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  1. . Bob,

    I was stating what is in the requirements, not what I feel is best. Yes, the full two-year program will give them a full Webelos experience. The would be the best for the boys who start at the beginning of fourth grade but if they start later, they want and should be able to move into Scouts with their peers.


  2. Bob,

    What he said is they completed forth grade in May.

    So If their school district ended on say May 20th, therefore six months later, November 20th, they would be eligible to earn their Arrow of Light. They have to be in a Webelos Den for three months to earn the Webelos badge. There is no time limit between earning the Webelos Badge and earning the Arrow of Light. So the only time issue for AOL is the six months after completing forth grade. So base on my reading they join a Scout Troop in November.

    I don't have the Webelos Leader's Handbook, but any plans in leader's handbooks are suggestions and do not override the requirements published. Remember no more no less, in advancement.

    Having said that I do not know how any of the requirements for activity badges might effect timing.


  3. One of the ways groups support other organizations in court cases is filing 'friend of the court' briefs.

    These in many cases are not asked for and in many cases they come from groups that the people that they are supporting wouldnt want to associate with.

    It doesnt cost much to the submitting group and allows them to say we are helping these well known groups or causes. That looks good on a fund raising appeals and therefore boasting their donations.

    As with all charitable donations, now your group and give wisley.


  4. The following activities have been declared unauthorized and restricted by the Boy Scouts of America:

    Varsity football teams and interscholastic or club football competition and activities are unauthorized activities.


    I find football as described in the G2SS to prohibit Troops and Packs from joining in leagues, in other words you would not sponsor a team in the park departments flag or tackle football. A game of flag football at a troop outing or pack picnic would be all right. It makes no mention of tackle football though I would hope that any adult leadership would stop that by common sense.


  5. I have found that giving service stars in late spring Court of Honor or Pack meeeting makes it eaiser on all. Just so you are consistant on how you do it is important. Back when Webelos was a six month program we were told the Wolf Bear Lion version. I never heard of the We'll be loyal Scouts till my son was in Cubs ('62 for me, '84 for my son). They had to change it when they dropped the Lion rank and made Webelos a one year program. Oh and by the way the Arrow of Light was then called the Webelos badge.

  6. In the United States Seaton had established a group for boys called Woodcraft Indians and Daniel Beard another group called Sons of Daniel Boone. Bread was the first National Commissioner and William F. Rick Cronk is the present one. Seaton was the only Chief Scout.. Here is a site that has a lot of information on Seaton: http://www.scoutingmilestones.freeserve.co.uk/ Then you are going to have to click on the go to the Milestones index. Then down to Early Influences and click on Ernest Thompson Seton an American viewpoint. I could not get a address from the page, sorry.


  7. One of the ways to determine if you are progressing is to have goals and to make measurements. To make them valid they have to done the same way each and every year. To take the numbers at the end of the year can be easily gather, to take recharter numbers would delay reporting as we know a few units do not report on time.

    The year end numbers are always larger than the recharter numbers because a boy is registered for the year. There are always boys who drop out, age out or move to another unit, in another district or council. If there is a growth in this number from last year end you have reached that many youth in the year whether they are there in the program for the full year or a few months.

    They other way that you can measure is taking that membership number and compare it to the eligible youth. You get eligible youth from the school district counts for boys in 1st to 12th grade and girls in 9th to 12th. If your percentage goes up youre doing a better job of reaching. Though when the actual count of youth goes down there is usually a direct correlation money raised and without money the program will suffer.

    Numbers are the only objective way to determine if the program is successful. If you are not delivering the program you will lose youth and then you will lose units. Sure even when numbers are down youths lives are changed and by that measure the program is successful but it is hard to come up with an objective way to quantify that.


  8. Great thing, Old Scout Handbooks. Ive got a 1940 Handbook and it has quite a section on the history of the BSA. This one has a yearly timeline of a paragraph each year.

    It states that President Taft accepted Honorary President (as every U.S. President since), Theodore Roosevelt Honorary vice-president and Chief Scout Citizen ( the only one of each), Colin H, Livingstone President. Daniel Carter Beard, National Scout Commissioner, Ernest Thompson Seaton , Chief Scout. In 1925 the second president was James J. Storrow and the third came after his death was Milton A. McRae in 1926. James E. West was named Chief Scout Executive in 1910.

