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  1. I’m just going on the assumption that we will Scout On. If eventually that is without the BSA as we know it, I’m sure we’ll figure something out.
  2. My other daughter just signed up for Lion Scouts. I’m afraid I’m in this for the long haul. Actually, I like the Pack. It’s just that one den that is non-functional.
  3. Thank you for suggesting posting in the forums that solved it. Literally. I posted in the forum and the problem went away. After months of trying repeatedly, including again just yesterday before I finally started asking about it. 🤷‍♀️
  4. I double checked my positions and I've got the little keys next to my name. I've logged in from my phone, and two different browsers on my laptop to try it, so I don't think it can be a cache issue. I'll try the forums. Thanks. I probably won't encourage parents who aren't den leaders from using Scoutbook unless we have to.
  5. Yeah, I can't imagine how I could be pushy in an effective way. As a side note, are parents supposed to be able to enter stuff in Scoutbook? I have been unable to update my daughter's rank advancement in Scoutbook since her last Pack change (our old Pack ceased to exist). I was her den leader in the old Pack though, so I thought that was why. I'm the only one in our Pack who has ever logged into Scoutbook. A Scouter friend said the Cubmaster has to give me permission to update rank requirements; although as CC all the Scouts are showing as green dots (full control) for me so I'm no
  6. He's hosted a few online Zoom or Facebook things, but nobody shows up.
  7. Well, THIS is interesting. I just went to go finish up some odds and ends of training, and My.Scouting recommended the module CS19 Cub Scout Uniforms. No mention at all of tan uniforms for 1st year Webelos. Tan is for 5th grade, AOL.
  8. Thank you. That does help some. I'm not too worried about doing things virtually. My issue is getting the other members of her den to participate at all. They've all been entirely MIA since March, along with the den leaders. I'll try to poke them into doing something. My fallback position will be to have her participate with the Troop she will be joining. I think I will recommend that the kids who have not yet earned Webelos Rank (all except mine) and aren't close (ditto), just go ahead and move on to the AOL requirements.
  9. Help me out here. I'm trying to decide what direction to move in right now. We had to join a new Pack this year, and the people are super and they're great with kids, but organization was almost nil. I was pretty much immediately "volunteered" for CC, since the previous CC was nothing more than a signature on a piece of paper, which is totally fine with me, but I'm in a quandry right now. My daughter joined the Pack in January with her Webelos badge already earned and ready to start working on AOL. Most of the other kids in her Den had, at that point, earned between 0-1 pins toward
  10. At the Pack we were in recently, our usual face painting ceremony involved the Cubmaster reading from a script and describing the face painting, and the parent did the actual painting of the face. This could easily be adapted having the Cubmaster standing further away. just a thought. My daughter is due to earn her AOL shortly so this has been in my mind and I’m definitely interested in all ideas.
  11. So, when my daughter signed on as a Wolf Cub in early 2018, I didn’t get the memo that the blue uniform was no longer considered a Webelos uniform. She wore her blue uniform all summer after finishing Bear Scout rank, and when I found out that tan was now “required” I decided that I’d start working on putting her tan uniform together - but I didn’t hurry. Her blue one still fit and her tan was still a bit baggy on her. I finally switched her sometime that Fall. There are kids in her Pack that are still wearing blue uniforms as Webelos and it doesn’t bother me a bit. Most of this discussion ha
  12. My older kids were in Cub Scouts with a boy who was absolutely phobic of water. He was also an over-achiever who determined he was going to get every single Webelos pin that was offered. This was back before they had the over-achiever badge for Webelos. He just did it because he was determined. He got them all done except Aquanaut and then had to face his fear vs. his drive to get ALL THE PINS. The entire Webelos den rallied around him. All the den leaders and parents, all the kids, and the den chief rented out a local indoor pool so it was just us. All the kids earned their Aquanau
  13. This is my first foray into Lions. I registered my daughter with the pack and picked up her Lion guidebook at the Scout Office. My question is about the activities and outings. I notice for each adventure there is a short list of “requirements.” Am I correct in assuming that with language consistency, only the things listed under “requirements” are actually required, and the rest of the activities and outings are mere suggestions? Good suggestions, by the way. But some might be pretty challenging to adapt to a post-COVID world. I’ve been asked if I’m willing to serve as Lion de
  14. It also shouldn't be a huge surprise that "patriotism and civic pride and service" don't have to equate with "military and law enforcement." Civic pride and duty are main reasons that I have my kids in Scouting. It teaches them to work together to make their community a better place. Killing brown people at home and abroad is NOT a reason I have my kids in Scouting.
