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  1. Rover Scout

    Honor Society for Venturing?

    Good evening - I was given credit for leading the Venturing forum at the national jamboree. My colleague Andrew Miller represented the senior volunteer leadership of the National Venturing committee and led the discussion. In service, Ken King
  2. Rover Scout

    Girls in Venturing

    Trying to Mom- I would recommend getting a copy of the Handbook for Venturers. The info I can find is sparse on girls in the program, but I've read girls can join Venture, Varsity, or Sea Scouting at age 14. --Venturing or Sea Scouting, yes. Varsity Scouting is male-only. Does anyone have experience working with girls in these groups that might be able to give me the scoop? --The crews I have worked with had both male and female members. Your question is a pretty broad one - you might get better answers if you can be more specific. Are girls welcomed at any Crew, even if there are no other girls? --That is up to the crew- there can be all male, all female, and mixed gender crews. Are you able to join more than one (for example, be a Venture and a Sea Scout)? --Yes Do the girls work on rank only or are there merit badges (or similar) things that become available to them to earn? --The Venturing program dies not have merit badge-like units of advancement. Venturing does make use of a recognition system that helps Venturers design and lead their own program of youth-led adventure. Does anyone know any good websites that would be a good resource for girls in Crews? --Again, I would recommend reviewing the Handbook for Venturers to see what the program looks like. It is a gender-neutral document. Best wishes, Ken
  3. Rover Scout

    Webelos Patch - When?

    Specific response: "To further support my stance - the BSA itself recommends that LDS units use a rolling calendar of 12 months of adventures. So if a boy turns 10 the month before the Scouting Adventure - that's the first Adventure he'd do. So if it is okay for LDS units, how can you tell us with a straight face that non-LDS units shouldn't work on the Scouting Adventure first?" The BSA does not recommend the delivery system that units with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints uses. They maintain a program, designed to work with their religious education program (that articulates with Scouting) that is based on ages, and not on grades. As boys enter and leave the den on their birthday, they will encounter that adventure when it is encountered. It is not a matter of a straight face or not - it is a delivery need with LDS units. It is not (or should not) be a delivery concern with traditional Webelos Scout dens. General comments: The division between AOL and Webelos was intentional and designed to meet the needs of boys who join Cub Scouting in grade 5. With the exception of the linked AOL and Webelos ranks used since the mid 1980s, AOL was the only Cub Scout rank that required earning a previous rank for advancement (not counting Bobcat). This was determined to be a disincentive for boys joining Cub Scouts in grade 5. The current AOL requirements were designed to provide a strong transition into Boy Scouting The overall crossover rate from Cub Scouting into Boy Scouting is fairly high - it is the retention within the first six months of Webelos that has been the greatest challenge. As far as concerns you may have regarding the program, I would recommend you share your feedback at program.content@@scouting.org. Please offer your concern and a recommended solution. The information will be reviewed by the members of the Cub Scout Design and Development Task Force, who are charged with providing updates to the new program as they are identified and vetted. Back to hibernation... Ken
  4. Rover Scout

    Webelos Patch - When?

    All: I would not recommend starting with the "Scouting Adventure" AOL adventure as the first step in a traditional den. The rationale: for boys that join Cub Scouting during grade five and are eligible to earn the Arrow of Light rank during that year, it makes things more difficult for a den leader who needs to meet a variety of advancement needs for boys in grade five. By working on AOL adventures and electives, it encourages building a team through shared activities by all the boys in the den. For example, the transition from den to patrol is part of the Scouting Adventure award, and having boys experience it together was intended as part of the process. Dens can certainly meet and work with Boy Scout troops all during their time as a Webelos; it's a worthwhile thing to do, even if it does not lead to meeting a requirement. Full disclosure: I was on the volunteer team that developed the adventure-based Cub Scout materials. Best wishes, Ken
  5. Rover Scout

    County VOA President

    This may be helpful to him - it was just released yesterday. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/venturing/pdf/VOA_Administration_Guide.pdf
  6. Rover Scout

    Den Pack Coordination

    Another resource: http://www.scouting.org/Home/CubScouts/Leaders/CubmasterResources/PackMeetingPlans.aspx
  7. Rover Scout


    Welcome (back) to Cub Scouting. Depending on the roles you work with, the updated CS advancement program was accompanied with rich resources for leaders. Full den leader guides with meeting plans are available for purchase at your scout shop or online at scoutstuff.org. Sample meeting plans are available at cubscouts.org. Cubmasters will find full pack meeting plans available at http://www.scouting.org/Home/CubScouts/Leaders/CubmasterResources/PackMeetingPlans.aspx In service, K
  8. Rover Scout

    Den Names

    From the Arrow of Light required adventure, "Scouting Adventure." 3. Practice the patrol method in your den for one month by doing the following: A. Explain the patrol method. Describe the types of patrols that might be part of a Boy Scout troop. B. Hold an election to choose the patrol leader. C. Develop a patrol name and emblem (if your den does not already have one), as well as a patrol flag and yell. Explain how a patrol name, emblem, flag, and yell create patrol spirit. D. As a patrol, make plans with a troop to participate in a Boy Scout troop's campout or other outdoor activity.
  9. Rover Scout

    The New Cub Scout Program

    Regarding the new Cub Scout program, this is an unsolicited comment from a colleague who participated in one of the Philmont conferences last summer that introduced the new Cub Scout program. "I just pulled out the Tiger DL book and successfully explained the entire program to [my husband], including rank advancement and recognition for Tiger, Wolf, and Bear in less than five minutes. It took me one more minute to add on Webelos/Arrow of Light. I'm not giddy about the new program or anything. Nope, not at all. Holy crap those Den Leader books are amazing! I want to go back to my [oldest son's] Tiger year and pat my poor beleaguered new leader self on the head and tell her it'll be okay. Of course he has moved on to Boy Scouts and we don't start the new program until June. I'd be just a tad bitter if I didn't have [a younger son] waiting in the wings..." I understand that she went in skeptical last summer, and now with the materials in hand, she is a strong advocate. In service, Ken
  10. Rover Scout

    Jambo 2013 badge size

    3" x 1-3/4"
  11. Rover Scout

    Best "unofficial" pants ???

    I try to always wear the official pants, but for cold weather outings, I really like the army surplus M1951 wool trousers...they are durable, warm, and a very close match (color wise) to the wool Oscar De La Renta trousers formerly issued by the BSA. I bought a pair at a surplus store for $10 years ago; I see them on eBay for a wide range of prices.
  12. Rover Scout

    Garrison Caps

    Erratum: "...tenderfoot badge, but not a scout badge." That should have read "first class" and not "scout." K
  13. Rover Scout

    Garrison Caps

    Early on, there was a garrison cap with a tenderfoot badge, but not a scout badge. I'm not an expert, but I think that style was used from around 1948-1954 or so...others with deeper knowledge can correct me. In service, Ken
  14. Rover Scout

    New RWS Community Strips

    This is olive/khaki version of the community and state strips. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=20204330&l=665de33d85&id=788400192 If folks are interested in the vendor, send me a private message. In service, Ken
  15. Rover Scout

    New RWS Community Strips

    JWWT: I'll reply directly to you. In Service, Ken