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  9. The rule says that the custom neckerchief must be the same size. Other than wearing them makes my neck hot, with my fairly large neck size and my generally large size, a neckerchief looks out of place because ends are so short on me. I would like them to be like the OA sash, have them in two sizes.

    You should see me in a necktie, when I wear one, I tie the thin back piece so it is really short.

  10. One of the poster here brings to mind one of my pet peeves about prizes in fund raising. His comment about his son missing out of $1000 in sale he gets from his co-workers. I know we need to raise the money but it bugs me to see a Cub Scout gets a ton of notoriety for selling a record amount of pop-corn. When it is he just lucky that his parents work somewhere they can hit up their co-workers. Many places of business do not allow parents to sell at work. There is no effort from the Scout. What about the Scout who cant have the same done for him.

  11. National discourages younger kids on outings: If a well-meaning leader brings along a child who does not meet these age guidelines, disservice is done to the unit because of distractions often caused by younger children. A disservice is also done to the child, who is not trained to participate in such an activity and who, as a nonmember of the group, may be ignored by the older campers. Guide to Safe Scouting. It also sends mixed messages to younger boys. Many activities in G2SS are not allowed to cub aged boys and if allowed places the charter of the unit in jeopardy.

  12. I went to look at the Eagle application ( at BSA site: http://www.scouting.org/nav/enter.jsp?c=xds&terms=eagle+aplication&x=32&y=6 ), and Im a bit confused. The application seems to add to the published requirements for Eagle. Requirement 1 is the same time requirement. Requirement 2 expands on the published requirement Demonstrate Scout spirit by living the Scout Oath (Promise) and Scout Law in your everyday life. It seems to quantify how to show Scout spirit and wants proof from others to the Scouts actions. Requirement 3 follows the published requirement for merit badges. Requirement 4, the leadership requirement. Number 5, the Eagle service project. Requirement 6 replaces the Scoutmaster conference with a letter written by the candidate given his goals and a leadership resume. Eagle requirement 7 is fulfilled by the signatures on the application.


    I believe in requirement 2 on the application it is just a method of giving the board an idea of the candidates Scouting Spirit. The list there I believe is aid not a hard and fast requirement for it adds to the published requirements and the completion of them are out of the control of the Scout. Requirement 6 is meant to give the board a feeling of mind and activities of the Scout outside Scouting, for a starting point for the board.


    I know our council sets a time limit on the letters, to not hold up the Scout from his award. That is why I also feel that requirement 2's list is a suggested one.

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  13. No is requirement in Scouting to have membership in a religious body. If he is not active in the church he should have not given the reference. He should not be made to go a religious leader to get a reference. The list of references is suggested. If he doesnt have a job there is no one get a letter from an employer, the same with a religious leader. Our council has set a limit on the time they will wait for letters. If they are not in, the Eagle Board goes on with out them.

  14. I would place an OA event on the same position as Council level JLT or Cub Day Camp, both require YP but do not have indiviual unit tour permits. Adult leaders in both must not be one on one with youth. For example if you (an adult) are going, then you should not bring a youth alone in your car if he is not your son. You could bring two, three youths or more youths depending on seat belts. At the event adults and youth sleeping aragements will be seperate. One of the roles that a tour permit plays to inform the council of your unit's activity. An OA event is a council event and the OA LEC and advisors are responbile to plan and inform the council.

  15. nldscout,

    I would get your CO name on it. If it was involved in accident the liability issue would be a muddle. The individual unit has no legal status. And I doubt that an insurance company would give you coverage. What you have stored in there might suffer loss due to fire, theft, leakage and other risks. It would be good to cover them. If it is owned by the CO the contents may be covered by their policy, with no additional cost to anyone.


  16. I recheck it and I missed the reference to council camp. Ive copied it below.


    This application must be filed with local council service center two weeks in advance of scheduled activity for proper clearance. It is used for trips of less than 500 miles. If destination is 500 miles or more one way or outside the U.S.A. (local council camp excepted), use National Tour Permit Application, No. 4419B. If backcountry trip, be sure to know BSA Wilderness Use Policy.

    I believe that based on the wording it gives an exception to using a national tour permit if you are going to a council camp of over 500 miles away but you still need to use the local tour permit.


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