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  1. That would be my interpretation as well. A little review couldn't hurt... If you wanted to get technical, though, the belt loop is not earned until ALL the requirements are completed.(This message has been edited by jonathanrbaker)
  2. Our pack is very lucky to have a lot of strong male leaders. On our roster, we have 10 male leaders and only two women, who both serve on the committee. In our pack, the women view Scouting as a "boy thng." We are in a decent-sized city, so I have met the other packs that seem to be run by nothing but women, and they are the ones that are constantly struggling to keep their unit afloat. It is not their fault, but even they would tell you that they would kill for some male help.
  3. No problem! I should have been clearer in my remarks.
  4. I was talking about the actual patch design, not the spirit of the award.
  5. Laudable idea. Looks like a Girl Scout award, though...
  6. "American is the "Land of the Free". This doesn't create more taxes, it doesn't increase government intrusion into our lives. In fact, it doesn't affect anyone at all. Zach Wahls and others like him have disproven any consequences for the child (other than the ridicule of people who are in favor of government control of marriage). " BSA24 This article and the research behind it seem to contradict your assessment of children raised by homosexual parents. http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/doublex/2012/06/gay_parents_are_they_really_no_different_.single.html(This message has been
  7. Greetings, Lionel. Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your pack. I'm sure it will be much easier now that you have a year under your belt. I am just taking the reins as Cubmaster, after stints as a Den Leader and Assistant, so I'vr been doing a lot of "studying up" as well. I've found this forum to be very informative. Respectfully, JRB
  8. The ASM/WDL is an older scouter whose boys have aged out of both programs. He's been a tremendous asset, and just received the Silver Beaver in February. The Pack and Troop share the same CO.
  9. Our leaders tend to follow the boys, except for our Webelos Den Leader, who is also an ASM with our troop, which really helps with the transition... Our Bear Den Leader just jumped back to Tigers with his younger boy since his older boy is going into Webelos.
  10. I would let him wear the patch. Has National EVER not issued a certificate for someone who had passed the EBOR? When I was ordained as a minister, it took the International Offices of our denomination two or three months to get my certificate made up and signed. Didn't mean I couldn't do ministry in the meantime.
  11. Our Pack has been a "belt-up" pack, and has had t-shirts made in the past. Most of the boys are pretty good about wearing the uniform, but some of them need some encouragement. Some of the leaders and I have begun wearing full uniform at all times, and it is beginning to spread. As the new Cubmaster, I am going to try to encourage better uniforming by rewarding boys and establishing a uniform closet. We had discussed doing another run of t-shirts this fall, but I am thinking that would hurt our efforts...
  12. Excellent post! I look at it like climbing a mountain...The journey is a reward in that it allows you to test yourself, it strengthens you and creates a special bond with any companions you take along. At the same time, the destination is a reward, in that you are gifted beauty and perspective to which you would not have had access.(This message has been edited by jonathanrbaker)(This message has been edited by jonathanrbaker)
  13. My son is a handful, as well. He's a sweet kid but he has a never-ending supply of energy, and if he gets bored, he creates his own fun. I try to keep an eye on him and make sure that he is constructively occupied, but he can occasionally get too wound up and I am always busy at the meetings because of my role. I have absolutely no problem with one of the other parents or leaders addressing problem behavior, and I would do the same if one of their children was getting out of line.
  14. We are going through the same process in our pack. We have not, in recent memory had a Den Chief, and our associated Troop is fairly small so they have plenty of PORs to go around. I'm starting small by just asking for one Den Chief for the Webelos (we combine Webelos I & II for now), and pitching it as a method of increasing Pack-to-Troop transitions. Perhaps the Den Chief Service Award might entice a likely candidate. The troop is headed to Philmont this weekend, so the SM said he was going to try and feel out whether any of his scouts would be interested.
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