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  1. My greatest memory is not my sons' actual crossover. However, at our very first Blue and gold banquet (when our pack does all of the AOL and crossovers) my son was a very new Wolf Scout. I didn't even know the first thing about Scouts. Well, the area Boy Scout troop was there to cross over the new scouts, and instead of just coming up to the stage, their Scoutmaster called them out in color guard style. My 8 year old's head snapped around, his eyes shining, and he said " I want to be an Eagle Scout!" I am very proud to say, that he has just turned 15, and will be doing his project this sp
  2. Thank you all so much for the great questions, and the insight that is gained from reading your questions, as well as the reasoning behind them. As for the rest of the details from my end, I will leave them unanswered, as this is the internet, and I have not vetted each of you! ;-) (That is meant as a joke about internet anonymity) Thanks so much!! ~Pixie
  3. I am part of the troop committee, and we are in the process of selecting a new Scoutmaster. There are no hard feelings with the out going Scoutmaster, he is moving, and I'm sure will be involved in scouting in his new environment. There are 4 applicants for this position, all who have been Assistant Scoutmasters in our Troop. Some are Wood Badge trained, some are members of the O/A, some were scouts themselves, some were in the military, some have better personalities than others (as I am sure can be said for all of us!). I have been on campouts with each of them. The troop committee is
  4. Hi everyone, Sometime last year my son and I read some ideas on here about a "capture the camp" style campout. The best way I can remember to describe it was a campout that was sort of like capture the flag. Two or more patrols go out to camp, and make their patrol camp where they want. Each patrol then spends their time at camp trying to locate, or "capture" the other patrols' camp and/or campers.Does this sound familiar to anyone? I tried to search for the old post , but have not had good luck, as I'm sure my details are sketchy. My son is currently ASPL, and would like to put this toget
  5. My boys wear them on their red vests, just as they do for pinewood derby or rocket derby medals (sold at scout shop). I utilize Youth Patriotism as a supplement to the program. I have come to look at it as invaluable, although NOT a replacement for the program. ~Pixie
  6. Hi! As a Cub Scout den leader I have used both programs. I have not used Nation's and Trails since they supposedly underwent their changes. I implemented their program several years ago, and had no problem with them. More recently I have used the Youth Patriotism program, and love it. I like Youth Patriotism because it is such a larger program than Nations and Trails. I started this program with my Cubs as Wolf Scouts. They earned a medal that year, their Bear Year, and will earn the final two in their Webelos years. I have had nothing but good service with youth patriotism, and do fell tha
  7. My family is involved with the foster care system, we currently have one foster child, but sometimes have two. This is in addition to the four biological children we have. Last year, when my son who is a Boy Scout was working on his Family Life Merit Badge, we as a family had to perform a service project. Well, it just so happened that Easter was about 2 months out, so we decided to have an Easter basket item drive. We live in a very small town, but through putting boxes up at various locations, and announcing it at Cub Scout pack meetings, and sending flyers out through the Elementary school,
  8. I'm not sure if it will work but I was able to get spray paint (dried) out of carpet and off of leather work boots by using Shaklee Basic H cleaning product. It is not available in stores, only by a Shaklee representative, but you could probably google it and find a rep in your area. Another idea is the magic eraser that you can find at the grocery store, never tried it on spray paint but it got, sharpie off of a hard wood floor among other things. HTH, ~Pixie
  9. My Son sounds a lot like your son. My son does, however, have a legitimate knife collection. That said, he begged me for 6 months for a butterfly knife. He found them online, the boys in the troop told him about a knife store in an in-state tourist area that a lot of Scouts visit. He stared at them, he begged for one, he pleaded, he cajoled, he slipped the words "butterfly knife" into ANY conceivable sentence, and even some INconceivable ones! My answer was a patented "NO". I must be about the same age as Scoutfish, because I remember my brother wanting all of those things and a butterfly k
  10. A couple of months ago there was feature article in Boys Life or Scouting, about a troop who did a part of the old Chisholm Trail on Horseback, there may or may not have been herding cattle involved, I don't remember. I think they were from a council near there, and was able to pretty much put the trip together themselves. That being said, does anyone know of something like this that would be commercially available? I think boys in any troop would love to do a trip like this. ~Pixie
  11. Ok, so not thinking about how much spending money my son might need for prior to Jamboree tours, what should I expect my son to spend during jamboree? I know there are concessions, and I assume souvenir shops? I'm not sure how much to send him with, anybody else think about this, or know from experience? Thanks, ~Pixie
  12. A few years ago this was featured in Scouting magazine, siting this guy Wesley's rockets, as used for a rocket derby. My unit has since started doing water rocket derby's each summer. Follow the link, he has instructions for several different rockets. http://wwong.homestead.com/rockets.html HTH, ~Pixie
