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  1. We had one of our local deputies killed in the Line of Duty this week. I believe it is, but I was wondering if it would be appropriate to have as many of our informed boys roadside with US Flags if they have a procession through town. I think it would be a good showing of our support. What does everyone here think?
  2. Beavah No PLC involved. These are Cub Scouts. I have asked the SM about this also stretching the invatation to him and his scouts.
  3. SctDad

    Secretary Gates speech at Jamboree

    I loved the part about his wilderness camping trip in Virginia with his son.
  4. I think that it is less of the security issue and more of the issue of where he is going. I am not at the Jamboree but I think that it is a poor show of the President, not to mention the Honarary BSA president, not to show up to such a large and highly celebrated event to be on a talk show that tapes/shows EVERYDAY. I heard someone say that this was a decision because they are not voters, but there are many there who are voters and will be voters for the next election. Way to set priorities Mr. President. Just one more reason that I am glad that I did not vote for you or ever will.
  5. SctDad

    Camp PLanning Work Book

    I know at one point I had found a camp planning workbook that was in Excell format. It is used to cover the all aspects of the planning process. I cannot find the file and I needed to pring off a copy today. Does anyone have anythin like this. If so can you let me know.
  6. SctDad

    Camp PLanning Work Book

    RK That is where I got the file from. It looks like it is good for a large annual plannig for many camps but I have adjusted it for a single event. works good for me. Eagle I will send you both copies, the original for multi camps and the changed version that I use. The one that I use probably would work good for your CSDC As for anyone that would like to see what I have done, let me know and I will try to send a copy.
  7. SctDad

    Appropriate Thank Token

    I have one that I did for my leaders last year. Think of your leaders and how they helped you in the followinf ways: They supported you as you walked, they supported you as you went up hill They suported you as you took a break. They can help you to get past an obstical THey are all unique, and always have some inner beauty that can be brought out. Seems like they are very much like a hiking stick. Last year I gave all my pack leaders rough, unshaved hikingsticks. They were all unique. I told the leaders that they could go and find the carvings in each stick that still had to be brought out. That isone suggestion.
  8. SctDad

    Camp PLanning Work Book

    I found it. It took me a while. It is a very well laid out book for planning things like day camps and overnighters when volunteering at council camps. I used it last year just could not find it. But I got it again. I have made some alterations to it, and made it work for me. Thanks for the thought though.
  9. SctDad

    Another Hat question

    Eagle92 Are you picking on my hat. I may have only had it for about 2 years now, but I can garuntee you that it is not in the same shape that it was when I got it. Guess that will happend when camp gear gets piles on it in the van. I like my expediction hat. Covers face and ears. May soak a little water when it rains, but generally keeps the water off.
  10. Since it seems that your troop has had to reset for a lack of better terms, here is something that you may want to consider. I do not know if applies to you or not. Founders Bar http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/522-011.pdf
  11. SctDad

    Cutting food & campsite costs

    Looking at some of the things that you have listed, lets remember that there are people out there that have made it through the budget with things that fill. Rices and Pastas are good things that fill a good space. Works at my house. Here are some other suggestions that may be helpful. - I agree with the farmers marakets. Go to places where they vendors are local, maybe catch then towards the end of the day if they need the space for more, they might give you some stuff -BREAD - Go to your local bakery, they may have an outlet store. They sell bread that may be similar to the day old rack. I was able to get a 2lb loaf of bread (The Long ones) for $0.98. YOu can also get hot dog and hamburger buns. - Go to your local neighborhood grocery stores. (We have Foodlion) They usually have a good deal on a lot of the store brand itmes. - Try buying in bulk if possible. Large things of Oatmeal, Countrytime lemonade, and things like that may save your budget. - When it comes to your cold cuts for your sandwiches. Do you have a family that has a home meat slicer. I have one that I got for my anniversary. What i do sometimes is buy a fully cooked ham (Without the Bone) and run it through the slicer. Sometimes you may find this can be cheaper. - As above, maybe someone has a meat grinder. Buy the cheapest cut of beef and grind it yourself (You can also control the amount of fat you put in too) - Does you CO have a Freezer you can use. That may be a place to store some of your foods. - Maybe start a scout garden in your area that you can maintain for your own vegetables. (Yeah I know this is a stretch) (Hmm, Would this help with the gardening MB)
  12. SctDad

    Heat Index

    The other thing that I am saying about the Heat Index in relation to the WBGI (Wet Bulb) as the military kows it, it is a lot easier for someone trained in the set-up, reading and interpretation of this device, (that would be preventative medicine branch of the Army) and then they can make it simple by displaying a specific colored flag, (Green, Yellow, Red, or Black) and eeryone around can look and see, then refer to their Jambo SM or ASM and they will know without any question as to what can and cannot be done. It will also give those that are running events a place to look and easily see if their event can keep going or should they shut down. Bummer? Yes! Safer?Yes A flag high enough for everyone to see or multiple flags around the jambo is a simple form of communications and does not require special technology. Just a pole and 4 flags.
  13. SctDad

