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  1. My DE called this morning after I included him in an email to members of the CO. He wanted to hear what happened, but basically didn't care. His only concern is that he doesn't lose my boys' (money). There's nothing he can do, and now I wish he hadn't asked what happened. He once again blamed me for lack of parental involvement, but then offered to let me either join a different Pack or START MY OWN. Go figure! I guess he doesn't care as long as I pay charter and registration fees. My husband doesn't really want to start a new Pack, but since his Granddad is Pastor of a Church (potential
  2. Well, it's over. The parents of Troop AND PACK were either staying in the kitchen with CC where she gets boys signed in and collects dues, or they went back to the room where SM meets. I thought they were going to confront me, but apparently that's not what they had in mind. I had decided to cancel den activities planned for tonight, and only hand out patches and certificates from camp, thank the parents who went, etc. We played hangman as they trickled in, very late. One other DL mom (the one who canceled camp for her four family members and then went to CC's busines the DAY OF camp and signe
  3. Thanks Twocubdad. They should not have gone behind our backs to invite Webelos. Speaking of going behind backs....as mentioned in the novel, a surprise meeting was sprung on me back in Sept. And my worst fears for tonight seem to be coming true - THE AMBUSH. My right-hand-DL has been asking around to find out more about tonight. She talked to SM several times to see if she needs to bring anything. She finally found out from HER HUSBAND that he was sworn to secrecy by the SM to NOT TELL HER THAT THE CC HAD CALLED A MEETING OF TROOP AND PACK TO DISCUSS WHAT HAPPENED AT THE CAMPOUT. CC &
  4. Oh, and YES LOTS of "paper only" adult leaders throughout the years. I'm glad that bothers somebody else. This is going to sound selfish, but for a long time I silently bore not only the burden of 3 dens, but having to put on an act in Pack meetings, and at district events that everything was fine and dandy. The reality was I was taking abuse and pretending it wasn't happening. Our pack is a lie. Presently, we have 14 boys regularly attending Pack meetings. A few others re-registered, but haven't been around since Christmas break.
  5. Scoutnut - Our Camporee was set up with separate activities for Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Scouts. Webelos, no matter whether they were camping with Pack or Troop could participate in either activities, with the proper adult leaders, of course. Our issue was, I found out that Webelos parents had been directly invited by either CC or SM to camp with the Troop. I didn't know anything about it, and neither did my husband, the Webelos DL. My husband would have gladly camped his Den with the Troop if asked. Yes, the entire Pack has ALWAYS met together, every week. As I mentioned in the novel, when
  6. Wow! Thank you everyone for your responses. Sadly, as much stress and tears this Pack has caused me, I really didn't expect a unanimous "get out now". This kills me. Lisabob, I like the letter idea. I guess I will wait and see what, if anything, happens tonight, then get started on that. Greaves that's what really kills me the most, that they can/will/are blaming me for things that really aren't my fault. Whether I leave or not, I want the truth known. I honestly don't know if the COR is dirty. CC told me she has permission to forge his signature - I assume that's true. But, I know s
  7. I'm getting a lot off my chest here. If you don't like novels, skip to the next post. =D I'm currently in my 4th year of Cub Scouting, all with the same Pack. During my 3 years as a DL, I was often frustrated by lack of help from parents. I spent most of those years as Tiger, Wolf, and Bear DL (all 3), while the CM was Webelos DL. I also grew weary of almost begging the CM to allow me to run the dens according to the handbooks. The joke between my husband and I is that when the previous CM was in charge all we did was eat and play bingo....perhaps because that was the only way to get t
  8. Thank you all so much for your advice. Honestly, I don't even know what a Unit Commissioner is.....but I'll be finding out! lol I didn't know that we had a committee either. I know of only one person besides the CM; am elderly woman volunteers and comes to all our meetings. She handles the money and popcorn. But I will check into that to see if we can get some money raised for pack t-shirts or something. LisaBob, you've given me some great ideas. I will try to implement some of them. Our pack always meets together. I believe we have about 20 boys. I think my den is supposed t
  9. Thank you all for the responses and great ideas! I think my CM knew deep down he was wrong for the hitting, because he was squirming when I told him that had to stop. It only happened one day to my knowledge. But he waved the ruler around in front of the parents and said maybe he'll have to bring it with him camping. Some of the parents snickered. It boiled my blood. Where I'm from you wouldn't think of laying a hand on someone else's kid for fear of a lawsuit. Besides that, it's just not necessary. I've asked many times to have a fundraiser specifically for uniforms, but the CM does
  10. I forgot to mention one other problem I have with our pack is that we do not have "pack meetings" as I was instructed to at training, nor do we have leader meetings. Our pack meets together every single week, before splitting up into dens. But we never do skits or sing songs or anything like that. Is it normal and acceptable not to?
  11. I'm a mother of 6 and a 2nd year wolf/bear DL in Greenville, Mississippi. I use the title loosely though. Our pack did so little last year, I went to training again because I couldn't remember what I was supposed to do. Our CM will not require much of anything from the parents, for fear of them leaving. His philosphy is "at least they're here". The boys don't have books or uniforms. The uniforms I understand as we are a pretty small, poor town. But books don't cost very much and the boys are not getting any achievements done at home. The CM confirmed that he expects me get all their achiv
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