  15. Yes, and we still suffer from that reputation to this day. It's the main reason none of my friends will let their kids give BSA a chance.
  16. We have the National Camp-In streaming to the TV today. I've noticed everyone wearing a necker is using the friendship knot. They also had a brief tutorial for how to tie the friendship knot in your neckerchief. I don't have an opinion on this. It's just interesting to see.
  17. Class B is just a 3rd party vendor. Nothing they produce is official. I suspect they hold licenses to use BSA logos that your local vendor might not have, but I don't have any inside knowledge on that part. Other than the possibility that Class B might have permission to use certain trademarked images which may not be as readily available to you for home-embroidery, there is no difference. An activity shirt is an activity shirt. Other than general "appropriate clothing" guidelines, there are no rules governing your unit's chosen activity uniform, if they even have one at all. The unit
  18. Can you talk to the Scouts directly before their MB is completed and they turn in the card? How do you know that these Scouts didn't set up the photos using a tripod and a remote shutter?
  19. That pair is actually slightly different, but it might have the same cut. Those have the pockets off to the sides, whearas the pair she likes so much has the pockets right on the front of the thighs. I bought the ones she has now on eBay, just bought another pair in a size up, and am watching a couple more size 12s.
  20. Thanks! I'll pay shipping if you have them in youth 12 or 14. LOL! They fit her PERFECTLY. Most girls her age don't have that hourglass shape that she was born with. Everything is either too snug in the hips, causing it to ride down and show crack, or too loose in the waist, causing the same problem, and 90% of girls pants are low-rise, making it even worse. These ones fit her comfortably and are very flattering. She just looks so sharp in her uniform!! -Elizabeth
  21. My daughter has a pair of vintage BSA uniform pants like these ones. They are a youth size 12. They fit her better than literally any other pants she has ever owned. She has always been a bit curvy in the hips (even as a toddler) even though she is slim everywhere else, and getting pants that keep her booty covered has always been difficult. I'm looking at the new girls' pants with the roll up cuffs, and I think she'd really like those but I wonder how they would fit. She likes these pants and I'm getting her an extra pair on eBay so she doesn't need to save them for uniform wear. Does a
  22. Zoombombing is a good enough reason for me. An adult monitoring can't prevent it, but they can immediately deal with it. I "sat in" on our kids' troop meeting this week. I put myself on mute and turned up the audio where I could hear it and had dinner with my family while casually listening to the girls discuss cooking requirements for rank. It wasn't a big deal. There were a couple other adults there too, and I wasn't the one in charge of hosting, so I wasn't the one watching for hackers. A little adult oversight doesn't hurt anything, and has the potential to help a lot if "something
  23. That is super helpful, Barry, thanks. My daughter is in 4th grade. Her Pack only has 1 Webelos Scout ready to cross over soon, but for the 4th graders there are several; including two other girls aside from my daughter. I'm really hoping our place in the Pack will really help. This fall my youngest daughter joins the pack too, so we'll have an in with this one Pack for years to come. The Webelos den leaders are looking to me for guidance already because they are both very green and I have been a den leader for a while now (although I'm not currently in that role in the new Pack). I
  24. Well, I happen to know the leadership of the other Troop as we had the experience of being in a Pack with them earlier and determining then that there was zero chance I ever wanted my child to be in a Troop that had those leaders. I was willing to stick it out for the Cub Scout years until they ran off our Cubmaster and, actually, all the other kids in the Pack except their own child. We jumped ship when everyone else did. Which is also a main reason why we have two Troops in our city instead of just the one. They have visited our Troop. They appeared to have a really fun time.
  25. Are people generally finding these available through the local Scout Shop now? When my daughter earned Protect Yourself that was awarded last Fall, her Cubmaster mentioned he had to special order it, but I don't recall whether it was through the local shop or online. She has now finished the Yo-Yo adventure. Paying shipping from the online store doesn't seem very thrifty when we live so near the Council Office. But I'd like to be able to advise the other adult leaders in our new Pack correctly on the procedure.
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