    Heat Index

    Shortridge. The issue is that the military has THOUSANDS of these Wet Bulb measuring devices and humdreds of people trained to implement, read and interpret the information. If you have the resources use them. I guess you are the kind of person that if a National Guard unit wanted to give you 100 free sleeping bags you would turn them down because they are OD green. It is not a matter of scouts being military, it is a matter of resources, and I think that the military has had enough experience with different climates do be able to determine what activity levels should be done at certain levels. So quit jumping over me like I just tried to recruit the entire staff and attendants of the Jamboree into the Military.
  14. SctDad

    Heat Index

    The Wet Bulb Globe is a manner of measuring heat index and setting standards of work/rest cycles based on levels of activity. This is something that the military has been using for many years and it works. THere is a standard that the military follows, and I would guess since they are using a military installation, they are going to use a measuring method that has worked. It is used all around the world and in multiple climates. It may seem complicated, but it works. here is a link to the chart that the military uses for heat index using relative humidity and ambient temperature. http://www.fas.org/spp/military/program/met/heat_index_table.htm It also shows the different levels of danger in the heat index.
  15. SctDad

    Order of the Arrow Admonition

    Who do I need to PM to gain access to the Safeguarded section. I have some questions about how other lodges do things and would like to ask it there.
  16. Does anyone know of an average travel time in a canoe. We are working on a trip and are looking for some information on how to calculate the trave time. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. SctDad

    Canoe Travel Times

    The river is the Neuse River in Wayne and Lenoir COunties in NC
  18. SctDad

    Canoe Travel Times

    OK here is some information It is a moving river, can be fast at times, but is normally moderate in speed. We are looking at just doing a day trip, so there will be no real need to take a lot of gear. There are also no portages. the river is pretty much open and moving.
  19. SctDad

    "Eagle on His Chest" Scout Song

    Here is somethign that I found. Goes to the TUne of the Balad of the Green Beret, by Staff Sgt Barry Sadler This song is played in the key of C, so you should play the notes in the formation of this order) C, G, C, F, C, G, C. C G -------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------| -------------------------------0 0----- 0 0h2 0 0------| ----2 2 2-------0 0-----------2------------------------| ------------3-------3------3---------------------------| -------------------------------------------------------| C F C G C -------------------------------------------------------| ---------1 1 1-----------------------------------------| ----------------0 0h2 0 0-------2 2 0------------------| -------------------------------------------------------| ---------------------------------------------0 2 3-----| -------------------------------------------3-----------| And here is another way to look at it. C] Hiking Scouts go marching by, G C Cheerful boys who laugh and cry, F C Boys who mean just what they say, G C Make them Eagles all some day. C Silver wings upon their chests, G C These are boys, America's best, F C One hundred boys will join the troop, G C But only three in the Eagle group. C Trained to live off nature's land, G C Taught to build, and lend a hand, F C Boys who learn by nature's call, G C Courage from the Oath and Law. C Silver wings upon their chests, G C These are boys, America's best, F C One hundred boys will join the troop, G C But only three in the Eagle group. C Back at home a young mom waits, G C Her Scout is set to review his fate, F C He has just to pass this test, G C Leaving her this one request: C Put silver wings on my son's chest, G C Make him one of America's best, F C He'll be a man they'll test him out, G C F C Have him be an Eagle Scout Cut and Paste into a document for best results(This message has been edited by SctDad)
  20. SctDad

    Leaders Meetings Topics

    We are getting ready to start having leaders meetings. We are getting more leaders and the quick here is the plans for X activity are not really gonna cut it for too much longer. What kind of things does everyone go over in the leaders meetings. We are all just about fully trained except for a few minor things. We plan on discussing upcoming events. IS there anything else that I should include.
  21. If they are getting too heavy for the flag, how about a poster frame. You can put them in there and then hang the frame on the wall for all to see. I know that you will not be able to see the back, but at least you will have a protected way to display your ribons. And maybe throw a picture in their with it.
  22. SctDad

    Aquanaut Activity Badge for Webelos

    The floating on your back they are talking about is where you have your lungs full (controling your breathing) your arms out, your head back so that your face is up. Naturally your legs are gonna sink lowers. Your legs do not have to float on the top too. Remember, when you are floating on your back and being still, your body will require less energy, which uses less oxygen therefor you can float a little easier and slow your breathing down.
  23. SctDad

    What is the meaning of the BSA emblem?

    If you ahve a copy of access to the new Webelos Den leader Guide Look on Page 9. Left column, UNder the diagrams of the Scout badge. It is all explained there. If you are still having problems finding it let me know and I will try to put it in with some more detail. I hope this helps
  24. SctDad

    Arrow Corps 5

    Yes there is a Jamboree Forum http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewForum.asp?forumID=45 Just some food for thought.
  25. SctDad

    Activities for tiger scouts

    Try some of these that were found with a "Free Coloring pages" search http://coloring.ws/coloring.html http://www.free-coloring-pages.com/ http://www.crayola.com/free-coloring-pages/