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  1. Does any old WB Scribes have Gilwell Gazette templates in MS Word that i could use for our upcoming course? Mahalo Eagle Ken
  2. Hello All, First off I would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season. Now as to what I have to say and I hope I do not get edited. To Merlyn why are you even here on this Forum? You claim that given the chance you would kill Scouting or not, I'm not to too sure on your position on Scouting. But being an Atheist you are obviously you are not a member of Scouting. So back to my question why are you even here on this forum? Is this forum not here to aid Scouters with some problems that they maybe encountering or to get some useful ideas? All the posts that you have made presently made are about your agenda or your own personal crusade against Scouting. Scouting is not about those personal agendas, its about helping youth being better people. Regardless of what god they worship or don't in the case of Atheist's. I for one believe that all should be included. But here in is where my personal believes come in to play. Leave the Scout oath the same just for those that don't believe in God don't say "God" just say Country. But Merlyn I for one would like to ask you to please stop posting here. You are not helping anyone by being here. You are only causing trouble, and upsetting a lot of people. This by no means is a threat this is just a simple request. As the old saying goes "If you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all." Scouting is a wonderful thing that I'm sure will out last the unjust barrage from the ACLU and other groups that are hell bent on destroying it. Merlyn may I ask why do you hate Scouting so much? Did someone wrong you in your life while you were a Cub Scout and your leader didn't help? I just want to get an idea on why you hate Scouting so much. Merlyn thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. And my God bless you even if you don't want or believe in his help. Aloha, Ken
  3. 567Eagle, So you were Lodge Chief when Lorin Kosaka was Section Chief. Lorin was my Lodge Vice Chief when I was Lodge Chief 91-93. Did you happen to go thru you Vigil with him too? I know he did his a a Conclave at Camp Maluhia also. Ken
  4. finishing up LLD training at the December Fellowship. Also we go to exactly 30% Brotherhood Conversion that weekend too. I feel so happy for the boy's that they pulled it off. So next years Lodge Goals are to try to do all the Items on the list. I think after this year they are up for the challenge. Enough about our Lodge. Where are you from 567Eagle?
  5. Hello 567Eagle, Maluhia Lodge is doing just great we made Quality Lodge this year for the 1st time in a while. We had an Adviser change in March and at that point we no where even close to reaching that point. We were so bad last year that we had 2 things from the Quality Lodge requirements done. Only 2 things now that was hard to take. So we all dug deep and we pulled it off f
  6. maximum of 50% of the total nominations submitted in a given year. Adults in this group must meet the requirement of at least two years of service as Brotherhood members. Also wojauwe how many members do you have in your Lodge? If you have over 500 the correct ratio is 1 nomination to every 50 registered members of the Lodge. So you might want to check on that your Lodge could be shorting themselves of some nominations. Aloha, Ken
  7. One more thing I forgot to mention in regards to Vigil Honor Selection Process regarding Professional Scouters. Nomination of Professional Scouters, the Council President, Council Camping or Boy Scout Committee Chairman, and Camp Rangers will not count against the Lodge quota for total nominations. However, these nominations will count toward the policy limiting total adult nominations to a m
  8. Hello and Merry Christmas, As far as nominating someone for the Vigil Honor it is open to every Lodge Member including adults. As far as the selection goes, it is done by a Vigil Selection Committee. This is appointed by the Lodge Chief and with consultation from the Lodge Adviser. And approved by the Scout Exec. The Selection Committee is made of Youth Arrowmen that hold the Vigil Honor them selves and also should include other Youth that are not yet eligible to get the Vigil Honor. They review all the nominations and select the correct amount from the nomination chart (number of Arrowman chartered during last years renewal) making sure that the ratio of boys to adults receiving the Vigil Honor is no more the 50%. Since when bestowing this Honor preference should be given to Youth. After the selection is made then the committee selects there Vigil Honor Name from the Lenni Lenape word dictionary. Then paper work is submitted for proper signatures from the Lodge Chief and Scout Exec. And then send the application in to national with proper fee to National. Hope this helps. Aloha, Ken
  9. I don't know why its keeps cutting off my post like that. Let me keep going.Then in 2009 there will be a National Learder Summit like the one they had a few years ago. Then the next NOAC will be in 2011 to get on the odd year cycle so that in 2015 the 100th Anniversary of the Order they would have a NOAC. So both nldscout and Proud Eagle you are both right. Aloha, Ken
