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  1. Agree that cellphone and gps units are new tools that we need to teach proper use as mentioned in the Wilderness Survival mb book. I like the Electronic Chip idea. We do not allow scouts to bring knives if they do not have a Totin' Chip card, the same could apply to cellphones. As I stated earlier, my unit has not had a problem with scouts carrying cellphones maybe that is because patrols have carried walkie-talkies for years and it was a natural transition or maybe it is our New Parent Orientation. Anyway when cellphones came along, parents wanted their sons to carry them. So far, no pro
  2. Doubt it. The minimum age to take a WFA course is usually 16, though I have seen 14.
  3. If I am running the activity, scouts can carry cellphones (turned off). If they do not have a cellphone, I make it clear that mine (always on) is available. Reception has been spotty, otherwise no problems. Frankly I am surprise no cellphones have been lost. Parents want to know that if their child needs to call them, he can. I have not had any parents call me yet during an activity, bad weather or not. Many scouts call their parents on the drive home so no more late pick-ups. Times change, we are a wired society. Find another troop that is not in denial.(This message has been e
  4. CNYScouter commented "We actually were in talks with Disney/Pixar about having an active promotional role with UP!, and the branding/marketing team at Disney was really excited. That it at least, until it went up their flag pole and reached the legal department, at which point it got declined due to our membership/leadership policies." I thought the problem was BSA Legal being a licensing PITA. Got me wondering why Hollywood doesn't outsource Boy Scouts from another scouting organization. But "Boy Scouts" negatively impacting sales, I am stunned. So Disney, the studio that produced
  5. I wonder if Wilderness Explorer Russell will help recruiting. Looks like another fun family animation movie, maybe we can all laugh at ourselves. http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/up/ I receive as a joke gift Disney-Pixar Up Wilderness Explorer Guide which has the usual (merit) badges plus some interesting new badges - Cellphone, Kite Flying, Karate, Sewing, First Aid and Second Aid, Badge Overload, and a make your own badge.
  6. I'll vent. This unit number nonsense is comical. Never cared for the council patches either as from 10ft or so, they all look alike. I do like Troop 111, Arlington, VA approach - a custom combined district, town, unit number patch - classic and sensible look. Quickly shows "warufrum". http://www.troop111.org/patch.html I also like their comment for the uniform police "Although most folks love our patch designs (this and several others we also wear), a few decry our "illegal" patches. As with all the other "No-No" folks in Scouting, we just ignore them." Speaking of the "
  7. Auditory impact has environmental impact - it can scare away and disrupt wildlife. Also a quiet hiker sees and hears more. So this is credible. Visual impact has no environmental impact. In the woods, I dress for safety not for politically-correct fashion. My $0.01
  8. Stick with the common sense basics but also let scouts know when LNT does NOT apply. In a survival situation. You want to leave a trace, break branches if you need to, set a smoky signal fire, and make yourself highly visible. Some scouts get a little confused about that. IMO, LNT loses credence when it talks about "visual impact". Is there any environmental impact? I always wear patches of safety orange and safety blue. Its color contrast and my movement, makes me more visible. I want to be seen and I want to see others. Safety is job #1 particularly when it seems hunting season is
  9. With any communications, you have to know your sources and check your sources. I remember listening to a news broadcast on my scout crystal radio about an invasion from Mars. They landed in my home state New Jersey!... I think this elaborate spoof video interview was done by The Onion or Mad TV. That said, you can trust me
  10. Found alive, well as reported by NH Union Leader. Here is story. http://tinyurl.com/c8k973 Check out the Google topo map link in middle of story. No mention of any hiking companions. Dangerous time of year to hike Whites. (This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)
  11. So a cool Camporee patch is not enough. Neither I nor my unit want any part of it as it diminishes the merit badge experience and shortchanges the scout. We do not endorse the two weekend merit badge colleges either. Turning scouting into a cram-session school is not for us. But it seems most in our district believe you cannot get a scout to attend an activity, even a overnight gym lock-in, unless the activity coordinator sells merit badges or do I mean activity "belt loops". Patrol competition - fogetaboutit. I largely blame today's Cub Scout program with creating this belief that t
  12. Eamon, I don't know if he "paid for" what he did, that's not our dept. We volunteer to teach scout values. Sounds like the CM has started that. I agree with you that Scout 1 probably wishes the adults would forget about this Also remember, there are two scouts involved here. I would be interested in hearing how Scout 2 is doing. John, We are not going agree on this. Neither I nor my scouts get a green light to ignore scouting values "outside of scouting". Will they break the rules? Daily. Parents and others handle these incidents, but occasionally scout leaders are asked to help as
