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  1. I use to be a Antelope And a good ole Antelope too. And now I finished Lopeing... And I don't know what to do. I am growing old and feeble and can Antelope no more.. So I am going wo work my ticket if I can... Back to Gilwell.. Happy Land I'm going to work my ticket if I can.. I have one thing to say about the Bob White patrol.. They are the only feathered patrol that can whistle out of their peckers...
  2. I am very interested in getting one if they are still availble. Please let me know. Jamie
  3. Hey I attended the 1981 Jambo and earned my Eagle. Shortly after earning my Eagle I got in the Order of DeMolay and attended a bunch of formal dances and I wore my Eagle Medal. Even had comment at one of the dances from another Eagle that he never thought about wearing his Medal but thought it was a good Idea. I still wear my Medal to Eagle COH's. I wear the Eagle and AOL Knots on my Adult Scout Shirt and the 81 Jambo patch. My Feeling is that what harm is it to wear patches and or medals that were sometimes very hard to earn?
  4. The talk is that the National Jamboree will be skipping the normal 2009 year. And have it in 2010 when BSA will be 100 anniversy. With NOAC being every 2 years on the even years and would be in 2010 what is going to happen?
  5. Arrow or Light in Cubs Eagle in Boy Scouts Patrol Leader, Asst Sr Patrol Leader, Sr Patrol Leader, Jr Asst Scout Master, Asst Scoutmaster. As a full fledge adult I am serving as 1 of our Tiger Cub Den leaders and am on the District Round Table Staff. Also Active on a District and Council level with Boy Scouts. I served as Lodge Sec. In 1984 for OA.
  6. Proud Eagle, If the Scouter is not registered with a unit he has to register as a at large member of the council. That is standard BSA regulations. He or She has to be registered so that it is leagle.
  7. What I said was that I have a pair of pants from Wal-Mart. I also stated that I do have a pair of official uniform pants that cost me $45.00. I wear the Official ones for SHOW and the Wally World ones for GO. That it. I am not saying that young man thats family can't afford a full uniform should not be ative in Scouts. I am saying that I as a Den Leader and Eagle Scout would rather have tht young man in the Pack or Troop and in a used shirt and a pair of jeans than not have him at all. I also stated that I came from the "Old School" I was taught to wear my uniform have it neatly pressed and
  8. I agree wholeheartly with you. The uniforms are not durable. The uniforms should be for show etc. like you wear a suit to church. I opt for my son to wear the blue jeans to work activities. I also agree wholeheartly that they are TO COSTLY. So does my wife. I tell you what I did find at Wal-Mart was a pair or green cargo pants I wear to OA Function because of the durablity of them. I just believe that if you start excepting less you will get less. BSA needs to Design a uniform that is more durible and less expensive. Lets Start a Campaign to get them to look at it. BTW. T
  9. Ok, I guess I am guilty of comming from the "Old School". I am a Eagle Scout, Arrow of Light. I was tought that you wear your full uniform at all meetings, on the way to campouts (traveling), at flag raisings. I am a Tiger Den Leader and when I go to a Den Meeting I make sure my Son and myself are in FULL Class A uniform from head to toe. My son is 7 and at this point he thinks it is cool to get dressed up with dad and go to the meeting. When I accepted the Den Leaders job my wife kinda got mad because I insisted on buy a new Scout Uniform. I ended up having to buy it in peices bec
  10. when should I apply for the 2010 Jambo. My son will be 13 and I want to be on staff.
  11. No I knew that the comment about Masons and Shriners was sarcastic. I Just wanted to point out to other posters the good that Masonic Frternity does. Alot of people are in the dark about Freemasonry. Thats all.
  12. I think you are missing my point. I am saying that all the lodge officers are usually in their upper teens. I realize that a 12 yr old can give as much service to the order as a 14 year old. What I am saying is that when you go to Ordeals you are usually camping by yourself or with a toop friend at 14 you are more experianced than at 12. Thats all it is a muturity thing. Heck who knows I may be waiting to put the sash around my sons shoulders when he is 13. But at this point I am in favor of a SM making that decision. You know as well as I do that there is not suppose to be any hazing in OA. B
  13. My father pushed me and when he needed to let up he did. He pushed me to do something that he was 3 merit badges away from completing. I was very entergetic and could have finished it alot earlier than I did. He and my mother wanted to get all I could out of scouting. I am now giving back to scouting what I recieved from it. I kick myself everytime I think about getting inactive but when my 7 year old came home and dad I want to join Cub Scouts I renewed a old love that is 18 years removed. What changes at 14 that are not there at 12 is tenure and maturity. I was tapped out when I was 15
  14. I truly know why the order was established. I also believe there should be a age requirment of 14 yrs to tapped out. I say that for the reason that a young man gets in scouts at 11 yrs old gung ho and quickly attains the rank of 1st lets say in a year. Meets the minimum requirements for nights spent under the stars. Is he a "Honored Camper" because he has fulfilled the requirements? I have the same opinion of a young man getting his eagle before he is 15. I was 16 when I recieved mine. I believed that it helped me to be that age. I could have gotten at probably 14 1/2 but my father slo
  15. Bob, I know why the Order was established. You are forgetting the other fume that goes with it. And it as been around since Adam and Eve. Perfume...
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