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  1. Guess we'll just have to use the extensive archive of prior resources / themes and build our own schedule. LOT more work but, looking for the silver lining, might be able to build a more relevant / customized program for our packs. For example, might be nice to have a Camping Theme the month we actually go camping.
  2. Had lunch with the CM today. At this point, I think we're looking at seeing if enough parents prefer an alternative night for den meetings and seeing if a new DL steps up. If that doesn't fly, I believe we'll likely try to pick up a second ADL (and perhaps a couple of Den Chiefs), and split the den up between opening and closing activites to keep the numbers managable for all the activities...perhaps even run 2 - 3 stations. Any other thoughts appreciated, however.
  3. Thanks for all the advice, but, for purposes of this thread, I'm primarily interested in thoughts (methods / pros / cons / pitfalls) on setting up two balanced dens from a group of ~15 boys. I've been involved with CS for a while as ACM, ADL, etc., and work closely with the CC and CM. I am comfortable with setting up the program for my Den once it is established. Thanks again.
  4. We're picking up 8-10 from our Spring Rally and have 4-6 from our cub families (sibs of older scouts). Will likely pick up a few more during the Fall Rally. I'm very comfortable with setting up the Tiger program, just looking for thoughts, experiences, pitfalls, etc. on doing the initial den set up / split when multiple dens are involved. If you let everyone choose their den leader, it is possible that most choose one and the dens are very uneven. If you choose the dens for the cubs, there can certainly be hurt feelings, disagreements, etc. For some of the sports teams that my
  5. Assuming you have enough kids (new Tigers) for two or more dens, what are your approaches to setting up the new dens? If you do something like Den A meets on Monday night, Den B meets on Tuesday night, pick you night, and the resulting groups aren't equitable (i.e. 12 choose Monday night and only 4 choose Tuesday night), where do you go from there? I have given thought to sending the parents a survey asking for their two preferred meeting nights, a night that they can't meet, and a list of their buddies that they want to stay with, if any, then setting up the dens from there to make
  6. Let's assume a den has gotten too large (say, 14+), and it is time to split the den. I'd like your thoughts on how to best split the dens. If the current den meets on Thu and the new den decides to meet on another night, it would be pretty easy to say pick you night and go with that. Other thoughts on how to split? What if 12 kiddos want to stay with the Thu den and only two decide to go with the other den? Just looking for ideas on how to best approach splitting. Thanks.
  7. As we speak, you're not currently at an outing / activity where this is taking place. Therefore, I would start with a discussion about the Scout Oath and Law. Having a police officer do a presentation is a great idea as well. Going forward, zero tolerance. If a magazine is involved, confiscate, SM Conference, call parents to pick junior up. If a cell phone and possibly sexting involved, I'm not sure I would confiscate (looking at a potential felony here and I don't want to be accused of oogling pics of a scouts girlfriend). Definitely call parents and send home. Repeat offenders
  8. "You have to have the right Scout for a Tiger Den Chief." How would you define "right Scout?"
  9. Please share your experience in using a Den Chief with Tigers. I'll be starting a new Tiger den in a couple of months and am contemplating whether to start with a Den Chief this year or wait until Wolf when the parent involvement will decrease. Terry
  10. Bottom line, if the rules prohibit double counting, don't do it. Beyond that, run the best program you can, use your best intentions, ask others to get perspective, and mix in a healthy dose of common sense and you'll be just fine. KISMIF
  11. All I can say is go for it. Lot's of fun. The scout shop has some simple compass games you can play at den meetings. Hold a quick orientation and use them on a hike...just helping the boys follow the trail on the map will help get them comfortable with a compass and give them a head start on Boy Scouts. We have three orienteering events at the scout ranch nearby...I did a father - son team with my Wolf this year and we had a blast...went at his pace (its all about the kids, right?), found some flags, had several snack breaks, had fun walking through the woods and talking. Planning to take
  12. I just finished my Masters a week or so ago (yeah me)...36 hours of coursework on top of scouts, baseball, family (4 great kiddos and a wonderful wife), work, etc. The crazy thing is, in addition to getting the Master degree, I will also be allowed to use 30 of those (accounting) hours to qualify to sit for the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) examination. OH MY...never once did I hear that since those courses were being used for the degree, I couldn't use them for the exam. Lighten up...as John-in-KC said, take a deep breath. Feel free to provide feedback and opinions, but don't beli
  13. During a den meeting, if you have an opening flag ceremony where the colors are posted, is it proper etiquette to always retrieve the colors during the closing ceremony? I would normally always do this, but have a few alternate closing ceremonies in mind that won't involve retrieving the colors unless I need to. Again, I'm talking about den meetings, not the pack meeting. Thanks. Terry
  14. For some of the electives that can be done multiple times, we limit it to one "credit" per month (i.e. reading books, taking care of a pet, etc.). Right or wrong? Who knows, but it keeps it within reason. On a related note, the following website actually includes a cross reference of achievements / electives to loops/pins/other awards. Lots of good information: http://meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page Terry
  15. ScoutNut, We'll likely have between 4 and 6 siblings join the new Tiger Den in May. I suspect we'll pick up another 2 to 4 during Spring Rally. That will get us a pretty full Den to start off with. We're considering not formalizing the Den (or Dens) until Fall, but I want to keep the new kids (and parents) involved through the summer. We'll definitely be attending Day Camp as a Tiger Den, as well as the other summer pack activities. All of the older discussion threads that mentioned running a summer den program (though most seemed to meet less frequently) seemed to have positive
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