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  1. Ronvo: Thanks to you and your son C. The books arrived Saturday and were delivered to the school director today. They will be in the childrens' hands by the end of the week. Your son has done a fine thing and should feel proud of his effort. Thank you for your help. YIS, Roger P.S. Some numbers you might want to know - 684 books from this forum 2300 books from fellow professors around the country 226 books purchased with donated dollars On a less encouraging note some other numbers - In the City of New Orleans there is one: physician for ev
  2. Thought I would offer another update. To date we have distributed 612 books. Those of you who sent books should have recieved a formal letter (by snail mail) of recogntion and thanks from the universtiy and the two charter schools where the books were distributed. The Scolastic and Troll idea is a great one and I intend to pursue it ASAP if I can not "hand it off" to someone. (The last 2 weeks have been solely dedicated to my mom who had unexpected by-pass surgery and she just got home 48 hours ago.) As folks rebuild and restore, the needs here are enormous. Books for child
  3. Thanks for asking. We are focusing on elementary and middle school - grades 1-8. We appreciate your interest. YIS, Roger
  4. Yes, please. While I haven't set a formal goal, I am hoping to go well beyond the 600 to date. I would like to offer the children a choice and I would like to be able to offer them more than one book each. Then, after the children get to be the owners of some books, there are all of the teachers who also have nothing left. I would like to at least get each of them started toward a classroom library. That would allow for a "multiplier" effect in that each of those books is available to all of the children in the class. And while we are at it, might as well dream big, there are no sc
  5. Thought I would offer an update. As of yesterday, more that 600 books have been sent to my home and moved to my conference room at the university for sorting. We anticipate distributing the books to the children within the next 2-3 weeks. Thanks to all who have helped: Lisa R Teresa H Kenny A Gale S Cathy L Julie A Anon.
  6. Thanks for your responses and advice. One of my fellow Scouters here in Mandeville is taking care of uniforms, handbooks, merit badge pamphlets, etc. As of Thursday nights Roundtable, we have taken care of everyone in need. Thank you for asking. Here is the situation. New Orleans is covered by the Southeast Louisiana Council and they were hit by the storm along with the rest of the New Orleans area and they have their hands full as it is so I cant see asking them to take on this project. The council for where I live is the Istrouma Area Council and I am sure they would coopera
  7. My name is Roger DeSanti and I am a Scouter in Mandeville, Louisiana which is just north of New Orleans. I am also a Professor of Literacy Education at the University of New Orleans - I help teachers to understand reading and writing so they can teach children. Because of the storm there is a need for books. We need story books for the children to read. Textbooks and school books are doing OK but there is a need for childrens literature. We would very much like for each child to own at least one book and so I am asking for you to send what you can. Because both US mail and private delive
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