  13. Hotdesk is on track. "In helping boys develop character, Cub Scouting promotes the following 12 core values." Know, Commit, and Practice. Added related Cub Scout requirements. http://www.scouting.org/Media/FactSheets/02-502.aspx http://www.scoutingmagazine.org/issues/0303/a-cubs.html 1. Citizenship: Contributing service and showing responsibility to local, state, and national communities. (Related requirements: Tiger Cub: 2 - Where I Live, Bear: 3j - What Makes America Special, Webelos: Citizen Activity Badge) 2. Compassion: Being kind and considerate, and showing concern f
  14. We have a known bully threat in our unit (both scouts are in the same den!). Safety is Job One. As leaders and character role models, we don't take a 'wait and see if it happens again' position and if it does happen, hope it happens outside of scouting. We act to make our unit safe and stop any future bullying now. Scout 2 should feel safe, Scout 1 should be turned away from an unscout-like path, the other Scouts should see that bullying will not be tolerated, and the DL (Scout 2's Dad) needs to know that the pack cares about his son's safety. I think that pound of flesh comment wa
  15. We are not scouts part-time. We expect the Scout Oath and Law to be followed always. A scout acts like a scout whether in uniform or not, whether at a scout activity or elsewhere. No scout is a bully. Assuming Scout 2 is an innocent in this, then Scout 1 did not follow the Scout Oath and Law and caused an injury to another. Scouts help others not hurt others. CM and DL has this talk with Scout 1 and his parents. Scout 1 sits out the next scout activity to reconsider his actions, so he misses award banquet. At next scout activity, he apologizes to Scout 2. A few years ago, I had
  16. No BSA rule for or against parent (non-leader) participation when child not present, that is left to the unit. It can get complicated. Overnighter without child present - I would say NO (common sense?) Pack Meeting without child present - I would say OK, probably there to talk to adults. I am seeing more local youth groups restricting parents from outings even with their children in attendance. How dare they? The reason is rule consistency and to protect the other children. Specifically, why should any parent member be automatically allowed to attend an outing while the teach
  17. Never seen it myself, except now via Youtube (thanks packsaddle). It's called the 'Magic Neckerchief Graduation Ceremony" brought to you by http://www.usscouts.org/clipart/ScoutDoc/PowWow/Books/99_02_YA.pdf and even mentioned here http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=145201 So it's been around, I doubt going to Council will help. Done indoors? Dripping acetone on the floor? Doesn't sound safe. I bet your town fire chief would be interested in hearing about this. My town fire chief would require that this ceremony be done outside in a fire pit
  18. Postal worker, police, EMT, and military uniforms are still made in US. Here are some manufacturers that I am aware Aspen Mills Patriot Uniforms SEKRI (Southeastern Kentucky Rehabilitation Industries) Elbeco Augusta Mills? Melgamatic - I like a scout can do attitude I would be interested in what US manufacturers did the BSA look at? Did any US manufacturers (with US plants) bid? What happened with the US manufacturer(s) for our last US made uniform? No excuse for embroidered patches or American flags being made offshore. I still wear my old made in
  19. I can't recall these embellishments existing at my ECOH back in the days of yore. I wonder when and why they originated? I just recited the Scout Oath and Law slowly and purposefully. Worked for me. But whatever the scout and his family wants.
  20. Well said DeanRx. In "teaching safety", we have to develop awareness -"Am I safe? Are my friends safe? Is the situation safe?" "Think Safety" is a very difficult skill to develop. Kids consider themselves immune to harm. And as for adults well the plethora of excuses is why there are for many accident investigation boards. Recognize the possible dangers. Should we be doing this? What can go wrong here? Where will the fire go? Where will the knife go if I slip? Is the pot hot? Safety is not just about rules and guidelines, it is about consequences. If the situation is not safe
  21. simple Neckerchief slides. Basswood is easy to work.
  22. Teach Safety. March 21, 2009 http://www.kval.com/news/local/41509887.html By Associated Press TOMS RIVER, N.J. (AP) - It was a hot July night at Boy Scout camp. Six boys, including Eagle Scout Brian Lenz, were clad in shorts and T-shirts, looking for something to do. One of them was going to die, in a case that would shine an uncomfortable spotlight on the Scouts' safety and supervision policies. Lenz, an 18-year-old camp counselor, decided to show the younger boys a trick: the "circle of fire," in which he would squirt rubbing alcohol in a pattern on a table and set i
  23. Trying resending your Eagle Letters" to government officials who are Eagles, in particular, Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense. Here's a list for the 110th Congress. http://www.scouting.org/Media/FactSheets/02-571.aspx I hope your U.S. Senator, who did not respond appropriately, is not on the above list. Another tactic - contact your local MADD chapter www.madd.org about this situation. They may be able to help your Senator correct his response. Sorry to hear of your loss.
  24. In my day... A scout, in order to broaden his scout experience, had more restrictions on elective merit badges. He had to "elect" six merit badges from certain Merit Badge Groups. I think there were 15 groups. 1 from Conservation group 3 from Citizenship group. 1 from Outdoor sports 1 from any of the following: Animal Husbandry, Plant Cultivation, Communication, Transportation, or Building With 10 required merit badges, that left just 5 truly elective merit badges for a scout to earn for Eagle. Seemed a good system then, e
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