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  1. Not really anything new, just wanted to share my story. When I recieved my Eagle in 2008, my father had requested a flag flown over the US Capitol without my knowing. As many have mentioned, out of convienence, it arrived folded rectangular to fit in the shipping box. During the court of honor, they surprised me by presenting me the flag and then they had my father come up and fold the flag with me as the master of ceremonies explained to the audience that when I was a Tiger cub, the first thing my father had taught me was how to fold the flag. This was the most memorable part of my court
  2. Rover Scout, that's a cool idea. do you know where you ordered them from?
  3. I just got back from summer camp with my troop in RI. I noticed that alot of troops were wearing the old style RWS or community strips instead of a council patch. I know the history behind them and had seen the old ones before, but these were brand new patches. I asked around to see where they got them. I couldn't really get a staright answer; most didn't know and one said his local scout shop in RI had a warehouse of them so you just needed to ask them. I'm from MA and my local scout shop is a bit of a drive, so I figured i'd ask here to see if anyone could confirm that the scout shops h
  4. Thanks! Your info and those websites were very helpful. This will be a very important addition to my troop's recorded history. I will take your advice on sharing my troop's history. I already have a contact in my town's historical society which I made through my Eagle Scout Project and some research I did when I was in high school. I am also trying to see if my council has a historical organization. Although, my council is not the most organized council and is rumored to be considering disbanding and splitting the troops to other local councils. It would be a shame, but it is just rumo
  5. emb021's post just raised another question. What was requiered for "National Recognition" I would believe it may be similar to today's Cenntennial Quality Unit award.
  6. Thanks for the imput! Since posting this I found a picture of former scouts from my troop that would date around 1960. One of the scouts has a patch on his uniform that says "Jubilee Camporee/ Boy Scouts of America/ 50 Years of Scouting/ For God and Country" Besides the missing "My" I think this is a pretty safe match. The only other thing is that the patch says 1910 - 1960 and the ribbon says 1959. But if we look at today's example as we approach the centennial which is not untill 2010, but they introduced the "Centennial Quaility Unit" back in 2007. If similar reasoning is applied, th
  7. Hi, I'm new to the site. I'm an Eagle Scout from the Boston Minuteman Council. I recently catalogued and organized the ribbons/ streamers on my troop's flag. They were mostly quality/honor units, 100% Boy's Life, and jamboree participation. The oldest ribbons were two identical ones from 1959. They read "ONWARD FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY / NATIONAL RECOGNITION 1959" They are about 23 inches long and are a gold color. I don't know if that's the original color because they are both very faded and dirty, one more than the other. They also have a Boy Scouts of America seal on the top which i
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