewood Derby software that they are using? I'm looking for something to set up and control double elmination brackets. I'm not looking for any lane timer functions. Thanks!
  9. With regards to how many people are actively using the system, I have tried to log in to the web page update when there were only 270 users on the system. If memory serves me, I had the same problems around the same time last year. Unfortunately it occurs at a time when I really need to access my pages, due to Pinewood Derby and Blue & Gold updates. Anybody know of any other freebie web space for Scouting pages??
  10. 1. Has anybody else had difficulty trying to log in and change their web pages recently (today being 1-19-04)? 2. Does anybody remember who to e-mail in case of such difficulties? (webmaster@scouter.com or someplace else)? Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.
  11. We all know that Cub Scouts use the Cub Scout Salute will reciting the Pledge of Alegiance. Here's the question. Do they also use the Cub Scout Salute during the singing of the National Anthem? I can't find any definitive yea or neigh on this one but I would suspect it would be yes since you are showing respect to the flag.
  12. This seems like a simple question yet I couldn't find any information regarding it (or I flew right past it). Should Webelos still be wearing the Wolf/Bear Progress Towards Rank totem? I realize that Webelos do earn the compass point badge but I'm looking at 1st year Webelos just entering the Webelos program. I would tend to think that it is a temporary badge and should be removed seeing the scout earned (or should have already earned)his Wolf and Bear badges. I'd appreciate input on this one especially if you could point to some scout literature where this is referenced.
  13. Pack2

    New books

    Attn:dsteele Slight problem. Webelos is a 1-2/3 year program. My son is going into 1st year Webelos this year. So he is suppose to use the old book for one year and jump into the new book in 2004? Everything is well and good if National provides a transition from the old book to the new book. Should I hold my breath on that one?? Another question, how does one get ahold of this "memo"?? I am a fairly new leader (2 years but feels like 30) and I'm interested where to go to get this info. Thanks for the input.
  14. Has anybody else been having problems with their websites here at Scouter.com? Mine was running fine for a couple of months, now I can't get into from the web. I'm also trying to upload a new index.htm file with mixed results. I can't delete the old one and the new one doesn't show up as being uploaded. Anybody else experiencing the same problems??
  15. Thanks Twocubdad! You found the page I was looking for in the Bear book. I was looking all through the front of the book to no avail. I also noticed that on page 159 it says that no arrow points are to be awarded until the Bear badge is earned. That's news to me. As far as repeating electives more than once, there are about 5 of them in the book that can be repeated, such as Elective 17e dealing with Repairs. Each time a new repair is done it counts as another completed requirement. There are a couple more like this but unfortunately I don't have my list in front of me at the time.
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