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  1. Tonight I attended my scout's regular patrol meeting. I have a couple of issues I would like to discuss. First a little background, my son is one of the younger scouts who just a few months ago bridged into scouting from cub scouts after earning his arrow of light after being in cubs since tigers. Today, one of the adults brought three small toys, nothing of significant value, to be given to the boys best in uniform. Question number 1, is this common? To me initially, I did not think this was a bad idea, as it would serve to encourage the scouts to wear his uniform to regul
  2. SeattlePioneer - This scout is not a "bad kid", he is however different. Until this incident at camp, we never saw him act up or be mean to anyone in the den. All - This is not a kid who is always making trouble, just a kid that never seem to fit in with the others. He has always been polite and attentive during other outings and events. Better behaved than some of the others. One of the adults said, if he doesn't fit in then what is he learning from cub scouting when he is always an outsider. I think this kid is probably an outsider at school and his home life is rough t
  3. As it stands, karate kids parents are the ones making a big deal out of it. So far the committee is only planning to boot the kid that nobody likes. One of the committee's reasoning is "What is he getting from being with boys that don't like him, don't want him there, and now are "afraid" of him."
  4. We have a Webelos II Scout who is ADHD. He is on medication. His home life is rough by any standards. He lives with his mom , his dad is around sometimes when he is not in jail. His mother is unable to control him, he actually behaves better when she isn't around. The other boys in the den never really liked him when he joined. Once, one ever cheered that he was sick and not coming to the den meeting that week, which the den leader prompting informed them that it was not scout like and asked why he didn't like him. He answered he didn't know why. The plot thickens... We a
  5. We have a Webelos II Scout that sounds alot like the scout in the original post. He is ADHD, on meds, and comes from a single mother enviroment. His dad's in and out of thier life and jail. He never fit in with the other scouts in the den. We have 8 scouts in this den. We the adult leaders have heard all the things this scout has done from his mother. But we have never had any behavior problems out of him. Until... We all went to Webelos camp this summer and there was incident. It was hot (real hot) and the boys were playing with the water coolers, boys splashing water
  6. The Guide to Safe Scouting 2003 edition (http://www.usscouts.org/safety/g2ss.html) states in bold print the following: 4. Male and female leaders must have separate sleeping facilities. Married couples may share the same quarters if appropriate facilities are available. 5. Male and female youth participants will not share the same sleeping facility. So I believe that means married leaders okay, married participants not okay. I would check with your council, too.
  7. What happens when his den is ready to crossover to Boy Scouts in a few years assuming he sticks to it. With the Age requirement of 10 now included in the Join Boy Scouts requirement will he be left behind while his friends join Boy Scouts?
  8. We have a scout in our pack who as a Wolf cub in the second grade was about a year younger then normal (he just made the school district's cutoff date). He completed The wolf requirements and earned several arrow points. Over the summer his parents decided that is was in his best interests educationally to hold him back a grade. Now he doesn't meet the age or grade requirements for joining a Bear den, but has completed the Wolf program. Where should this scout continue as a cub scout? I feel like he may be bored to repeat the same requirements for Wolf, (and where would that patch go?
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