  13. This sure gives new meaning to getting socks and underwear for Christmas!
  14. Well, my son will be going to Jambo this summer, and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on anything I can get him for Christmas, that he can use there. First off, I know he will be getting specific troop gear, and there is always uniforming requirements, but I was thinking of other stuff. I know he will need good hiking shoes, but I can't exactly get those now! I got him a cool 28oz metal water bottle with a carabiner clip on it, but any other ideas? Thanks! ~Pixie
  15. Hi Cubby, My pack has decided to do this scratch card fundraiser this spring. It was largly decided upon for several reasons. First of all, it is easy and the boys don't have to really sell anything. They just ask people to scratch off two dots that have a hidden value underneath. The dots have a maximum value of $3, so the maximum donation amount is $6. This was huge for us, a lot of us feel kind of bad asking people to buy expensive items. In exchange, the donor then gets a sheet of nationally recognized coupons worth $50+/-. The biggest reason we chose this fundraiser: 80% profit!!! I am
  16. When my son was a Webelo, one of the things that we did was makea mosaic kitchen trivett. We used the bottom tray/bowl part of a clay pot. You know, the clay kind. The boys painted the tray part, then arranged their tile peices, I think we glued them down. Then, they grouted over the top. Both the kids and the parents really liked these. We also made leather pocket knife holders. I really don't remember what else, those are the first things that come to mind though. ~Pixie
  17. Hi All! I haven't been back in a while, so I wanted to update.... Doing this skit was a total success! I too thought that it would be great for Boy Scouts, but might be over the head of Cubs. However, they loved it! They laughed at the appropriate times, really loved the ending, it was great! Tips: I printed out two copies, one for me and one for my son. I highlighted my part on mine, and the other part on my sons. We practiced it about 3-5 times prior to the campfire. For the record: this was done at a family campout. This is the first family camp that our pack has done i
  18. I think this is a funny skit. I am doing it at a bonfire at camp this weekend with my older son. I have revised this from Scoutmaster for Boy scouts, to Cubmaster for cub scouts. I can't wait! Who is the Cubmaster? The skit begins with a uniformed Scout/Scouter standing on stage when another person enters the stage, preferably wearing a hat with the word PRESS written on an index card and placed in the hat band. Reporter: Are you the representative of Pack 245 in Memphis? Scout: Yes. Are you the reporter I am supposed to meet? Reporter: Yes I am. My paper thinks a story
  19. I just wanted to say that I have incorporated this program with my Scouts, and will continue to do for years. The medals ariived very quickly, and are gorgeous! Thanks for all of your work. ~Pixie
  20. I just wanted to take the time to say something great about the Youth Patriotism Award! I have 15 Wolf Scouts (2 dens) that I have just led through earning the Youth Patriotism Freedom Medal. I thought that it was a very worhtwhile program, and thought that the boys got a lot out of it. At first, I picked the Freedom Medal, because I thought that it was the coolest looking one offered. When I started doing the requirements with the boys, I wondered if they were really going to grasp the topic. The requirements center around freedoms in this country. We learned about the Bill of Rights, a
  21. Many Hats~ Thanks for the clarification, that is a totally different story. I agree with artjrk, I would think that the CM could give a short speech about behavior to the kids at large, at the awards banquet tonight, but other than that, it is out of your hands. Yes these boys are both Scouts, so there is an impact there, but the action did not take place during Scouts, so there is no way that you can punish the child. Heck, the SCHOOL, where the action DID take place, didn't seem to do much about it!!! If the injured parents are not happy with the offending childs punishment, they need to t
  22. When I was first reading your post, I thought that you were going to say " What should we as a pack do?" And I would have said if didn't happen during Scouting, then nothing. However, if the Mom is asking the CM for help, then that tells me that she knows that Scouting/the respect of the CM means something to her son. I understand this, as a usual refrain in my house is " Would you do that in front of/ say that in front of Scoutmaster K?" my Boyscout always embarassingly answers 'no'. I know that invoking the name of Scoutmaster K means something to my Scout, as he has a tremendous amount of r
  23. Last year when my Scouts were Tigers we did a new slide for each month. We met 3 weeks/month. My den dues is $7/ month. They had ALOT of fun making them and A LOT of fun wearing them. Even the Cubmaster started to look forward to seeing them each month, just to see what we had come up with. Usually for the rings we used the plastic ring part that is left behind when you open a bottle of water (you know just like on the milk jug, but smaller). We generally attached something to fun foam, and then hot glued the foam portion to the plastic ring. My husband never took a bottle of water anywhere w
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