  10. Sorry about that I never looked to se my post. Don't know why that happened. Anyway where did I leave off. The next NOAC will be in 2006 at Michigan State University. Then in 2008 the Order will under take a joint project with the US Forestry Dept on conservation projects in US National Parks in 4 parts of the United States. Then in 2009 there will be a National Learder Summit like
  11. Hello Brothers, I have just gotten back from Western Region NLATS and we had a time set aside for a Roundtable with Region Key 3 and National Committee Members. Present at this Roundtable was Clyde Mayer. Clyde is the National OA Director (National Staff Adviser). During the Roundtable Clyde discussed the future plans for the OA. He stated that the next NOAC will be
  12. Hello Everyone, Im helping out with our Roundtable next month, and was asked to do the Pre-Opening part of the Roundtable. I dont have the Program Helps book which I know will help out a lot but Im looking for any ideas or links that some people here in Hawaii havent see yet that are not very hard to do. Thanks, in advance. YIS, Ken
  13. Im registered as a Council Member at Large. I had asked a bunch of other Lodge Advisers at NLATS how they were registered, some said that they were registered as Council Members at Large or as District Committee Members. WWW, Ken
  14. maddog96732


    Hello and welcome Amouse, As far as suggestions go sit back and enjoy the ride. Also here is my $.02 Just listen to you patrol and you will be fine. Aloha, Ken
  15. Got this idea from another thread. But how many out there are Really proud to be Arrowmen. Or is the OA just another Scouting activity? WWW, Ken(This message has been edited by maddog96732)
  16. I have to agree with what everyone is saying here about ups and downs. I'd had to give it a 1 or 2 when I'm trying to get my Lodge Cheif to do he job but it was well above 10+++ when that same boy was elected Section Cheif a few years later. And its not only the Scouting this that they do but to see them go off in life and do wonderful things with the skills that you may have helped to teach him. No that makes it all worth a 10 Aloha, Ken
  17. My favorate position as a youth was Summer Camp SPL. I had that position for 3 summers. I was so much fun leading a group of great young scouters. Were some of the best times of my life. I'm sill good friends with alot of them till today. And a few of us are sill in Scouting. As for adult position I like my current position of Associate Lodge Adviser. I get to work with a great bunch of youth and get to teach them what I know about the OA and help them reach there goals as Lodge Officers. Aloha, Ken
  18. AOL Eagle W/ 4 Plams OA Brotherhood Past-Troop PL, Camp SPL, Lodge Sec., Lodge Cheif 3yr. Section Vice Cheif. Current-Associate Lodge Adviser, District Committee Memeber and Roundtable Staff. Aloha, Ken
  19. AOL Eagle W/ 4 Plams OA Brotherhood Past-Troop PL, Camp SPL, Lodge Sec., Lodge Cheif 3yr. Section Vice Cheif. Current-Associate Lodge Adviser, District Committee Memeber and Roundtable Staff. Aloha, Ken
  20. Happy Thanksgiving!! To all forum members and their families. It's nice a warm 85 deg. day in HAWAII. Aloha, Ken
  21. Hello All, Just wondering if any out there as been to NLATS (National Lodge Adviser Training)? What was the the highlight of the training? WWW Ken
  22. Hello All I am a Parts Manager of a Lexus Dealer. When I retire (along way to go only 29) I want to be the guy that drills the holes in peg board. So if any knows how to get in contact with the peg board company let me know. And to Eamonn come and retire here in Hawaii its nice and warm here year round. Right now its about 85 degrees. Sorry to brag Aloha, Ken
  23. Proud Eagle, That was a great post!! You managed to convey my feelings toward the OA. Thank you so much for your well thought out response . Aloha, Ken
  24. I would like to commend you for staying with the program after your son was done with Scouting. I wish there were more people like you out there. What the program needs is for good experienced (and Trained) Scouters to teach by example how the programs should be run and works. I my self am only 28 and have no children. I am a Eagle Scout and Past Lodge Chief and a whole lot more. Im it because I love Scouting and what it stands for. I dont know where my life would have ended up if it wasnt for the Scouts. As for your plate too full that is only your place to say. We have a very small Council and a lot of us wear a lot of different hats. And we seem to be doing fine. You can bet your last dollar that when rechartering comes around I will enjoy talking to the Committee chair. and the COR, and letting them know that I no longer require the services of that ASM. "Dear John, Many thanks for your past services....." Eamonn hit it right on the head. Just my 2 cents Aloha Ken
  25. In our council we have a saying when asked if we want to or would we like to do something for the Council, District, and Lodge etc WE MUST WANT TOO!!! So we must all want to be here!! I know I do!! Aloha Ken
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