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  1. Sounds like the center of the "Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics" patch with different wording around the outside ring.
  2. 18 to 20 year olds are only youth in the OA AFTER induction.
  3. I know this thread is a bit old but I've only been in the OA a year. Our troop used to wait til summer camp. Occasionally the boys weren't there. I've been to some call-outs at camporee. These seem to last forever. There are so many boys being called out. The younger scouts get very restless. The last two we have done in the troop at courts of honor. It's smaller and seems to have more mystique. Also, it made it a lot easier for the parents to watch. The first one we borrowed regalia from another scouter and the second was a mixture of borrowed and some we are starting to make on our
  4. I feel that if you wear the uniform, you should wear it in it's entirety. No scout shirts with jeans or cammies or whatever. If you don't want to wear the complete uniform, then don't. There is no requirement to even own one. Wear something else that's appropriate but don't mix and match. That's not just at a BOR, either.
  5. If I had been on that EBOR and the scout was an hour late, we wouldn't have known it because the EBOR would not have been in session when he got there. We would have been at least a half hour down the road.
  6. If the parents attending the committee meeting decided they were not going to drive their scouts to the troop meeting, what would be the point of having the troop meeting? Ideally, everything in scouting is boy led but in the real world parents still make decisions for their sons.
  7. The only thing our bridging Webelos left with was a scout handbook that the pack gave them as a gift. Contact someone ASAP about this. It isn't on the up and up.
  8. Welcome. My wife and I were in Cub Scouting for nine years. So my first advice is go to your council website. They should have a listing of all packs in the council. If not, call the council. Contact your neighboring packs and have the cubmasters over for cake and coffee. They are people you probably already know from school or church or the grocery store. Ask them for advice and support. Also, there are monthly topics in Scouting magazine. You can follow these until you get comfortable with planning your own pack meetings. Your pack committee should be taking care of the business end
  9. If Troops and Packs like to use the pavilions and "portable carports", let'em. They shouldn't have to justify them to anyone except those paying the bills. Maybe they'll invite the rest of us over for a nice hot cup of whatever the next time there is a downpour and our tarp blows away.
  10. I was at Roundtable last night and saw a scouter with the new shirt. He had the patches sewn on the left sleeve in the old order; CSP, troop numerals, POR and trained patch. The POR patch effectively eliminated the usefulness of the pocket. Guess he doesn't smoke or listen to itunes. Personally, I didn't care how he did it. I wear my patches the way my wife sews them on and I'm smart enough not to complain about it.
  11. Usually the biggest problem is figuring out which end is up.
  12. I have had several of the new silva's and they tend to develop bubbles which throws off the arrow. My old silva from when I was a scout in the 60's is still going strong. You can usually find them on ebay.
  13. Since you're going for your Eagle BOR, I assume you have your Communications Merit Badge. Did you do any written communications? Do you know where the shift key is on your keyboard?
  14. From the current OA handbook, page 56: College Scouter Reserve. Arrowmen unable to continue active unit service while in college may continue their registration with the Boy Scouts of America by joining the College Scouter Reserve. This will permit them to maintain their membership in an Order of the Arrow lodge. Applications are available through the local council service center.
  15. If YOU like it and YOU feel comfortable in it then wear it and don't worry what others think. By the way, I got mine (used DI hat that looks just like the BSA hat) from OLCnet.com for 10 bucks. I just took off the ribbon and put on the BSA hat band and adult hat pin. I admit that I only wear mine on special occassions as I don't want to mess it up and felt hats are very warm.
  16. Why don't we all just quit and go home?
  17. I have three sons, all Eagles. When they went to the EBOR, they all followed the same principle: KISS! Keep It Simple Scout. Merit badge sash - forget it. Copies of your blue cards should be in the packet. OA sash - forget it. It only shows that you were elected once. The lodge flap, since you can only wear it if you are a current dues paid member, shows that you are active in the lodge. Pins - just the service stars, all of 'em, Tigers, Cubs and Scouts. Patches - sew 'em on. You don't want a badge flapping in the breeze because the badge magic came loose when you brushed against the
  18. nrp1488

    New items

    Nick, Why is your Mom paying for them?
  19. We got certificates and "patches" from our local US Marshal, the Drug Enforcement Administration (will also send a personal letter mentioning accomplishments in addition to Eagle, ie. OA and such) and the Knights of Pythias (never heard of them before but they offered a patch). If Catholic, hard to get anything from the Pope but the local Archbishop is a good source. My American Legion post gave a real nice "framed" certicate.
  20. What it all boils down to is it doesn't really matter what our lodges do or what we think. Have him ask his lodge chief.
  21. Mine also collected and tracked dues, served as scribe and worked directly with the den chief.
  22. Just tried it. Worked for me.
  23. Doesn't matter what the scenario is. If you feel it is unsafe, you don't participate. Then live with your decision. It is life as we know it. Making decisions. It is part of what we are trying to teach.
  24. Our crew took pre-stamped post cards to Philmont. We noted things we did on each day and mailed them from each staffed camp. Most of them got home after we did but it's still fun to look at them and remember the fun times we had. Some of the minor details slip our minds after a while but this brings back all the memories. The pre-printed questions are a fun idea but they don't work well as a journal.
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